The Art and Science of Gift Wrapping

Each of us has natural gifts and talents that get activated in a more distinct way around the holidays.  Quickly, we slip into the roles that are most comfortable and, if we let it, these roles can be a real pleasure and a means of expressing who we are and how we feel connected to our community, family, and loved ones.

I’m here to encourage you to consider where your natural expression comes through at the holidays . . . are you a baker, builder, cook, gift wrapper, cleaner, playmate (someone has to keep the kids busy!), or, maybe you love to play Santa Claus? Do you enjoy giving out generous tips, paying it forward, buying gifts for children and giving lots away – how fun to just be a constant source of surprise and joy!

How do you create your own joy for the season?

In my last e-zine I asked you to guess which role I most often find myself in and someone guessed right – gift wrapper!  Anne wins a thirty-minute one-to-one session.  Sure, there was a good hint since my virtual assistant unknowingly used a photo of gift-wrapped boxes in the e-zine without even realizing this about me.  It must be that I just ooze gift wrapper!  And, yes, it’s true.  It’s not unusual for me to wrap dozens of gifts and do so without peeking inside.

Nowadays gift-wrapping has sort of gotten a bad rap (ha!) as being wasteful, expending trees, and adding to landfills.  Hmmm, but here’s the funny thing. . .at my Mother’s house she has boxes of wrap and bows and ribbons that have been recycled for years! Yes, you read that right.  I’m pretty sure that some of those bows were used on my gifts when I was a kid!  Now that’s A LOT of recycling!  (Big thanks to my Dad who has been the main transporter of these boxes in and out of storage over all this time!)

So what does it take to be the Chief Gift wrapper?

For any role you play it’s about finding the joy, the pleasure, the golden nugget that’s all you.  For me, the real joy in gift-wrapping, besides making the gift look really fabulous, is using things that are already in the house to decorate the box.  It’s not that interesting to go out and buy typical gift-wrap.  The search and quest to convert old calendars, papers, cards, ribbons, yarn and bows and turn into something fun to unravel is the real pleasure for me!

So I ask you to consider, what are the true pleasures for you during the holidays?

  • Do you love to set a beautiful dinner table with the china and silver?
  • Is it baking your favorite cookies and putting them into tins to share at the cookie exchange and having everyone in your neighborhood rave on the recipe you keep secret?
  • Is it putting the toys and LEGOS sets and playground set together so everyone can start playing with them right away?
  • Is it planning a special gathering and getting people together to connect and laugh?
  • Playing the piano and getting everyone to sing along with you?
  • Maybe you have fun leaving random or anonymous acts of good behind in your path knowing you’ve just changed the course of someone’s entire day?
  • Perhaps you escape and plan a dream trip away soaking in what feeds your soul on your own terms?

Honestly, it’s not the outcome you create but the joy and happiness it gives you to express yourself and share your uniqueness with all those you encounter – publically and privately.

I remind you and encourage you to find your unique way of bringing out the holidays and really go for it – enjoy yourself and make it fun in your own ways.  It will only make it more fun for everyone else around you, too!

Ring in the New Year 2011

Another great pleasure for me this season is creating the New Year’s Eve Renewal Retreat in upstate New York.  I am so excited to design and create the space for myself and others to step into, not just wanting and desiring their dreams for 2011, but actually embodying them starting January 1st!

I am dedicated to creating a very unique experience for two days and two nights of embodying your deepest callings and allowing them to express themselves right here and right now. Not as something you are waiting for or wondering about, but truly landing in it and in your natural capacity to realize your deepest heart callings.

This will be powerful, fun, exploratory and expanding!  There are only three spots left for this so don’t delay if you are contemplating it.

Here’s the link:

Sign up before Friday December 17th and receive a bonus one-to-one mentoring session as well!

Take advantage of what she has to offer!

“Elizabeth Mueller is one of those rare individuals that brings the whole package to the table.  Smart, intuitive, experienced and generous, she is a wonderful listener and a creative problem solver.  I went to Elizabeth for advice on B2B relationships with corporate America.  Half an hour of conversation yielded seeds for a very successful outreach program that I was also able to tailor for small companies.  Elizabeth’s large heart and great mind go with her everywhere. Take advantage of what she has to offer!”

-Elizabeth Carpenter, owner of Oriens Healing Sanctuary, New York City

Look at this beautiful angel! 

There’s nothing like getting to hang out in the presence of a baby so I couldn’t resist sharing this with you.  Just take a deep breath and enjoy the deep presence a baby brings with them into the world.  You can feel it in every cell of your body as she reminds you of who you are!

My friend, Adriana Casey, is an amazing photographer for maternity, babies and children.  If you or someone you’d know need some portraiture, she’s the go-to!  Find her at and learn more about her style and background.

Join me in spreading holiday cheer in your own unique way. Delighting yourself and everyone around you. I’d love to hear what you cook up, bake up, or wrap up!!!

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!