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Ignite Your Intuitive Super Powers: Three weeks of practical training in opening to your Soul and Higher Wisdom

February 14th, 2016 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | Comments Off

Ignite YOUR Intuitive Super Powers: Three weeks of

practical training in opening to your Soul and Higher Wisdom

The heart of this virtual program is to provide a framework for you to explore your own direction connection to your Soul, your Higher Self, the Universe, GOD.  I will provide a framework, support and guidance for you to cultivate your own knowing and presence in your life. 

Each morning, Mon-Fri, I will host a live call for each of us to open to our own Presencing session: it will be guided, open, spacious, safe and supportive.

Call will start at 6:10am PT/9:10am ET – giving you 10 min to get settled and begin your own practices and routine for setting a sacred space.  The Presencing will take 20 minutes ending at 6:30am/9:30am. Each session will be recorded and sent out so you can use it anytime.

This daily practice is what will build your intuitive muscles and familiarity for exploring your own inner landscape.  Trust me, this is much easier to do in the company of others – even virtually.

Practicing this on a daily basis you will feel confident to continue your own spiritual practices and trust your intuition on a whole new level.

  • Make decisions in alignment with you
  • Stop self doubt and second guessing before it starts
  • Stop doing what other people expect of you and starting doing what you want
  • Discover an internal sense of worthiness
  • Let go of the ‘shoulds’
  • Trust your hunches and follow them more often in more areas of your life
  • Open to greater synchronicity in your life
  • Co-create with your Soul on living your life on earth

Additional support includes three LIVE group calls for leaning in, getting support and setting side time for questions and answers.  These calls are your chance to get additional coaching and support in your process.

There will also be a private Facebook group set up for gathering, sharing, and leaning in.  I will share additional tools and stay in communication through the group calls, FB page, real time emails throughout our three weeks together.

Want to take your three weeks even deeper?  I am offering the opportunity to work with me one-to-one adding three private Presencing sessions via the phone for 60 minutes for only $540 (@ 25% discount).

I run my programs with a high touch so that we can all grow and expand together in the process. I want it to be a positive experience for both you and me. If you ever felt that this program wasn’t right for you, then you can cancel your involvement at any time for any reason.

In Summary:

  • 15 Live Presencing Calls. Recorded for use anytime. Mon-Fri, Feb 29th-Mar 18th
  • 3 Live Group Calls  - Sun. Feb 28th, Sun March 6th and Friday, March 18th at 9am PT/12pm ET
  • Private FB page – available to everyone starting upon sign up
  • Option to add 3 Private One-to-One Presencing sessions – to be scheduled individually

All three weeks working privately with me would cost $2,200.00 but I am offering this introductory rate of $147.00 for the entire 3 weeks.  That’s crazy cheap and chance to get in on the ground floor of a life-changing program.

Click Here to  SIGN UP NOW

If this speaks to you on any level – I urge you to sign up and explore what it would mean to live your live life from this deeper place. 

This yearning is the deeper calling we are all experiencing to wake up now.  We go seeking to fill this place with external goals, relationships, settings, practices, anything that might soothe our soul’s deepest yearnings but it all lies in relating within yourself and opening to a higher direct connection with yourself and with GOD/The Universe. Join me in discovering this in March.

Questions? Want to talk to me first?  Just send me at email at or pick up the phone and call me at 917.309.7612.

Sometimes for me, I want to gather more information to ‘feel’ if it’s the right fit.  So if you need to find out if I might be the right Intuitive trainer for you, how about listening to a live call I shared about ‘Presencing’ and then get a chance to practice doing it with me? Try it on and see if it fits.

Click here to listen to a recorded call I did on Valentine’s Day to cultivate Self LoveLINK TO SELF LOVE CALL

Thank you SO much for your incredible “Presencing” call. This powerful process that you brought us all through to literally be present in our minds, body and hearts is a true gift! There is a lot of talk about being present these days, but the capacity to actually do it is incredibly hard. Your wisdom and deep guidance makes it not only possible, but pleasurable. For real!!

