What’s up for 2013? A global year of the number six . . .

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Are you overdue for life to shift into new directions? It’s here! 2013 ushers in a very different vibration from 2012.

You can breathe a big sigh of relief because the reigning theme this year is HARMONY.

Phew!  That means you’ll naturally feel inclined to cultivate harmony among your close partnerships, family and friends, as well as your community and even on a grander, global scale.  Go for it in any ways you’ve been holding out on experiencing harmony in your life – this is the year to cultivate it, expand it and share it.

Spread the love and share your nurturing side.  

With strong support for marriage, commitments, family and responsibility you can either go for it by solidifying your partnerships or decide if the situation isn’t right and let it fall away to welcome something even better suited to who you are now.

Relationships will be a central theme throughout 2013 and all your relationships may be up for evaluation.

Watch for your perfectionist to rear its head holding yourself and everyone around you to impossible standards. Close cousins to perfectionism are hyper-criticism, setting yourself up to feel like a victim/martyr and failing to see the bigger picture.

Keep your focus on the big picture – enjoy couple, family, and community activities – open your heart and reach out, letting go of superficiality.

It’s going to be easy to get caught up in the swirl of loving and nurturing others that you may leave nothing for yourself.  Keep things in balance and remember all that compassion you feel for others doesn’t stand a chance if you can’t also feel it flowing back to you.  You’ll feel empowered to help and serve when you are taking good care of yourself.

The flip-side to all this harmony is Criticism so when you aren’t in a harmonious mood you may find yourself hyper-critical of, well, everything and everyone.  So catch yourself from spiraling into the bitter type who always has a lot to say but never takes action to change any circumstances whether your own or the injustices you observe others suffering from.  A strong vibration associated with humanitarian and community efforts, this is the year where all your good deeds count, so don’t hold back.  You can make a difference.

Take a Deep Breath. . .  and then give yourself some time to ease into 2013 after the whirlwind tour of non-stop change, the prevailing theme of 2012.

Nurture yourself, take time to regroup, and do any nesting activities to welcome beauty and comfort into your environment.  Paint, feng shui, tackle that overdue bathroom renovation or just take a leap and move to a place that feels inspiring and uplifting.

Turn your energy towards those you love and set your intentions down as this year it may be much easier to reach your goals (not nearly as much churn as last year to wade through).

Cheers to a New Year and the New Vibration of the Global 6!

Wishing you all the love and harmony you can harness and spread in 2013!


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