What’s Dropping On Your Head?

This week I am noticing so many things are coming up for me and I can’t stand it – I have to clear it right away!  Anything that creates self-doubt, self-sabotage, or procrastination I just want to bust free of immediately.

This also seems to be happening for my clients.  We are getting faced with whatever we least want to deal with and yet, we must.  It’s not just tapping on the shoulder. It’s dropping right on top of our heads!

Read on to discover what might be happening for you.


Me! Me! Pay attention to me!
What do you do when the old stories start to rear up, the old self-sabotaging behaviors kick in and before you know it, you can’t even recall that place of feeling good?

Naturally, you try to get as far away from these very uncomfortable feelings as you can.  So the voices start about what to do or not do, the feelings start agitating you and you may even reach for all kinds of numbing opportunities – drugs, alcohol, food and more.  You know your own tricks, if anyone does.

Wait. What if it is getting your attention for a reason?  What if it is not just a set up to nag you, destroy you, or block you but a full-fledged attention getter?!  It’s standing on it tippy toes, screaming, pulling out hair, jumping up and down and you just keep suppressing it!

Whoa! What if you started listening to the whole story of what is happening?  Those nasty self-sabotaging habits are just the starting place for you to explore what lies beneath.

After all, trauma naturally wants to be healed. Heartache wants to be healed.  Disappointment, grief, anger, confusion, fear. . .its’ all coming up so you can heal it.  Transform it.  It all shows up to give you the opportunity to transcend exactly what you believe is stopping you.

No doubt it can be fierce.  It can stop you in your tracks.

But you can be equally fierce in your stand to call back your power, transform your heartache, and reach for the passion the lies within.  It’s already doing everything to get your attention so dive right into it.

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