What’s up with Goldilocks and the three bears?

About a week ago I had the exciting possibility to go visit an ancient historic site where a Native American population once lived and thrived inside the dynamic cliffs of red rock in Bandelier National Park.  So we ambled along the path taking photos, visiting the various sites and negotiating the other onlookers who were taking the path with us.

At one point you have to choose to keep going further down the path about another ½ mile and from there you have the opportunity to climb straight up a series of ladders 140 feet to a restored kiva nestled right inside the side of the red cliff.  Now climbing up to the kiva is one of those things that is truly right up my alley – its adventurous, lands me right in the middle of history, surrounds me with incredible views and puts me in touch with an ancient, once very active, ceremonial space – exactly what I love to explore!

But what you always tend to do may not be what you are really feeling like in the moment. . . .read on to find out what happened when I was standing at the base of the kiva step ladder.


When your destiny calls, will you hear it?

Stopping to heed the nudge of your intuition can disrupt how you think about yourself.  The thing is when you are following your intuition; you can’t just follow what feels comfortable or do what’s most like you. Your intuition is truly in touch with where you are and following it means being present in the moment and listening to what’s true – in that precise moment – not to how you usually feel or what you’d usually do.  So this is exactly what happened to me when I was standing at the base of the kiva step ladder.  I looked up and I saw a place that I would usually love to climb up to, a beautiful place that would leave me breathless from the views and the thrill of exploring a ceremonial site.

And yet, I did not feel it at all.

My whole body was giving me a very different signal to not climb up.  It wasn’t fear.  It just didn’t light me up.  My mind was telling me I should, but my whole body wasn’t feeling it.  I decided to not climb up to the kiva.  I decided I would turn around and head back down the path and enjoy myself and maybe there will be another day I will hike this same trail and seize the opportunity to climb to the kiva, but not on this particular day.

The 140 Steps lead to the Kiva

So I started heading back down the trail and it was really beautiful, shaded with tall strong trees, a flowing stream along the trail, cool and quiet as there was no one else around.  And then as I was walking I heard a noise and I looked over to realize that there was a Mama bear and her cub in the grass!  It was amazing how close she was just on the other side of the trail.  And then I realized there was a second baby cub.  So suddenly I was standing there on the trail watching three black bears just a few feet away!

My friend was much more concerned that we should get away but I knew we were safe.  I made a noise so that the Mama bear knew we were there and she made some sounds back but nothing threatening.  We just stood there hanging out with them and they hanging out with us!!!  It was AMAZING!!!

Just then one of the baby bears got spooked and ran full sprint towards us and climbed (ran!) straight up the tree that was directly in front of us on the path.  (Note – never try to outrun a bear and never try to climb a tree – they are very fast!)  Now it was time for us to move because if the Mama bear was concerned about her cubs she could become fierce so off we went to watch them from further up the path as they headed back into the forest.

Now my heart was beating, but not from fear, but from the sheer thrill of being so close and having this very intimate encounter with this Mama Bear and her two spring cubs.  I was sooo overjoyed!  How rare is it to see a bear and we saw a whole family??!  Incredible!  I believe my path that day was not to climb the kiva but to have this rare and intimate encounter with this Mama Bear and her cubs.  If I had just plunged ahead with climbing the kiva I surely would have missed them.  My destiny at that particular moment on that particular day was to meet with the three bears.

Soooooo here’s my question to you. . . .

Are you tuned into your life to recognize these moments? To pause and   really listen to what you are feeling and experiencing in the moment rather  than plunging ahead in old patterns, behaviors and the ‘usual’?

Are you ready to start to tune in and recognize your intuition nudging you on the shoulder on a more regular basis in your life?

Tuning into your intuition is a practice.  It’s just like building muscle strength.  When you want to build up your muscles you get a trainer who keeps you on track, you meet on a regular basis and you strengthen those muscles by using them.

Working with me one-to-one is just like that!  We meet each week and practice listening, tuning in and allowing your intuition to show up exactly as it works for you and you get to know how it works from the inside out.  I mirror back to you how it shows up and together we start to bring awareness to the many ways your intuition speaks to you and through you.   You not only hear it, but see it, feel it and know it through your whole being.  And it feels really affirming.  After all, this is your truest wisest self speaking through you and nothing feels greater!

Let’s talk about working together this fall.  You know the timing is just right to start strengthening your intuitive muscles and heeding your soul callings.

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