It’s like receiving the best massage ever except afterwards you are ready to take action and step into your life as the powerful being you know you are, but can’t always access. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your own gifts so that we may tap more deeply into our own!” – Cathy Wasserman, LMSW, Leadership Coach


Ready to Ignite Your Very Own Intuitive Superpowers? Sign UP HERE


What Is Your Safety Net? [Only 3 Spots for Fall]

August 26th, 2012 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

Coaching isn’t therapy because it is designed to move you toward what you want to create in your life, not focused backwards on your past.

Coaching isn’t about dwelling on what’s ‘wrong’ with you, it’s about building up your strengths to take the risks closest to your heart!

Coaching provides you with the same type of safety net that a practicing trapeze artist uses – she flies as if it’s not there but it will catch her IF she misses.

In part due to that invisible safety net she flies even higher, trusting herself with new risks and new moves that create the most awe-inspiring show, showing off her talent, beauty, and grace.

It’s the same for the life dreams and yearnings you hold in your heart – an invisible safety net will give you the confidence to soar higher, take bigger risks, and stretch yourself trusting that safety net will catch you, if and only if, you really need it.  Until then, you soar on!

Coaching doesn’t let you fall into depression just because you are in a quieter, more contemplative phase.  Life is not all about doing.  Sometimes, it requires internal contemplation. Working with a coach helps you mine the gold nuggets out of the deep cave of these times.

Coaching is an opportunity for process, digestion and acknowledging what is – this is far more powerful than you may realize.

Yes, you can find ways to work on all these things on your own.

But. . . There won’t be an invisible safety net to catch you. There won’t be your coach guiding a light out of the dark cave you’ve fallen in.

Ready to SOAR? Ready to BREAKTHROUGH?

I have spots open for three coaching clients this fall. One could be for you! 


Let’s schedule a Soul Breakthrough session.

It’s time for a new approach. It’s time to SOAR!

It’s time to update your story. It’s time to BREAKTHROUGH!

It’s time to tune into your deepest callings.

It’s time to listen to your intuition in spite of all the rules you’ve been following.

Email me and let’s schedule your Soul Breakthrough right now! You can also call me at 917.309.7612.

Your Invisible Safety Net,


P.S. Do you know someone ready to soar?  Nothing means more to me than your recommendation!  Please pass this on to anyone you know who is ready to breakthough and soar to new heights!

Just for the FUN of it!

June 13th, 2012 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

When was the last time you followed your hunch to do something, ‘just for the fun of it’? I must admit that this last year I’ve been taking all my life changes rather seriously and so doing something ‘just for the fun of it’ had fallen to the wayside.

So when I had the opportunity to sign up for an Intuitive Career training to learn how to use Numerology to as a means to unlock my client’s chosen birth path, I was all over the place.  On one hand, I wanted to do it because, frankly, I was having fun with Numerology!  I was giving spontaneous readings to anyone who would share their birthdate and people were having fun with me . . .and it was insightful! But was that enough of reason to go for it?

As with any big leap, all the doubts came crashing in, too. . . who will take you seriously using Numerology? 

Will you really use it or will it just become another tool that sits on your shelf?  (I confess to being a bit a seeker so that means I’m willing to take a lot of workshops, trainings and seminars but sometimes maybe too many. . .but that’s another story for another time.)

So there I was the day before trying to determine the real reason I wanted to do it and then I got really clear – BECAUSE IT WAS FUN!

Unlocking my own birth path numbers helped me tremendously in understanding why I needed to change my whole life at this time and how everything aligned so beautifully in supporting those changes.

So in April, I did it!

Just for the fun of it, I started using Numerology to assist my clients, friends, colleagues, anyone who was curious, to open up more to who they are and why they are here and the treasure chest of talents and gifts they came into this world to use and explore.

  • Are you at a milestone and need some insight to help navigate the changes tapping on your shoulder?
  • Are you doing work you are passionate about but still feel you could go deeper and feel even more engaged?
  • Are you confused about how to focus yourself and your activities for this year?
  • Do you sense you have a much greater purpose than the one you are currently settling for?
  • Are you ready to step into and own who you are and what you are here for on another level?

Let’s do it!  Let’s schedule your Life Path Reading!

For the month of June I’m offering an introductory rate of $125.00.  My rates haven’t been this low in four years so this is a rare opportunity to get on my calendar for a fabulous price*.

Read what others had to say . . .

