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You possess 1,000 years of experiences

March 10th, 2011 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

How much time and energy do you commit to knowing and following your higher purpose? What could happen if you took some time to inquire, explore and be curious about this for you?

You see, no one, anywhere is exactly like you.  No one has ever been quite like you before now or in the future.  You are completely unique.  You are a completely unique divine spark of life force unlike anything previously existed in time and space. If that’s the truth, how do you want to spend your time, energy, gifts and talents?  What is your purpose and how can you awaken and open to this now?

I’m so excited to announce that I have created a new program to explore our very own uniqueness and our very own unique connection to the sacred specifically for the NYC woman.  Scroll down for more details to see if this program is right for you or someone you know.


Let’s play a game.

Just take five minutes with me right now. (C’mon just five minutes!) Set a timer, your phone clock, or your watch.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath, or two, or three.

Allow your whole body to relax right where you are.

Feel all the way down into your feet and then drop your awareness down into the earth below your feet.

Feel deeply connected into the earth like a rooted Elm.*

Now imagine you are sitting next to your oldest truest most magnificent self.  She (or he) is at least 1,000 years old and so gentle and thoughtful, having had every possible experience again and again.  She is radiant, full of light and love, compassion and glory.  She imbues this deeply loving wisdom and understanding of any situation, challenge or frustration you may have.  She uplifts you and holds you.  She reassures you like no one ever has and you resonate with this assurance that indeed, everything is in perfect timing.

As you tune in here, notice what other qualities your truest self possesses.  Is she commanding? Witty?  Does she heal and transform?  Does she teach and guide?  Does she provide confidence and courage?  Is she strong, healthy, and vital?  What is her vision of you, your body, the world, the deepest wishes you hold close to your heart?

Take a few moments to imagine all the qualities of your truest, highest, most magnificent self and feel all of it throughout your entire body using your senses.  Have fun, go deep, experience the great expansion of 1,000 years of experiences being you.

What does she tell you?  What does she want you to know?  What does she remind you of?

Now let all the wisdom, divine love, light, radiance, all those unique qualities she possesses to come into you.  Allow her to merge with you and you to know yourself as your wisest, most radiant self, with 1,000 years of experiences to draw upon.

When the timer goes off or you finish, open your eyes.  Enjoy moving through your day with your best friend at your side or nearby and call upon her whenever you need for any reason whatsoever.


I am so excited to announce a new program I have developed for an intimate circle of women to explore your own unique purpose and cultivating this closely with your highest truest self.

Drum roll please as I announce. . . .

Sacred in the City:
A 5-Week Series on
How to De-mystify the Mystical,
Hone your Intuition,
& Clear out the Gunk while
staying Savvy, Smart, and Sexy

Sacred in the City is a five week program (starting March 24th, 2011) designed for the savvy, smart, sexy modern woman searching for deeper connection, fulfillment, and satisfaction by tuning into who she is and what she truly wants to express through her life.

  • Are you ready to illuminate your intuition and listen deeply to your wisest self to make decisions and move in new directions?
  • Are you longing to tap into your unique purpose and open to new opportunities?
  • Do you feel a deep longing to discover, heal, and know your divine connection?

Everyone is welcome as this will be an open, dynamic and interactive five weeks of exploration of your own sacred self and your capacities for living the life you truly love.

Learn more now at:

Is there a tap on your shoulder to dive deeper and explore your own sense of the sacred?

It starts two weeks from today on Thursday, March 24th at 7pm-9pm and will continue weekly for a total of five Thursday evenings on the upper west side of NYC near 72nd street.

Join us!:

Bring a friend. Please spread the word! I can’t wait to explore with you.

Does a program like this fit with your mission or space?  Let me design and deliver a program for your audience.  Contact me today at 1.917.309.7612 or

Have a divinely inspired day backed by 1,000 years of wisdom!


P.s. *I love Elm trees. I’d guess they are part of a royal lineage they are so regal.  The first time I saw one I had arrived to visit the Northeast to see friends.  I saw this grand old Elm across the street and I completely freaked out.  It was like I was witnessing a Grand King vibrating majesty, commanding my attention and my awe.  I felt a need to bow to such a grand royal living beings.

American Elm trees

Are you ready to bust through your Winter Blues?

December 6th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | 1 Comment

It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me as I seem to have gotten caught up in my own tidal wave since my last newsletter and could barely come up for air.

November was filled with many starts and new adventures as well as some deep shifts and re-organization. . .and that doesn’t even include the Thanksgiving Holiday!

I launched a new workshop on getting unstuck that got everybody moving in new directions. I launched a weekly coaching circle with the Tribal Truth and Rochelle Scheick of Qoya. I attended the Ladies Who Launch Entrepreneurial Conference and the Sister Goddess Worldwide Reunion in Miami, supported Love Coach, Lauren Frances, on her NYC tour and still managed to take in Palm Springs with my family for Thanksgiving. Phew!

Now all of what I just listed was truly amazing and yet I must admit that I’ve also found my energy levels down, a strong desire to go back to bed most of the day, and a lot of hesitation as the end of the year nears. It turns out a lot of my clients are feeling the same way, too! That lead me to realize, we are all feeling it!

It’s my mission this month to bring in more ease and support for the holidays and graciously ending 2010! Are you ready for a lift in moving through the holidays and wrapping up the year in ease and grace? Maybe even tune into the magic and mystery of the season?

If you are feeling a yes! then . . .

Let’s reinvigorate your charm and get you back into your game.

I am introducing two new ways to lean in for more support – from your own sofa and in person.

Dial in, tune in, and feel better in an hour. Check out my four week tele-salon starting Tuesday, December 14th at 9pm (EST)/ 6pm (PST).

