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It’s the Year of the Rabbit!

February 3rd, 2011 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

I disappeared for a few weeks taking some time to step away from the day-to-day of living in NYC by going to Santa Fe, NM.  It’s easily becoming my home away from home for many reasons.  I was ever so thrilled to be there the last few weeks taking in the nature and the quiet and the sunny blue skies as an alternate to the cold and snowy winter of the Northeast this year.

Coming back I awaken to the reality that we are stepping into February.  I’d like to dedicate this month to LOVE!

I know, I know, on the 14th it’s Valentine’s day and most want to run from or stomp on that day altogether.

Everyone grumbles that it’s just a Hallmark holiday, but what if we leveraged this moment to take it to a whole new level of expression of your HEART and SOUL?

What if you personally decided to side-swap all the grumbling to open your heart to LOVE of every kind – neighborly, divine, collegial, intimate, brother or sisterly, passionate, parental, grandparental, universal and beyond?

What could this BIG LOVE look and feel like for you?

How could you open your heart more to those in your life right now?  Or, to yourself right now

I’ve created some fun events to get you inspired in February . . . .


Nearing up on Valentine’s day, one of my personal favorites, I can’t help but feel really inspired.  I reached out to a select group to see if anyone would like to create a unique and dynamic way of celebrating this holiday dedicated to red hearts, roses and chocolates.

I asked, what if we could actually launch from this superficial level to a much deeper, more profound sense of LOVE?  DIVINE, endless, overflowing and creative LOVE?!  The LOVE that taps into the core of who we are and how we express ourselves and create our biggest dreams and desires!

And then what if you could marry the Divine LOVE with Gratitude?  Gratitude, that comes from deep within and reminds you, yet again, of your own magnificence.

Divine LOVE + Gratitude!  Yes, this is exactly what Tara Dixon and I have stirred up for Sunday afternoon, February 13th in Brooklyn, NY!

So don’t hesitate to step into this GRAND sense of DIVINE LOVE + Gratitude and join us!  We encourage early registration because this event will sell out!

Tickets are already selling so go to this link to sign up today

Can’t make it to Brooklyn but you can make it to Connecticut?  E-mail me at as I am also hosting a private LOVE fest there on Friday, February 11th and we can include you on the list!  Join in on the LOVE!


What could the Year of the Rabbit bring for you

According to Chinese tradition, the Rabbit brings a year in which you can catch your breath and calm your nerves.  It is a time for negotiation.  Don’t try to force issues, because if you do you will ultimately fail.  To gain the greatest benefits from this time, focus on home, family, security, diplomacy, and your relationships with women and children.   Make it a goal to create a safe, peaceful lifestyle, so you will be able to calmly deal with any problem that may arise.

Phew, what a relief as the year of the Rabbit will usher in a time to slow down and focus on peacefulness and opening to the opportunities that naturally show up.

In the spirit of the gentle Rabbit and the quest for deeper, more profound LOVE, I invite you to join me for a Divine LOVE fest.

Happy Year of the Rabbit today!

P.s. Here’s that link to sign up for Feb 13th and please bring a friend, or two – spread the LOVE now!

Join us for the most DIVINE LOVE + Gratitude Fest EVER!

January 29th, 2011 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

So nearing up on Valentine’s day, one of my personal favorites, I can’t help but feel really inspired.  I reached out to a select group to see if anyone would like to create a unique and dynamic way of celebrating this holiday dedicated to red hearts, roses and chocolates.

What if we could actually launch from this superficial level to a much deeper, more profound sense of LOVE.  Not just selfish, what will you get for me? love, but DIVINE, endless, overflowing and creative LOVE?!  The LOVE that taps into the core of who we are and how we express ourselves and create our biggest dreams and desires!

And then what if you could marry the Divine LOVE with Gratitude?

Gratitude that comes from deep within and reminds you, yet again, of your own magnificence.  Divine LOVE + Gratitude!  Yes, this is exactly what Tara Dixon and I have stirred up for Sunday afternoon, February 13th!

So don’t hesitate to step into this GRAND sense of LOVE + Gratitude and join us!  We encourage early registration because this event will sell out!

Here are more details to whet your appetite and sign yourself up now . . .

Elizabeth Joy Mueller and Tara Dixon have planned a Soulful Salon dedicated to LOVE + Gratitude.

Get ready to expand your heart and open to your deepest desires!
Get ready to explore the depth of your own Gratitude and express it like never before!
Get ready to play, laugh and explore what’s possible in your life – your biggest dreams!