My numerology session with Elizabeth was an amazing gift and couldn’t have come at a better time. In the midst of a period of major change and transition, I needed some sense of clarity and direction. That’s exactly what I got from this reading.

The numbers for my “life path” as well as the number for the year’s “theme” gave me information that confirms much of what I have been feeling intuitively, but also helped me to see the bigger picture much more clearly.

In areas where I’ve been struggling to make a decision, or hoping for a situation to resolve, I got a sense of peace and of what is right for me. I feel much more grounded in terms of what I want to focus on and what’s possible.

I am connecting to a vision and a purpose that I can breathe life into right now.

Elizabeth also delivered very practical, concrete “baby steps” and practices which I am now using in my daily life.

How the numbers work remains a mystery to me, but the rightness of what came through in this session left me feeling joyful, inspired, and eager to embrace my path.

Much gratitude and love to Elizabeth and the gifts she brings!

-P. B.

If you are ready to jump on this for yourself or know someone who you’d like to gift this to, please reach out via email at or call me at 917.309.7612 and let’s get you in my calendar today!

The reading that I received far exceeded my expectations. Elizabeth was able to convey the information in such a way that made a lot of sense.

It was compassionate and empowering, and left me feeling refreshed and newly inspired.

Elizabeth was able to cover so much information that I didn’t feel that things were left hanging when it came to an end. I felt that you really heard what I was saying. You hit on many points that were inspiring, but much of it was really confirmation for where I am on my path.

I know I’m on track with my plans for the next while, and it’s all falling into place and I just need to trust in the process but also be more conscious and aware.

You gave me many nuggets, tools, along with concrete and manageable tasks that I can help me in moving closer to my purpose, and for that, I am extremely grateful.


Even if you know you are right smack in the middle of your life’s greatest work a Life Path reading can provide confirmation to boost your confidence and to go for it, trusting your instincts to move forward even further than you ever imagined!

Email me today at


“I want to let you know that the Life Path reading helped me bring a whole new dimension to my work.

I’m now calling my business “Creatively Healthy” and I’ve put together a new program working on Health and Creativity as mutually supportive. I’m also planning a writing workshop, which I’m so excited to do.

Thanks for helping to bring this up and out.”  -P.B.

The Life Path Reading will help you answer some basic questions on how to focus your time and energy this year. . .

  • Is this the year to clear out your closets?
  • To write your book?
  • To launch new programs?
  • Is it time to move?

Learning more about your personal year gives you the insight to focus your time, energy, and activites to align with the natural cycles of your life.

I just finished my first numerology reading with Elizabeth and I feel a sense of peace, knowing from the reading that I am on the right track.

Everything she shared with me in her kind, gentle way resonated very well with me. I felt as though the Universe sent her to me to clarify some of the feelings I have already noticed coming up for me.

She told me that my life path number clarifies that my soul purpose is to serve humanity on a global scale. I don’t know what that will look like exactly, but I am open to serve in anyway God has called me.

My challenge is to let go and allow things to fall away, so that the good things that are waiting for me are able to come into my life. I am eager to put into practice the lessons that Elizabeth shared with me. She encouraged me to use my inner guidance and my love of music to enhance my meditation practice.

Elizabeth guided me through a spiritual meditation that left me feeling such inner peace and awareness of my connection to Source Energy and my inner being.

I feel very excited to know that my soul has a very big purpose in this world, but I feel relaxed in the knowing that I don’t have to be in a hurry to make it happen.

I feel confident in following Elizabeth’s advice of laying back and just allowing the Universe to put the pieces in line for me.

I no longer feel the need to have all the answers, I just have to allow.

Thank you, Elizabeth! I am grateful for the time we spent together. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and for leading me on my souls Journey.


Let’s do it!  Let’s schedule your Life Path Reading!

For the month of June I’m offering an introductory rate of $125.00.  My rates haven’t been this low in four years so this is a rare opportunity to get on my calendar for a fabulous price.*

If you are ready to jump on this for yourself or know someone who you’d like to gift this to, please reach out via email at or call me at 917.309.7612.

Let’s get you in my June calendar today!
Much Love and many blessings,

*Fine print:  All sessions will be 60 minutes via the phone and will focus on your life path and career. Sessions must be prepaid with a credit card (plus handling charge) or a check and completed by June 30th, 2012.

