Tribal Truth Launches NYC on Saturday, April 16th and I will be there – Join me!

Wow! I just got word that Tribal Truth’s event on April 16 is ON FIRE and BUZZING and there are tons of women already registered! I am particularly keen on this because I am one of the speakers of the day!  Naturally, I’d love nothing more than to have you join me and all the other inspiring speakers, leaders, and visionaries in the room for this incredible event.   

Are you looking to connect with like-minded women and be part of a tribe that will unconditionally love and support you, even when you let it all hang out (I’ve definitely had those days!)

Imagine for a moment if you had a whole team of women behind your dream … imagine the time that would be freed up, the unlimited resources, the freedom and ease.

I don’t know about you, but I get exhausted trying to do it all by myself all the time … that’s one of the reasons I love Tribal Truth and agreed to be part of their launch. I want every woman to feel supported in fulfilling her dreams and feel like she is NOT ALONE.

Join me on Saturday April 16 at Tribal Truth’s NYC Launch Party to have your voice be heard, connect with amazing women, and be part of the movement of collaboration.  I’m really excited to be there as part of this very special day!


Tribal Truth is a women’s empowerment organization already in 5 cities that is dedicated to connecting women with their authentic voice and partner with other women to help make their dreams a reality. As they say: “tribal truth puts a tribe behind your dream.”


Sign up today to receive the bonuses which are all included with your $29 ticket when you join us at the Tribal Truth NYC Event and purchase your ticket by 11:59pm EST on Friday, April 8th.

** Use coupon code SISTER to receive $10 off when you bring a friend.

This is the power of collaboration in action!

Here are the details for NYC’s launch of the Tribal Truth, Saturday, April 16th:

12-4:30 pm

Location coming soon (but most likely in Manhattan)

$29 online, $49 at the door

You can reserve your spot HERE

I’m really looking forward to being part of this growing tribe of women empowering women and hope you will join me there to be part of the movement.

Connect with us on Facebook at

Much much love,


PS. Here are the FACILITATORS:

Mirror 1- Authentic Self Reflection – Love Yourself: Cydney Smith

Mirror 2- Reflecting your Passion: Liz Longacre

(I’ll be there!) Mirror 3- Gratitude in Every Moment: Elizabeth Joy Mueller

Mirror 4- Connecting to your Spiritual Reflection Ane Axford

Mirror 5- Reflecting Conscious Health: Alisa Vitti

Mirror 6- Partnering With your Ego Reflection: TBA

Mirror 7- Your Reflection in Now: Elsa Isaac

Mirror 8- Reflecting Your Giving Heart: Michelle Perrone:

Mirror 9- Reflecting True Love in Your Life Everyday: Kate Moller

Mirror 10- Partnering With Men in Your Life by Celebrating their Reflections: Annie Lalla

Mirror 11- Reflecting Your Sexual Energy Openly: Christina Berkley

Mirror 12- Servant Sistership Reflection: Terri Cole


Also introducing Special Guests:

Tanya Paluso, Tribal Truth co-founder

Hillary Rubin, LA Tribe Leader

Monica Park, NYC Tribe Leader