Expect a playful, dynamic and inspiring program that will open you to LOVE + Gratitude
[Warning:  This program is only for those ready to break free of the old gunk and open to something MUCH MORE! Be willing to be surprised!]

When:  Sunday, February 13th from 4-6:30pm (arrive by 4:30 to participate in the fun!)

RSVP NOW by Clicking on this link:

You will receive more details upon registration and payment. Bring a friend! Hosted in a private home in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Cost$39 for preregistration (Closes Sat. Feb 12th at midnight) or $49 at the door (Includes surprise goodies!)

Any questions, contact Elizabeth at or 917.309.7612.

Learn more about the gifts and talents of Tara Dixon at or
Learn more about the talents and gifts of Elizabeth Joy Mueller at

We can’t wait to play with you!  Bring a friend! Or two!

Are you ready to bust through your Winter Blues?

December 6th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | 1 Comment

It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me as I seem to have gotten caught up in my own tidal wave since my last newsletter and could barely come up for air.

November was filled with many starts and new adventures as well as some deep shifts and re-organization. . .and that doesn’t even include the Thanksgiving Holiday!

I launched a new workshop on getting unstuck that got everybody moving in new directions. I launched a weekly coaching circle with the Tribal Truth and Rochelle Scheick of Qoya. I attended the Ladies Who Launch Entrepreneurial Conference and the Sister Goddess Worldwide Reunion in Miami, supported Love Coach, Lauren Frances, on her NYC tour and still managed to take in Palm Springs with my family for Thanksgiving. Phew!

Now all of what I just listed was truly amazing and yet I must admit that I’ve also found my energy levels down, a strong desire to go back to bed most of the day, and a lot of hesitation as the end of the year nears. It turns out a lot of my clients are feeling the same way, too! That lead me to realize, we are all feeling it!

It’s my mission this month to bring in more ease and support for the holidays and graciously ending 2010! Are you ready for a lift in moving through the holidays and wrapping up the year in ease and grace? Maybe even tune into the magic and mystery of the season?

If you are feeling a yes! then . . .

Let’s reinvigorate your charm and get you back into your game.

I am introducing two new ways to lean in for more support – from your own sofa and in person.

Dial in, tune in, and feel better in an hour. Check out my four week tele-salon starting Tuesday, December 14th at 9pm (EST)/ 6pm (PST).

Gather in-person to complete 2010 and ring in the New Year with clarity, focus and the renewed sense of your purpose for 2011. Join me for my New Year’s Eve retreat in upstate NY starting Thursday evening, Dec 30th – Sunday, January 2nd, 2011.

Do you feel like hibernating?

We are heading right into the deepest time of winter in the Northern Hemisphere which means less light, more days of cold, snow and wind blowing through and the desire to slow down and turn inward. It’s ironic that this also marks a busy time of year of gathering, sharing, exchanging and celebrating with one another, our families, our colleagues, and our communities. Sometimes it leaves you feeling torn between doing what feels natural to you against getting stretched in too many directions and trying to make too many people happy, forgetting all about what makes you happy!

It’s times like this in our lives it’s so important to remember some good ole’ common sense:

Eat good food. Drink plenty of water. Get good sleep.

I know it’s not always that simple so for the more complicated things that are arising let’s welcome it all and bring it into my tele-salon where we will open to shifting and changing it instantaneously – in the live call, in an hour! I guarantee you will feel so much better after that one hour.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t complete your shopping for you and you will still need to tackle your to-do list but it won’t feel like a carnival is following you everywhere you go and interfering with every decision you are trying to make! It’ll just feel easier and fall into place graciously!!

Join me for the . . .

Winter Blues Booster Shot! Tele-salon on Tuesdays, Dec 14th, 21st, 28th, and Jan 4th    at 9pm (EST)/6pm (PST)!

Get an injection of Divine Love, Divine Support and Divine Superblast to keep you moving through the holidays with ease and grace!

  • Are you struggling to get out of bed?
  • Do you have loads of anxiety coming in about the holidays?
  • Are you overwhelmed with how to get it all done?
  • Do you feel panicky that 2010 is ending and you still haven’t x, y and z’ed?
  • This four-week tele-salon is the place to lean into for support and encouragement.

Come experience powerful shifts directly in your body and your mind – the two places that may be stressed, constricted or running in circles.

No more of that! Inject your holidays with some sacred self-care!!