P.s. Please pass this along to anyone who might benefit.  This is a rare opportunity to try out an intuitive session and experience something very eye-opening!

In Appreciation of All That You Are

October 14th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

Today I admit I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. . . maybe it was the haziness of the morning, or the Swedish meatballs I ate yesterday, or that it feels like there is so much to be done. . .who really knows the ‘why’ – it just happens to be how I feel today.

I’m not in the mood to try to will myself out of it so I sat with it and realized what’s really tapping on my shoulder . . .is APPRECIATION. . .the need to stop and appreciate everything I’ve been creating in my life, right here, right now. I’m telling you this because . . . this includes you!

Yes, I want you right smack in the middle of my soul’s calling for appreciation. READ MORE

Ready to clear your clutter? Don’t do it alone!

September 21st, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

My own journey of physical clutter clearing was prompted by my apartment renovations last summer, which forced me to pack up and move out of my entire apartment twice. Doing that forced me to question whether I really needed and wanted the stuff I was surrounded by.

Lucky for me I also had the help of a very good friend who happens to be a great personal organizer.  She got me started!  (Yes, I had help!  I didn’t do it alone and neither should you!)  She also told me that it would take me 12 months to go through every area of my life to clear and re-organize.  I thought she was crazy!  I just wanted to knock this out in a few week-ends.  (I secretly hoped to prove her wrong about the 12 months!)

The first thing I did was send out an e-mail to my friends to see if anyone wanted to trade helping each other go through the closets.  Surprisingly I had a lot of people willing to help me and that’s just what I did – I called in help for every major closet and major area.

Organized ClosetHave you ever thought about when you really want to make change in your life you call in an expert or pull a support team together?

Often that’s what it takes to really push through and move through change of any kind.  There is no way that without encouragement and the eagle eye of my helpers I would have ever gotten through the vacuum closet – boring!  Or, the clothing closet – oh my I wanted to cling to my favorite yet very tired old shirts (but I look so good in this color!). And then finally, saying good-bye to the books. . the ones I had read and the ones I may eventually read. . . but haven’t so far.

And yet systematically going through every inch of my life brought everything into the light, made me either appreciate it enough to keep in my space, appreciate what it had already offered me, or appreciate that someone else could appreciate it even more than me!

I can’t tell you how much fun I had watching my book collection get swiped up from the book swap that sits in the laundry room of my building .  .  . every few hours I would take down another 30 books and boom they would fly off the shelves – I was having more fun watching them disappear than the people taking them home for sure!

All this external clutter clearing made me consciously consider many aspects of my life.  It opened up more space, which opened up more possibilities and, thus, when the opportunity came in offering me the chance to go west and live in an adorable adobe for the summer, I was ready to receive it and able to move quickly to make it happen.  I was ready!  Yahoooo!

So let me ask you this:

Snowy OwlIf your greatest desires and your secret wish list dropped out of the sky and was delivered to you from a great white winged owl will you be ready to receive the bounty?

I have this gift to help people clear their ‘clutter’ from inside out.  Yes, in an hour you will directly experience a full body shift and experience a profound clarity that is all yours!

If you know deep down you are ready to align yourself to what’s calling through you on a soul level, on a professional level, on a relationships level and beyond, then now is the time to clear your internal clutter, open up new space, and get your energy moving in new directions.

Become a vibrational match to your goals now. Quickly. Easily.

When you are ready to learn something new, develop new skills, or grow, you naturally reach out to find others who can teach you, guide you and support you and that’s exactly how I can help you right now.

How can you start clearing your clutter right now?  Maybe a drawer?  The top of your desk? The medicine cabinet?

Post a comment below telling me exactly what got you motivated and what you cleared!

What’s up with Goldilocks and the three bears?

August 26th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

About a week ago I had the exciting possibility to go visit an ancient historic site where a Native American population once lived and thrived inside the dynamic cliffs of red rock in Bandelier National Park.  So we ambled along the path taking photos, visiting the various sites and negotiating the other onlookers who were taking the path with us.

At one point you have to choose to keep going further down the path about another ½ mile and from there you have the opportunity to climb straight up a series of ladders 140 feet to a restored kiva nestled right inside the side of the red cliff.  Now climbing up to the kiva is one of those things that is truly right up my alley – its adventurous, lands me right in the middle of history, surrounds me with incredible views and puts me in touch with an ancient, once very active, ceremonial space – exactly what I love to explore!

