What did the year of 2012 hold for you?

2012 is coming to a close and this prompts us to sit up a bit and reflect on what’s unfolded in the last 12 months.

According to the ancient art of Numerology, 2012 was a 5 Year (the numbers add up like this: 2+0+1+2 = 5).  Jumping in appreciation!Here are some of the characteristics of the 5 Year, which you may have experienced directly:

Did life feel fast and furious?  There is a sense that everything is moving very quickly and you can’t catch up to yourself – in order to make changes you’ve got to start in the chaos – not wait till it slows down.

Did you have a desire to change the sights, smells and tastes in your life?  The number 5 is closely associated with the five human senses so this may have been a year of exploring how you want to elevate your life through your five human sensations – sight, touch, smell, taste and sound.

Did you take care of your body differently?  2012 was a great year to make physical changes to your body – new eating habits, exercise habits, doctor visits that had been delayed, acupuncture, massage and other new habits related to taking care of your physical self.

Did you dive into the sensual arts?  The vibration of the five is all about the senses and this includes sex, pleasure and the sacred art of sensuality. The desire to give more pleasure and receive more pleasure may have been nudging you to go bigger and better than you ever imagined.

Did you focus on anything or everything?  Did you find yourself continually scattered trying to do it all and feeling spread thin without ever going deeper to explore any ONE thing?  It felt that if you made any one choice, you’d miss out on all the others.  This desire to experience it all is part of the 5 vibration and can make it hard to settle into anything for fear of missing out.

Freedom, change, adventure are all qualities that the 5 vibration emanates so these themes may have pushed you out of your comfort zone into new territory as a pioneer to shake up your status quo.

Look back and celebrate where you were pushed to grow, expand and try new things.  Maybe you didn’t leave your sofa but you still explored how to experience a new sense of freedom – from old habits, old patterns, old beliefs – and this is just what the five energy wants to disrupt out of your life.

Ride the last few weeks of this glorious and sometimes turbulent 5 year.  Stop holding back on your dreams and desires and take care of yourself and the life you truly want!  It’s never too late!

Cheers to your 2012 and all that you created!