Here’s the link to sign up now:

In this tele-salon we will:

  • Blast through the sludge, the anxiety and all the fears and regrets that are suddenly constantly getting your attention.
  • Provide a loving, supportive place to land and unwind the anxiety for you.
  • Deepen into the meaning of this time of year, cultivating your own soul callings and true wishes that are ready to emerge.
  • Come together in a powerful sacred community and lean in for support.
  • You may be asking yourself, why should I do this when I am already overwhelmed?

Because you won’t feel overwhelmed after the calls. You’ll feel grounded and supported. You’ll move out the junk and open to the mystery and magic of the season. After all, isn’t that what this is all about?

Join me to tune into the magic and mystery that surrounds you now!


Ring in the New Year with me!

Are you curious about joining me for a New Year’s Eve celebration and a two-day on-site workshop? Would you like to do something in an intimate setting focused on ringing in the New Year with intention?

I’m so excited to be offering this opportunity for an intimate gathering of amazing women ready to dream, scheme, and create a vision for their lives for 2011. I must admit this sounds like so much fun to me!

More details will be coming soon and if this sounds like something you might like to jump on, let me know.

Dates: Arrival and start, Thursday evening, Dec 30th. Live NYE celebration and workshop Dec 31st & Jan 1st. Closure Sunday, January 2nd at noon.

Location: Beautiful location in upstate New York. Transportation details coming soon.

Did I peak your interest? Was this on your secret wish list? It’s on mine and so I might just make it happen!

Email me at and let me know to include you!


I admit I’ve been ambivalent about diving into the holidays and the deep winter season. For me, focusing my mission to add support and ease into the season and creating spaces to bring us together to share, transform and rekindle our own magic fills me with the warmth and vigor I really need!

Looking forward to having you join me!

P.S. Remember the basics: Eat good food. Drink plenty of water. Get good sleep.

Sylvia’s Journey of Unfolding, a Testimonial

October 26th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

I’m really fortunate to know many of my clients both personally and professionally. I can honestly say I love this very much as through my work I see only the divine beauty and magnificence of each person exactly as who they are – it’s amazing!

So I recently sat down with Sylvia, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing as a friend and as a client, to gain more insight into what it’s been like for her to work with me over the past year and a half.

When Sylvia first came to me, she had a strong calling that she wanted to be able to stand up for herself, not in a shouting, listen-to-me sort of way, but by being truly herself and asking for what she needed in all areas of her life – work, love, community – all while amplifying the expression of her creative talents and interests.

During our sit-down she shared some powerful reflections on how her life has changed since we began our work together. She used the phrase “restored to me” – she feels she has integrated into being completely ‘herself.’ Along the way she discovered love – how to love every bit of herself: all of who she is, is perfect, even the parts that, in the past, she didn’t want to acknowledge.

As she shared with me, she said, “You know that cliché about loving yourself first before loving anything outside of yourself? Well, I totally feel it now!” Because she now loves every bit of herself – every wounded, broken, hurting, sad, angry, bewildered, struggling bit – and not just the bits that would make anyone proud, she can also wholly embrace others in love. She loves bigger now. Much bigger.

And her sense of wholeness has resulted in a deeper level of trust. First, in herself: the second-guessing is history. She feels confident in making the right choice at every turn, confident that each decision will lead exactly where she wants. Second, in dealing with others: she has started standing up for herself, something that had presented a terrifying, near-paralyzing challenge for her in the past.

Saying ‘no, thank you’ and stating her desires to her boss, friends and lovers were all cause for inner turmoil and conflicting, mixed-up feelings. No more. She tells her boss what she needs and has even asked for vacations – and been granted them – for times that might be considered inconvenient for her employer. She had never been able to do this before: she would always put what she thought should come first – outside obligations – above her needs. She now easefully sifts through offers, opportunities and invitations, accepting what feels right and turning down what doesn’t, no guilt and no explanations needed.

It must be said that Sylvia has been a strong achiever her whole life. She is greatly accomplished in academia, in her career and in her creative endeavors, and probably in everything she pursues – I know her to be an amazing and beautiful dancer. When she’s on the dance floor, everyone is captivated!

But those were largely solo pursuits; dealing with others usually took place with an undercurrent of fear and anxiety. Mind you, an outside observer would never have guessed this because she makes it all look easy. But now, for the first time in her life, she is actually experiencing her life and endeavors with great calm, ease, and peacefulness. She isn’t riding waves of fear and anxiety but has a deeper sense of trusting herself and confidence in only good things resulting from her standing up for herself – an act that as a child would result in a serious beating, physical and/or verbal. She feels safe and grounded in her body and is relating in her life from this sense of wholeness.

