What Clients Say about Working
with Elizabeth

I don’t listen to those voices of doubt anymore.

“Elizabeth helped me breakthrough what our culture might call ‘a dark night of the soul’ or ‘mid life crisis.’ Whatever it was, she assisted me in hearing my soul’s voice, its needs and its very essence.

Working with Elizabeth helped me understand what I’m here to do. She helped me make that belief in my purpose stronger and our work together has given me a more powerful will to move forward in accomplishing it.

Now, when doubts come up, I don’t give in to them. I don’t listen to those voices of doubt anymore.”

Dana Joy Altman, Creator, Real Food Rehab, Chicago, IL

I’m no longer afraid to move forward with my dream.

“I recently decided to take my creative talents seriously, but since past attempts at this endeavor hadn’t led far, I felt this time I should enlist some support, not of the therapeutic kind, but rather something beyond that and hopefully more powerful and efficient.

Having heard of Elizabeth Joy’s attunement work through friends, and having met her and experienced her genuine demeanor and that clear, clean, total, no-pretenses presence of hers that is liberating and inviting to be around, I came to trust that she would be “the real thing” in this type of work. The real thing indeed!

The work was profound and surprisingly fun. It was like being magically teleported through a shortcut to groundedness and well-being. Each session yielded tremendously useful insights that I didn’t know I had been seeking or even needing.

On top of that, I got to uncover a tender, natural love for myself, as well as to experience boundlessness.

As a result, everything that has been in the past has somehow become irrelevant; it is accepted and acknowledged, but it has no bearing on today anymore.

I am present in the now, and the now is a place of perfect love for myself, where I am integrated. From this place, moving forward as my authentic self is a given. I have been exercising my creativity steadily and fearlessly and at a much faster pace than I had anticipated, as well as with greater focus and fluidity than ever before.

And when in doubt, all I have to do is recall the sessions’ experience of complete love and infinity, and I feel restored to my truth.

That is perhaps the essence of Elizabeth Joy’s methodology: she creates a place of endless unconditional love in which you are safe to say anything you need to, and to bring everything that you are, knowing that you will be held in a sacred space of acceptance and appreciation and pure love that is miraculously transformational.

Elizabeth Joy is a gentle gem of a soul, and her gift for this work is extraordinary.”

Sylvia, Photographer, New York, NY

I experience Elizabeth like an energetic psychologist.

“Elizabeth Joy is a gifted intuitive healer. She is a wise spirit with an uncanny ability to track energetic imbalances at their source and facilitate your soul into healing itself.

I experience Elizabeth like an energetic psychologist who guides her client with compassionate intuitive insight, while facilitating the individual into expansion of soul through the imbalance and into health. She holds the space for one’s divine essence to pierce through the suffering into expanded potential.

The effect is an uncanny ability to access one’s own energy with renewed vitality.”

Lori Lipten, Intuitive Consultant, Sacred Balance, Royal Oak, Michigan

I feel more directed in multiple areas of my life and I’m much more at peace.

“My work with Elizabeth has provided me with a deep connection to my soul. She provided a profoundly welcoming space for all aspects of myself to come forth, be seen, accepted and integrated.

Her ability to create a truly safe and open environment for the full range of my feelings and experiences has left me with a most sweet and energizing connection with my core and with joy.

As a result of our work together, I feel more directed in multiple areas of my life, more at peace and aligned with the fullness of my humanity. And what so amazes me is that she facilitates all of this in a gentle, loving and subtle manner!”

Cathy Wasserman, LMSW, Brooklyn, New York

Elizabeth helped me get clear about a big life decision.

“Prior to working with Elizabeth ‘the puzzle pieces of my life’ just weren’t fitting together.

At first, I felt like I wanted her to just give me answers and guidance, but Elizabeth is incredible and encouraged me to claim my own wisdom and she consistently guided me back to my self.

  • The first and foremost significant improvement after my most recent session with Elizabeth is a new-found CLARITY. Oh my goddess, I came to her with a big life decision, a lot of mental static and various voices that were not my deepest wisdom. After our session I was as clear and clean as a Northern Minnesota lake.
  • The second thing I loved was the constant the reminder to trust my instincts. We all know this, but like everyone, I forget. Elizabeth showed me HOW to do this versus just telling me to trust my intuition.
  • Another thing I love about Elizabeth is I can feel her faith in me. I read once that a healer is someone who sees others in their divine light and highest good even when they do not see themselves in this way. Elizabeth does this perfectly.

All of this has impacted my life by giving me a stronger ‘backbone’ and authenticity in pursuing my dreams and desires as my soul’s path.

And, now I realize the importance of checking in with my soul. Most of us agree we should get annual exams, every six months at the dentist for a cleaning and daily movement exercise, but when do we sit down, meditate or be guided deep into our soul’s knowing for a check up? Well, now I do more and will continue to ask Elizabeth to assist me on this path.

To those of you contemplating on seeing Elizabeth, I encourage you to trust yourself. Trust your gut. If you are curious, if you feel that special spark or call deep inside of you, follow it. She is a gifted healer with sincere intentions. I have traveled this world as a seeker, a teacher and am devoted to my own evolution of consciousness. Along my journey, Elizabeth’s work has had a profound effect. I also recommend working with her for multiple sessions (she calls them programs) for maximum benefits as I have been able to go deeper and deeper with each session.”

Rochelle Schieck, Founder of Qoya at www.WiseWildFree.com, New York, NY

Working with Elizabeth has changed my life!

“I was lucky enough to be introduced to Elizabeth 10 years ago. She has truly changed my life since then, for the better. She is the source of many of my professional, personal and emotional successes. I’m thankful to receive her help and support in such an open and loving way. She helps me find the strength inside of me to grow as a man and tackle my life challenges. Thank you, Elizabeth!”

