Who’s Your GURU?

Over the week-end, I saw an incredible documentary called Kumaré, which was one man’s personal exploration of the GURU.

Have you ever wished for a GURU (or an enlightened someone to tell you what to do)?

I have gone searching for the GURU myself – all over the world, in fact.

I traveled on a spiritual pilgrimage to India searching for answers and hoped I would find them at the foot of a GURU.  I wanted a great light to awaken my mind and my heart so that I would KNOW all that I longed to KNOW.

Through my personal spiritual journey, I visited ashrams, famous spiritual teachers, retreat centers, attended lectures, healings, classes – I was willing to try it all!

But what I kept finding again and again was what I call trappings.  A lot of trappings that surrounded the teacher or the GURU – like having to wear a certain color of clothing, follow certain rules, and worship an actual human being.

My own intolerance of the trappings prevented me from ever finding and committing to a GURU.

In hindsight, I am grateful.

It didn’t make it easy because the answers didn’t unveil themselves as quickly as I wished.  In fact, sometimes, I might say the answers didn’t reveal themselves at all.

Where have you wished someone would give you the answers you are seeking?

We all start looking outside of ourselves for the answers because quite frankly we weren’t taught from an early age to trust our instincts, follow our nudges, or heed the little voice within.  Instead you were told to shush when you had a strong knowing and to listen to those older than you (but not necessarily wiser) – your teachers, your parents, and to follow the rules and behave like good girls and boys.

Somewhere in that social training you lost the ability to hear your own whisperings, your own nudges, your own truth.

Ignoring your own truth, you tell yourself over and over ‘I don’t know’ and then truly, you don’t know.  You can no longer decipher your truth from the uncertainty and the fear and it gets all jumbled together stopping you from moving forward and keeping you doubting.

Ready to listen to YOU?

Then StopStop for 5 minutes and quiet yourself.  Stop your perpetual motion long enough to breathe and listen deeper to what’s happening within you.  Start tuning in from the inside out.

Make room for the quiet to be heard.

Let the mind be the mind and think thoughts but don’t get so caught up in the thoughts.

Stop blaming your mind for bossing you around – you are much bigger than the mind.

Start by being curious.  Discover who you are – just listen.  Tune into the quiet spaciousness of you.  Breathe. That’s it.

Don’t start telling another story. Don’t start pushing.  Don’t run over yourself again.  Just allow yourself to be curious and discover.

Do this throughout your day, anywhere, anytime.  Just start taking 30 seconds to tune into you.


P.S. Curious about the film I saw about the guru Kumaré?  Learn more:  http://www.kumaremovie.com/