Gather in-person to complete 2010 and ring in the New Year with clarity, focus and the renewed sense of your purpose for 2011. Join me for my New Year’s Eve retreat in upstate NY starting Thursday evening, Dec 30th – Sunday, January 2nd, 2011.

Do you feel like hibernating?

We are heading right into the deepest time of winter in the Northern Hemisphere which means less light, more days of cold, snow and wind blowing through and the desire to slow down and turn inward. It’s ironic that this also marks a busy time of year of gathering, sharing, exchanging and celebrating with one another, our families, our colleagues, and our communities. Sometimes it leaves you feeling torn between doing what feels natural to you against getting stretched in too many directions and trying to make too many people happy, forgetting all about what makes you happy!

It’s times like this in our lives it’s so important to remember some good ole’ common sense:

Eat good food. Drink plenty of water. Get good sleep.

I know it’s not always that simple so for the more complicated things that are arising let’s welcome it all and bring it into my tele-salon where we will open to shifting and changing it instantaneously – in the live call, in an hour! I guarantee you will feel so much better after that one hour.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t complete your shopping for you and you will still need to tackle your to-do list but it won’t feel like a carnival is following you everywhere you go and interfering with every decision you are trying to make! It’ll just feel easier and fall into place graciously!!

Join me for the . . .

Winter Blues Booster Shot! Tele-salon on Tuesdays, Dec 14th, 21st, 28th, and Jan 4th    at 9pm (EST)/6pm (PST)!

Get an injection of Divine Love, Divine Support and Divine Superblast to keep you moving through the holidays with ease and grace!

  • Are you struggling to get out of bed?
  • Do you have loads of anxiety coming in about the holidays?
  • Are you overwhelmed with how to get it all done?
  • Do you feel panicky that 2010 is ending and you still haven’t x, y and z’ed?
  • This four-week tele-salon is the place to lean into for support and encouragement.

Come experience powerful shifts directly in your body and your mind – the two places that may be stressed, constricted or running in circles.

No more of that! Inject your holidays with some sacred self-care!!

Here’s the link to sign up now:

In this tele-salon we will:

  • Blast through the sludge, the anxiety and all the fears and regrets that are suddenly constantly getting your attention.
  • Provide a loving, supportive place to land and unwind the anxiety for you.
  • Deepen into the meaning of this time of year, cultivating your own soul callings and true wishes that are ready to emerge.
  • Come together in a powerful sacred community and lean in for support.
  • You may be asking yourself, why should I do this when I am already overwhelmed?

Because you won’t feel overwhelmed after the calls. You’ll feel grounded and supported. You’ll move out the junk and open to the mystery and magic of the season. After all, isn’t that what this is all about?

Join me to tune into the magic and mystery that surrounds you now!


Ring in the New Year with me!

Are you curious about joining me for a New Year’s Eve celebration and a two-day on-site workshop? Would you like to do something in an intimate setting focused on ringing in the New Year with intention?

I’m so excited to be offering this opportunity for an intimate gathering of amazing women ready to dream, scheme, and create a vision for their lives for 2011. I must admit this sounds like so much fun to me!

More details will be coming soon and if this sounds like something you might like to jump on, let me know.

Dates: Arrival and start, Thursday evening, Dec 30th. Live NYE celebration and workshop Dec 31st & Jan 1st. Closure Sunday, January 2nd at noon.

Location: Beautiful location in upstate New York. Transportation details coming soon.

Did I peak your interest? Was this on your secret wish list? It’s on mine and so I might just make it happen!

Email me at and let me know to include you!


I admit I’ve been ambivalent about diving into the holidays and the deep winter season. For me, focusing my mission to add support and ease into the season and creating spaces to bring us together to share, transform and rekindle our own magic fills me with the warmth and vigor I really need!

Looking forward to having you join me!

P.S. Remember the basics: Eat good food. Drink plenty of water. Get good sleep.

Are you ready to follow the nudge?

April 27th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

Do you ever wonder who you really are and what you are here for? If you have, you are not alone. I have asked myself these questions over and over! And in asking myself these questions, I’ve gone searching, asking, researching.

This insisting, nudging and tapping on my shoulder would not go away until it was satisfied and as a result it’s lead me around the world exploring – books, dvds, trainings and to the sources – the teachers, the gurus, the masters, the monks, and even the mountain (Kanchenjunga!).

At the time I may not have really been able to articulate what I was searching for and why – I just had to follow it. It may be that I went to the mountain so you don’t have to! I can show you how to tap into your own passions living your life right now (unless you are dreaming of going to the mountain yourself!).


What’s your purpose? What are your passions?
Why is it important to even consider these questions?

Because, as you know, no one can answer these questions for you, but you. And, life is too precious to not know (or at least be experimenting) with what’s true for you.

Sometimes when we consider following our desires, it feels as if it will up-end everything in our lives and that feels too overwhelming. We freeze right there. We find a million excuses, reasons, or justifications to keep from taking any steps. It’s safer to stay where we are than to risk shaking up the status quo.

I also know how hard it can be to wade through all the expectations, teachings, learning’s, socializing, habits and beliefs of what you should do or what ought to be.

I doubted myself for a long time and tried many other things – careers, paths, and teachings along the way to get it ‘right’. But no other ‘right’ will satisfy you for long.

I have searched the world to understand my own calling. For nine years, I’ve journeyed to the far corners of the earth seeking out masters, mystics, and healers to teach me how each of us can open to who we are and what we are here for. I’ve been fortunate to study and train in techniques both eastern and western, ancient and modern. I’ve explored over thirty-four modalities in everything from Space Clearing, to Buddhist meditation, to Kundalini yoga, to Soul Awareness healing even Green Medicine.

Only you can discover what’s true for you by tuning into all of you and opening to who you truly are.

That’s it. Yes, being you. Uniquely. Perfectly imperfect. You.