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What are you WISHING for?

May 28th, 2014 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | Comments Off

Today, May 28th, 2014, is a new moon. More than any other day of the month, on the new moon, your intuition is fully open and available to you. It is the perfect timing to tune into your deeper wishes for yourself and your life.  file3681309720303

It’s a day for planting seeds of possibility.

It’s easy to get so busy that you no longer take time to tap into what you truly want.

Today, I invite you to play a game with me and tap into any deeper wishes that have been on hold for far too long. Together with the Universe and the New Moon, let’s make a wish list!

I’m serious about wishing. What’s on your wish list? Start with writing it down. Go for 3-9 items.

Now I’m not asking for your wish list of overpriced luxury goods that you are pining for. .  . . Nope. Go deeper.

What’s your heart longing for? What are you wanting to share and express? Where are you holding back in your life? (That’s a signal!)

Do you have certain beliefs that tell you something you want isn’t even possible? Write that on your list!

Put the seemingly impossible into this wish list!

After you have your list, find a quiet spot to sit down and tune in. This next step is really important in order for the wish list to go out into the Universe.

For each item on your wish list, I invite you to imagine it happening. See yourself (and others) laughing, smiling, interacting. Imagine how it could play out.

Feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it, see it!  Use all your sense to create mini scenarios of how your wish would unfold. Don’t get bogged down here – just small details that feel good. Yum!

Bring three mini scenarios to life in your mind’s eye for every wish.  file3191292396146

After you picture the scenario in your mind’s eye then shift it to the base of your skull where your spine meets your head and picture it there on a screen playing out again.

After you have watched three different scenarios for every wish, then state out loud: So Be It! and let go.

After you go through these steps for each of your wishes, let it all GO!  Keep your list so you can look back at it in a few months or a year.

Keep in mind that things may not manifest the way you think they should because the Universal Mind – from it’s higher perspective – may have something even better in store for you than you can imagine right now. In fact, it’s making sure the outcome is far better than your wildest dreams. YA!

Happy New Moon! May all your wishes come true!