Much of what she shared with me isn’t quantifiable because it is a whole-body experience, a radical perspective-shift in living and truly being oneself on a day-to-day basis. But how we live our lives every day, how we relate as who we are, how we make decisions and choices, are all things that constantly affect our ability to feel grounded, connected, acknowledged, and alive, and to plug into our true sense of joy and happiness.

That said, it is still fun to share some of the extraordinary ‘quantifiable’ changes that took place for Sylvia during this past year. Can I tell you that she received two salary increases and one year-end bonus, all numerically significant and during an economic recession? That she has a new title, two new direct reports, and expanded responsibilities that directly align with her love of photography and design and that call for the use of her natural gifts and talents? And that she has taken three paid vacations in six months’ time? Holy smokes! (All this opened up to a woman who felt she couldn’t stand for herself but, as she did, everyone around her responded.)

She has explored relationships, received unbounded love like she never experienced before, and stood for herself in love, holding out for the legendary love that she is now certain she can create with a loving man. She’s currently joyfully and easefully building a relationship on her terms (and her terms are quite unique!) with a man who is also a great dancer – exactly what she’s been awaiting! – and this man tells her continually that her communication skills are phenomenal, and adores her for it!! Yowza!!!

Here’s more in her own words. . .

“I first did only four sessions with Elizabeth Joy, one per month. I enjoyed them so much that months later, when I sensed my life was gearing up for a significant transformation, I signed up for her five-month Soul Signature program. I figured the support would be nice. Nice? It was FUN! Huge fun!

Even better, I went through some intense life challenges fearlessly, feeling gently supported all along. It was awesome. But the best was this: I realized I was inhabiting my body differently, and I stood in this world differently. What a beautiful surprise!

I had been restored to the feeling of wholeness I had last experienced as a little girl. Best investment of my life, these sessions. Better than the top-notch, Ivy League education, better than living in Paris and Florence. Feeling like I never thought I’d ever feel again? Priceless.”

By watching Sylvia and other clients transform through my practice I have observed that deep transformational change occurs over time. As much as we all crave instant gratification – instant access to our intuition, instant change, instant access to great opportunities, instant new jobs and magical relationships – which all can truly arrive in seconds – the Universe is more likely to come through gently, gradually, as you openly allow the natural expansion of who you are in your life, right here and right now.

Does that mean we can’t work together in a series of short sessions to get your mojo back up and moving? Of course not! Every positive choice you make in your life counts and shifts and moves you closer to what’s truly calling through you and tapping on your shoulder.

But, if you are ready to make significant changes, moving beyond the usual patterns and habits that you’ve spent years living out, then giving yourself a significant amount of time to create the positive change you crave is the most supportive choice you can make for yourself.

It stops the urgency, the pushing, the anxiety to accomplish, start, stop or escape whatever is right in front of you. If this lands with you in just the right way. . .if reading these words resonates through your whole body, it may be time to reach out and speak with me about what’s calling your attention in your life and how I can support your journey.

I am aligning my programs to support you from this deep place of transformation. Contact me today and let’s get you scheduled for a Soul Breakthrough. You can reach me at or go directly through the website to schedule A SOUL BREAKTHROUGH.

How does Sylvia’s story resonate with you?
What are you ready to evolve in your life?
Share a comment in the boxes below! I’d love to hear from you!

In Appreciation of All That You Are

October 14th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

Today I admit I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. . . maybe it was the haziness of the morning, or the Swedish meatballs I ate yesterday, or that it feels like there is so much to be done. . .who really knows the ‘why’ – it just happens to be how I feel today.

I’m not in the mood to try to will myself out of it so I sat with it and realized what’s really tapping on my shoulder . . .is APPRECIATION. . .the need to stop and appreciate everything I’ve been creating in my life, right here, right now. I’m telling you this because . . . this includes you!

