Where do you Begin a BIG Shift?

When you feel a Big Shift rumbling underneath, where do you begin?

I can’t say how you’ll know you must make a shift, but I can tell you what happened for me.

One day I returned from a trip to LA to my home in NYC.  In coming home, I realized I didn’t want to live in the city for the long term.  I just didn’t see myself loving and living in Manhattan in 5, 10, or 20 years from that point forward.  So, I knew that much but, if not here, than where?  I assure you I had no idea what the vision of my life could be – I just knew that I wasn’t seeing my long term vision from where I was at.  I could sit back and wonder about it or I could take a risk to explore something, anything.

Growing up I went to an amazing summer camp every year in the Rockies.  I learned to love being outside, climbing mountains and scaling rockwalls, sleeping under the stars (and being terrified of ghosts!), river rafting and more.  I loved being so close to nature and feeling so free.

I decided to set up my own version of adult summer camp and go exploring the questions that had arisen, where do I want to live?

What could my future life look like?

What makes me happy?

In order to do this I needed to make space.  Literally and figuratively.

I had to clear out my closets and make room – literally.  I need to feel more space around me even in my tiny studio apartment.

I made space in my schedule.  I decided I would take the whole month of July off and that meant asking my clients to take July off with me.  Luckily, it was a plan everyone was open to!

So, now I had space in my closets and space in my schedule, but I still had no clear ‘plan’.  I waited.  I acted as if I had somewhere to go and plans to fulfill.  I kept opening the space –  the unknown space.

This is where the pressure can come in – the questions, the self-doubt, the family and friends’ scrutiny of your plans and their validity.  Some call it your ‘reality check.’.    I mean you may not ‘know’ and that can be terrifying to you for sure but throw in the thoughts, opinions, and fears of everyone around you and you have a boiling point.  They can’t bear to sit in the empty space with you – it terrifies them to consider it on their own lives as well.

This is when you may give in and convince yourself, ‘It’s useless.  That’s crazy to try to take myself back to summer camp.  Who do I think I am?

I prevented this deluge of doubt by not sharing my plans.  But, trust me, that feels really terrifying, too.

Here’s a new idea. .  .what if you could share your plans, as crazy and off the charts as they may sound to your friends and family, but actually be supported?

Yup, SUPPORTED. Encouraged. Cheered on. Yesssss’d to you and your crazy ideas.

Are you ready to make space in your life?  If you are, this is the right time to reach out to me.  You will receive that extra support which is the tipping point in your plans, your dreams, your vision (which may still be forming and that’s ok!).

I have three more spots left in my schedule for fall and I’d love you to be the one making a BIG Shift in your life with support, encouragement, and the positive growth you are seeking.

I am keeping my one-to-one mentoring low tech but high touch.  You have access to me 24/7 via e-mail and consistently two sessions per month to keep you moving and clearing.  When you hit a wall, panic button, or feel too scared to leave the house, you have a lifeline, a guide, a mentor and a change catalyst clearing the way for you to go for your own BIG Shift!

Ok, now back to my story and how it unfolded . . .

  • I landed an adorable Adobe to stay in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a few weeks that fulfilled my dream to be near the Rockies in the summer.
  • I traveled to California to celebrate a big birthday with my family and got to know my nieces and nephew even more.
  • I met new people all over and had lots of fun dates.
  • I sublet my apartment so making all that space is my closets was a necessity.
  • I accepted an invitation to visit a friend in San Francisco and celebrate the 4th of July.
  • I was wined and dined and ate amazing yummy food from every farmers market from California to New Mexico – I fell in love with peaches of every variety straight from the limb of the tree.  Yum!
  • I visited Georgia O’Keefe’s private home and favorite summer painting lanscapes, went fly fishing, hiking, horseback riding, dancing, biking and came in close encounters with a Mama Bear and her two cubs.

And so much more. . . .as this has all lead me on my mission of creating a whole new life experience in Boulder, Colorado.  A place I never foresaw in my future even nine months ago!

Honestly, my plans last summer came together in 24 hours – after months of wishing, dreaming, and taking one step at a time to make more space in my life.

You can do it, too! Call me and let’s set aside some time to put our attention and intention on your Big Shift.  Now is the time – just four months left of 2011 – I know you have many plans, schemes, and dreams to create!

Contact me before Monday, September 5th,, 2011 to grab one of these hot spots and let’s get started on making space and opening to your Big Shift!

Email me at Elizabeth@SoulCallingsOnline.com or 1.917.309.7612.

Enjoy the holiday week-end!

Summer is waning.

There are barely four months left of 2011.

Fall is just around the corner.

What do you want to make happen in the final months of 2011?

The BIG SHIFT program launching now!

Why now? It’s time to:

  • Stop just doing things and begin finding fulfillment in your activities.
  • Take bigger risks for what you truly want, letting go of shame.
  • Have the support you need to stretch yourself in new directions.
  • Explore different behaviors without feeling paralyzed by vulnerability.
  • Enact BIG Shifts without upending your life – graciously, naturally!
  • Open to Who You Are and what you truly love, right now.
  • Blow open your creative juices and PLAY more often!

I’m so ready to support you in this next phase of your life that I am slicing $1,000 off my rates.  I don’t want you to hold back but I want you to give it your all and, in turn, I will give you my ALL!

What’s included in the Big Shift program?

  • Two one-to-one sessions per month for sixty minutes each for six months.

Using an integrated approach that includes clearing, exploration, and curiosity, we will open to what is arising in your life and what you are ready to call forth.

We will work directly with your mind (which is most often where the fears come storming in) to clear out the places where the old stories are holding you back, subconscious beliefs are sabotaging your efforts and heal the trauma of the past to free you for your own TRUE greatness!

Let’s open doors and allow synchronicity, play, and grace to manifest and spread throughout your life.

The surprising part is that it will feel natural.  It will blossom with ease within you without having another list of ‘to-do’s or rules or homework – you already have enough of that in your life.

Imagine feeling more like YOU!  Stepping into new goals, dreams, and challenges will start to feel exciting and fun, rather than terrorizing and paralyzing!

  • Unlimited e-mail support so that you can reach out and gain additional advice, guidance or support between sessions.

When questions arise late at night, you can put your mind at ease by writing the email right then and know you are getting the clarity you need without stalling out or getting buried in self-doubt.

Go for your BIG SHIFT!

You will:

  • Have around the clock support; move the mountains, the fears, and the confusion out that keeps you stopping you.
  • Find more ease and grace in stepping into what you keep telling yourself you can’t have.
  • Clear out the old stories and fears that rush in just as you are about to take that BIG Leap.
  • Open to who you are and welcome opportunities, synchronicities, and more joy naturally and graciously.
  • Directly know and experience the limitlessness of who you are, guided gently by me.
  • Have two one-to-one sessions each month for 60 minutes each for six months.
  • Be able to reach me by email 24/7 for additional support and guidance.

This is only available to the people I know ready to embrace and thrive!

I’m only opening up three spots until Sept 5th, 2011 at the incredible rate of $3,597.00, only $2,597.00.  That’s $1,000 off my current rates.

That’s 26 weeks of support at 24 hours a day/7 days a week taking you to March 2012!

Let’s talk about next steps!  Reach out and let’s discuss more about what you are creating in your life and how I can support you getting there faster, easier, and with more grace that ever before.  I am available at Elizabeth@SoulCallingsOnline.com or 1.917.309.7612.

Offer good until midnight, September 5th, 2011.