When I want to hear the Truth, I call you.

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My friend and former client gave me one of my biggest compliments yesterday. She said, “When I want to hear the truth, I call you.

She’s struggling with the thought of becoming a mom later in life then she expected. Should she take that leap and do whatever it takes – even if it means changing her life and possibly depleting her savings? She took so long to find a partner – even his doubt about their age is taking hold in her thoughts. Now that she’s so close, she’s paralyzed with fear.

The closer we hold a dream to our chest, the louder the self-doubt and hers said to her:  Did she pick the right partner? Will she have to go through fertility treatments? Will she have the strength and energy to deal with little ones?

She wasn’t calling me for the ‘truth’ you might get from a doctor, she was calling to hear the spiritual truth about her own power to create.  

Often we are caught up in the details of the mundane and forget the divine sacred power that is always within our reach.  

Fortunately, I was there to remind her: You are so capable. Whatever comes your way in having a child (or two), you can handle it and you will handle.  The resources are lining up and surrounding you. The universe provides when we reach clarity in our desires.  

My friend could not see – in that moment of overwhelm – how the universe had provided for her, had answered her call for a partner, for a beautiful wedding and more recently, the perfect home to start a family. Giving her space to call back her power, is what I did.

Take a moment to remind someone in your life how you truly see him or her. Tell them you see them living their dream and remind them of all the good they’ve already created. By giving them this gift, you are also reminding yourself of your own powers.

This theme of strengthening our own powers by uplifting the visions and dreams of others is the theme of my upcoming Red Door Salon, launching on May 8th for six sessions. (Wednesdays, May 8th – June 19th, skipping May 29th)
Do you have a deep desire that needs support? Bring us your most cherished dream – the one you cannot even be able to fully voice because it means so much.

Join me for this series devoted to finding your own unique path to our powers to create – individually as well as the power of a group of like-minded women.

Read more about this herehttp://elizabethjoymueller.com/events/the-red-door-salon-series/  Please connect with me with any questions. I’d love to hear from you: Elizabeth@ElizabethJoyMueller or 917.309.7612.

You are so capable,

P.S. Do you know a woman who could thrive in a setting where she is reminded each week how capable she truly is?  Please tell her about the salon!

P.S.S. Currently, the Red Door Salon will take place in my living room in Boulder, Colorado, but stay tuned for a virtual series coming soon to your living room!