But what you always tend to do may not be what you are really feeling like in the moment. . . .read on to find out what happened when I was standing at the base of the kiva step ladder.


When your destiny calls, will you hear it?

Stopping to heed the nudge of your intuition can disrupt how you think about yourself.  The thing is when you are following your intuition; you can’t just follow what feels comfortable or do what’s most like you. Your intuition is truly in touch with where you are and following it means being present in the moment and listening to what’s true – in that precise moment – not to how you usually feel or what you’d usually do.  So this is exactly what happened to me when I was standing at the base of the kiva step ladder.  I looked up and I saw a place that I would usually love to climb up to, a beautiful place that would leave me breathless from the views and the thrill of exploring a ceremonial site.

And yet, I did not feel it at all.

My whole body was giving me a very different signal to not climb up.  It wasn’t fear.  It just didn’t light me up.  My mind was telling me I should, but my whole body wasn’t feeling it.  I decided to not climb up to the kiva.  I decided I would turn around and head back down the path and enjoy myself and maybe there will be another day I will hike this same trail and seize the opportunity to climb to the kiva, but not on this particular day.

The 140 Steps lead to the Kiva

So I started heading back down the trail and it was really beautiful, shaded with tall strong trees, a flowing stream along the trail, cool and quiet as there was no one else around.  And then as I was walking I heard a noise and I looked over to realize that there was a Mama bear and her cub in the grass!  It was amazing how close she was just on the other side of the trail.  And then I realized there was a second baby cub.  So suddenly I was standing there on the trail watching three black bears just a few feet away!

My friend was much more concerned that we should get away but I knew we were safe.  I made a noise so that the Mama bear knew we were there and she made some sounds back but nothing threatening.  We just stood there hanging out with them and they hanging out with us!!!  It was AMAZING!!!

Just then one of the baby bears got spooked and ran full sprint towards us and climbed (ran!) straight up the tree that was directly in front of us on the path.  (Note – never try to outrun a bear and never try to climb a tree – they are very fast!)  Now it was time for us to move because if the Mama bear was concerned about her cubs she could become fierce so off we went to watch them from further up the path as they headed back into the forest.

Now my heart was beating, but not from fear, but from the sheer thrill of being so close and having this very intimate encounter with this Mama Bear and her two spring cubs.  I was sooo overjoyed!  How rare is it to see a bear and we saw a whole family??!  Incredible!  I believe my path that day was not to climb the kiva but to have this rare and intimate encounter with this Mama Bear and her cubs.  If I had just plunged ahead with climbing the kiva I surely would have missed them.  My destiny at that particular moment on that particular day was to meet with the three bears.

Soooooo here’s my question to you. . . .

Are you tuned into your life to recognize these moments? To pause and   really listen to what you are feeling and experiencing in the moment rather  than plunging ahead in old patterns, behaviors and the ‘usual’?

Are you ready to start to tune in and recognize your intuition nudging you on the shoulder on a more regular basis in your life?

Tuning into your intuition is a practice.  It’s just like building muscle strength.  When you want to build up your muscles you get a trainer who keeps you on track, you meet on a regular basis and you strengthen those muscles by using them.

Working with me one-to-one is just like that!  We meet each week and practice listening, tuning in and allowing your intuition to show up exactly as it works for you and you get to know how it works from the inside out.  I mirror back to you how it shows up and together we start to bring awareness to the many ways your intuition speaks to you and through you.   You not only hear it, but see it, feel it and know it through your whole being.  And it feels really affirming.  After all, this is your truest wisest self speaking through you and nothing feels greater!

Let’s talk about working together this fall.  You know the timing is just right to start strengthening your intuitive muscles and heeding your soul callings.

There are a couple of upcoming ways to work with me. . . .

Ready for one-to-one mentoring?

Sign up for a Soul Breakthrough today using the coupon code: feelinggood to get an awesome price of $97.  Follow that nudge now and let’s find out if working together is the next right step for you!

Ready to join a soulful community and a group tele-studio?