Jean-Yves Minet, New York, NY

I didn’t think this was possible.

“Elizabeth has truly provided me with a unique experience that I didn’t think was possible. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to try a session with her and I have always been shy around spiritual stuff and felt goofy around meditating.

Elizabeth’s guidance and the space she held for me made me feel so comfortable and opened me up to be able to share my inner world with her. It really felt like my soul healed. Now I don’t know how anyone can live without a guide like Elizabeth. In fact I think that the healing work she does is essential to our lives, yet most people aren’t aware that they are needing it. I surely wasn’t.

My life has changed. I feel more grounded. I feel that the spiritual and psychological work I do outside of Elizabeth’s is having a greater effect because of the work I have been doing with her.

I was swimming in a dark swamp and Elizabeth held the space for me to move through it. Some changes I felt right away, like a sense of being heard and that my journey was truly witnessed. I felt held and grounded. Some changes have taken a while to peculate, like feeling like I am at the bottom of emotional grief that has wracked me my whole life.

Certain issues feel empty or done, that’s the best way I can describe it. I have had a relationship with the non-physical world my whole life and have always been very sensitive to the energy of others and had an active imagination that involved having conversations with angels and spirits.

I never discussed this with anyone and Elizabeth has proven to be so valuable in being a guide who can point out how to use my connection with the non-physical world to receive intuitive guidance and healing. AMAZING!!! I’m so excited because it turns out I have a whole team of helpers I can turn to and Elizabeth is there to facilitate the conversation.

Some of the non-physical changes have been receiving an entire spirit family, completely accepting my angry inner children and embracing them with love, moving past barriers and walls that I thought were too scary to pass.

Some of the physical changes have been a reduction in anxiety (although it increased at first, but after about a month and a half of working with Elizabeth, my anxiety has gone away), I went from homeless to finding the perfect opportunity for a home (meeting with the landlord today), suddenly in a fabulous committed relationship with a man I want to marry, and within 30 minutes of deciding I wanted a part-time job close to my new home, I found the PERFECT job (I can’t even tell you) on Craigslist and landed an interview (happening tomorrow, and they would be crazy not to hire me). My whole life is coming together in the most adorable ways. I am so grateful and happy to have the spiritual support and guidance of Elizabeth. She is truly a savvy woman’s soul savior!”

Ariel Bowlby, Professional Organizer, The Alluring Office, www.alluringoffice.com

Even on the phone, her presence is palpable.

“I have been a healing arts practitioner for over 25 years, and in that time I have met with and worked with many special people. And so I can say emphatically that Elizabeth brings unique gifts to her work; deep intuition and equally deep kindness. Elizabeth has a very special ability to hold space: by which I mean she makes you feel safe and protected.

When you work with her on the phone it is as though she were with you physically, her presence is palpable. Without judgment and with great love, Elizabeth allows you to come into insight and understanding that might otherwise seem overwhelming. She is a powerful and gentle healer.”

Jana Titus, ACAT, eRYT500, Healing Pathways, New York, NY

Elizabeth provides a uniquely transformative experience.

“When I had my first session with Elizabeth, I knew nothing about the process. I had done a variety of other energy work and I thought I had a pretty good idea about what to expect.

What in fact took place was amazing and difficult to put into words. Imagine receiving a surprising, unexpected gift, hand-delivered to your door, from somebody you always knew existed, but never met. And you find out this somebody has nothing but pure love to offer you.

What I realized during my work with Elizabeth is that I was connecting to my soul. This incredible feeling that was all at once familiar and yet new was, as best as I can explain it, was my soul’s vibration shining directly from my heart. It was completely peaceful. My mind was at rest. And I didn’t have one thought.

I wanted to never lose that clear connection with the Soul. It was authentic, spacious, pure, all knowing. When it was over, I felt richer and at peace, in a place of wonder, having just had a uniquely transformative encounter.”

Madelina Blanton, Maplewood, New Jersey

I’ve let go of my limiting thought patterns that were holding me back.

“When I began my work with Elizabeth, I was in the midst of a depression. I felt hopeless. I had this feeling that I was living someone else’s life. The one I was living surely couldn’t be the one I was supposed to be living. I was dissatisfied with every aspect of my life. And what was worse was that I didn’t even know how to begin to change anything or what even would be best for me. I was totally cut off from myself. I had given up on the idea that life could be better or different.

The most amazing thing about the work is the transformation. In every session I had a major shift and much greater insight into my life. Elizabeth creates a space in these sessions that is both sacred and safe. And then within that space I love how she uses both my awareness and her own, redirecting my attention as necessary so that the process has the greatest impact.

To be honest, my mind doesn’t completely understand what this process is or how it works. The amazing thing is that I don’t need to. Nor do I have to adopt a certain set of beliefs. This process transcends any limitations my mind might want to place on it.

After a series of sessions, I am in an entirely different place than when we began. I have released the limiting and destructive thought patterns and self talk that kept me stuck in that painful place. I am much more connected to myself — or my inner landscape to use Elizabeth’s phrase from one of our sessions. I feel a profound sense of peace and connection to that which is greater than me.

This has allowed me to begin to shift my life in a more authentic way, which also makes it feel so much more fulfilling and satisfying. The work has allowed me to cultivate more space and room in my life for new possibilities. I have begun to see my life as a process and a journey to be enjoyed. And am now able to contentedly do so.

Elizabeth — You are amazing! The work you do is amazing! I look forward to continuing to work with you. In fact I’d be lost without it.”

Kristin Schmitz, Educator & Nia instructor, New York, NY