I’m gearing up to launch my next Alchemy of Joy series on October 5th, 2010.  Are ready to bring in change in your life and want to do so in community being supported and mentored along the way?  Learn more about what’s to come on Tuesday, Sept 7th.

Sign up here for more details:

In the Flesh (Live Events)

March 15th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | 1 Comment

Live Community Gatherings

There’s something magical that happens when groups of women gather together.

We encourage the best in each other. We hold space for the challenges. Each woman leaves
feeling seen, heard, and deeply inspired.

If you like your wisdom with a dash of whimsy, check back often for my live events. We do all
kinds of things you’ll love.

(Or better yet, sign up for my newsletter and I’ll keep you in the loop.)

Ready to sign up? Please sign up through Eventbrite using the links below. Starts at 6pm – 8pm MT.

Here is the link to Nov 20th, 2014:

Here is the link to Dec 18th, 2014:

Here is the link to January 22nd, 2015:

Bring a friend or share it with someone who can benefit. These chats will take place in Boulder, Colorado in my living room.

Fireside Meditations

Fireside Meditations, Winter 2014-2015

Join me for an evening of thoughtful discussion, like a modern woman’s salon, where we will come together by a fire and open into a spiritual inquiry.

Have you ever faced a challenge in your life and no matter what you do, you don’t find the results or the change you desire? You keep seeking from teachers, healers, books, workshops and you hear all the right things but they still don’t make sense to you and your life. Or maybe they just answer a slice of it and you are still trying to find the other pieces to put it all together.

This quest, this yearning won’t be tamed until you listen from a different place within you for the answers. But where do you begin? How do you start?

I invite you to join me in an intimate circle in my living room around my fireplace to unearth our own answers to a deeper internal inquiry.

Fireside Meditations is a series of talks and discussions on the third Thursday of the winter months starting

Nov 20th [Spiritual Depression],

Dec 18th [Spiritual Discovery] and

Jan 22nd [Spiritual Decadence]

from 6pm-8pm. Please come for the series or for a single evening.

The monthly Fireside Meditation gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with me and most importantly, with you.

reddoorflowers The Red Door Salon, Fall 2013, early OctoberNo, this is not the type of Salon to get more mani’s and pedi’s, it’s about following your heart and soul and living out your dreams (some of which may be buried and need some coaxing to come out!).

The original concept of a Salon comes from 17th century France when ladies would gather in their homes, in the Salon room to be exact, to share ideas of Enlightenment and ways of improving upon one’s life.

I am bringing this beautiful concept back and inviting a select group of women to join me in launching this new community and unique experience.

To learn more go to:

1422692_flower June 8th, 2013 – Bliss Out:  A Night of Pampering with Daring Divas from 5 – 9pmJoin me for 15-minute free Numerology & Life Path Readings to uncover your true purpose and your dream career and start taking action steps now!Register here at:
January 22, 2013 – 6:30-8:45pm: Speed Business Advising for Women Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses  Join me and UP Talks community to Speed Business Advising on Tuesday, January 22, from 6:30-8:45pm at Shine in Boulder. This event is by women, for women, and is ‘speed-dating’ style business advising allowing all attendees to rotate among 12 expert female business consultants.  Bring your passion, ideas, existing materials, or just YOU…by the end of the evening, these women will be your business dream team when you are ready to move forward!This event is limited to 40 female attendees and we plan to close registration on January 18 (tickets not sold at the door). Go to this link to choose your advisors and sign up:
Chart Your Life Path & Career: Using Numerology to Uncover  Your Strengths, Your Direction & Awaken to Your Dreams, Oct 23rd – Dec 4th Are you Ready to:
• get clear about what you are meant to do with your life?
• discover the surprisingly practical and insightful uses of Numerology in understanding your life trajectory?
• discover tools to support your decisions and your journey no matter how many obstacles come your way?
• join a friendly, accepting group that is committed, ready and supportive of you and your goals, boosting you to take bigger risks than ever before?This will be a dynamic interactive class experience where you will receive individual coaching and insights in a supportive and collaborative environment.Tuesday evenings, October 23rd – December 4th (skipping November 20th), from 7-9pm in Boulder. Fee is $345.00.
Register at:
The Fear Factor: Stop Your Mind from Hijacking Your Dreams, Oct 13th, 10am-12pm
Are you ready to unlock the power of your mind and leave behind the bossy, mean voice that keeps pushing you around?  Do You Find that:
No matter how many positive affirmations you try, you can’t seem to stop the negative thoughts in your mind?
• Your mind obsesses about your worst fears no matter how much you try to distract it?
• As you attempt to take the first steps towards what you truly want that ‘old story’ comes zooming in to sabotage your efforts?  In this two hour workshop, we will discover how the mind works against you, often as your worst enemy, in sabotaging your dreams and desires, keeping you stuck in fear. To register for $15.00 go to:

Red Door Salon Series

Launching the Red Door Salon Series, October 17th Join me in a modern day salon for the savvy spiritual woman ready to explore the depths of her own mystical connection while discovering and exploring her uniqueness as who she is in the world.This Series is designed for the modern spiritual woman who is ready to. .  .

  • Feel a greater sense of acceptance and peace in your life no matter what is happening around you?
  • Feel supported and empowered to make changes in her own heart-centered timing?
  • Create authentic community and connection with other supportive and like-minded women?

To learn more go to:

Write Your Authentic Online Dating Profile

This class will help to demystify the online dating profile, help you get clear on your romantic goals, and get you on the way to attracting your lovebird. Already been online and frustrated with the results? Never tried online dating before?

This class is for both the weary and the novice and will infuse new tools and techniques for online and offline dating with clarity and authenticity.

Be prepared for in-class exercises, fun, new insights and homework assignments. By the end of the class you will complete your profile, start attracting the right kind of person for you, and re-ignite your love life!

Two Sessions: Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30pm Oct 2nd – Oct 16th OR Thursdays, 6:30-8:30pm Oct 18th – Nov 1st, 2012, $115

Taught through Lifelong Learning, go here to register:

Bliss Out – A Night of Pampering, June 29th, 6:30pmJoin me for 15-minute free Numerology & Life Path Readings to uncover your true purpose and your dream career and start taking action steps now!  Register here at:
Discovering Your Treasure Chest & Your Dream Career, August, 2012, in Boulder, COAll of you – your unique gifts, talents, soul intention, and dreams – make up a treasure chest waiting to be unlocked and shared with the world, including how to translate that into a career you love! This four-week course meets Thursday evenings from 7 pm – 9 pm in August, 2012 (2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd) to uncover your life’s true path and unveil your great work.  Learn more. . .
Tribal Truth Launches in NYC, Saturday, April 16th, 12- 4:30pm Are you curious about what life would be like if you DECLARED yourself part of a tribe of sisters committed to supporting one another?Experience yourself as part of a tribe . . .Join Tribal Truth for its New York City Launch Party on April 16.Learn more…

Dynamic Balance in Relationship –  April 3rd, 10th and 17th, 2011Join Elizabeth Joy Mueller and Kimio Wheaton in the exploration of collaboration and relationship as all of what we are.More than ever before, the roles and patterns of masculine and feminine are being challenged.  Together, in our three sessions, we invite you to the Balance of Nature within yourself and to experience it in others – as modern men and women.Learn More…
DIVINE LOVE + Gratitude Fest – Feb 13th, 2011
Elizabeth Joy Mueller and Tara Dixon have planned a Soulful Salon dedicated to LOVE + Gratitude.Get ready to expand your heart and open to your deepest desires!
Get ready to explore the depth of your own Gratitude and express it like never before!
Get ready to play, laugh and explore what’s possible in your life – your biggest dreams!Learn more . . .

New Year’s Renewal Retreat

I’m calling in a gathering of amazing women ready to dream, scheme, and create a bodacious vision for their lives for 2011!

This two-night and two full day retreat is designed to expand your vision of what’s possible for you and your life.  Our time together will combine deep meditation and relaxation as well as play, celebration and focus for your dreams of 2011 and beyond.

Thursday, December 30th – Saturday, January 1st.

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Internet Radio

Talking Alternate’s Internet Radio

Elizabeth will be on Talking Alternate’s Internet Radio Show With Sam Leibowitz, the Conscious Consultant!

Join me and Sam Leibowitz, the Conscious Consultant, on Friday September 24th at 11am (EST) to learn more on living a life that’s profoundly and uniquely yours!

Click here to listen live!

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