Yes, I want you right smack in the middle of my soul’s calling for appreciation. READ MORE

Two Weddings and a Ticket to LOVE

May 12th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

Love, love, love. . . .where does it come from?  What is it?  How do we know when we are getting enough and when we want more, where do we go?
I can’t help but ask myself these questions about love as I find myself riding the wave of two wedding ceremonies this week.  Naturally, we all seek love in some form or another.  It appears to be integral to the human condition.  But it’s worth it to stop and ask what is it exactly that we are seeking in the search for love. . .is it approval, acknowledgment, belonging, companionship, family, or something else altogether?  What about your search, what do you desire in your search for love?
We often seek love when we are experiencing a sense of separateness.  We feel separate either from ourselves, or from others, or from some sort of connection to nature, God, the Universe.  In this perception of ‘I am alone’ we go charging out to try to fill this sense of separation with something outside of ourselves. This is the cycle of feeling like we can never be enough.
I admit to not being able to answer these big questions on love in this little article, but in honor of the quest for deeper understanding, I can present some questions for you to consider in your search for love:
  • What do you want love to fill up or complete for you?  Can you name the underlying need that springs forth in your desire for love?
  • Do you find it easier to give love or receive love? How can you begin to receive with as big a heart as you give? Or, give with as big a heart as you receive?
  • What are you willing to change in order to open to more love in your life?  How can you begin right now to be more loving to yourself, to others, to strangers, to your life as it is?
I can’t answer these questions for you, but I can put them out there for you to illuminate how you may want this to express through your own life.  Love is everywhere and opening to the presence of love in all things opens you to the gift of your life, your presence, your joy!
Hmmmm, go out and love ‘em!  As for me, I am heading to the next wedding ceremony, and this one is taking place on the Las Vegas strip!

Are you ready to follow the nudge?

April 27th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

Do you ever wonder who you really are and what you are here for? If you have, you are not alone. I have asked myself these questions over and over! And in asking myself these questions, I’ve gone searching, asking, researching.

This insisting, nudging and tapping on my shoulder would not go away until it was satisfied and as a result it’s lead me around the world exploring – books, dvds, trainings and to the sources – the teachers, the gurus, the masters, the monks, and even the mountain (Kanchenjunga!).

At the time I may not have really been able to articulate what I was searching for and why – I just had to follow it. It may be that I went to the mountain so you don’t have to! I can show you how to tap into your own passions living your life right now (unless you are dreaming of going to the mountain yourself!).


What’s your purpose? What are your passions?
Why is it important to even consider these questions?

Because, as you know, no one can answer these questions for you, but you. And, life is too precious to not know (or at least be experimenting) with what’s true for you.

Sometimes when we consider following our desires, it feels as if it will up-end everything in our lives and that feels too overwhelming. We freeze right there. We find a million excuses, reasons, or justifications to keep from taking any steps. It’s safer to stay where we are than to risk shaking up the status quo.

I also know how hard it can be to wade through all the expectations, teachings, learning’s, socializing, habits and beliefs of what you should do or what ought to be.

I doubted myself for a long time and tried many other things – careers, paths, and teachings along the way to get it ‘right’. But no other ‘right’ will satisfy you for long.

I have searched the world to understand my own calling. For nine years, I’ve journeyed to the far corners of the earth seeking out masters, mystics, and healers to teach me how each of us can open to who we are and what we are here for. I’ve been fortunate to study and train in techniques both eastern and western, ancient and modern. I’ve explored over thirty-four modalities in everything from Space Clearing, to Buddhist meditation, to Kundalini yoga, to Soul Awareness healing even Green Medicine.

Only you can discover what’s true for you by tuning into all of you and opening to who you truly are.

That’s it. Yes, being you. Uniquely. Perfectly imperfect. You.

In the Flesh (Live Events)

March 15th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | 1 Comment

Live Community Gatherings

There’s something magical that happens when groups of women gather together.

We encourage the best in each other. We hold space for the challenges. Each woman leaves
feeling seen, heard, and deeply inspired.

If you like your wisdom with a dash of whimsy, check back often for my live events. We do all
kinds of things you’ll love.

(Or better yet, sign up for my newsletter and I’ll keep you in the loop.)

Ready to sign up? Please sign up through Eventbrite using the links below. Starts at 6pm – 8pm MT.

Here is the link to Nov 20th, 2014:

Here is the link to Dec 18th, 2014:

Here is the link to January 22nd, 2015:

Bring a friend or share it with someone who can benefit. These chats will take place in Boulder, Colorado in my living room.

Fireside Meditations

Fireside Meditations, Winter 2014-2015

Join me for an evening of thoughtful discussion, like a modern woman’s salon, where we will come together by a fire and open into a spiritual inquiry.

Have you ever faced a challenge in your life and no matter what you do, you don’t find the results or the change you desire? You keep seeking from teachers, healers, books, workshops and you hear all the right things but they still don’t make sense to you and your life. Or maybe they just answer a slice of it and you are still trying to find the other pieces to put it all together.

This quest, this yearning won’t be tamed until you listen from a different place within you for the answers. But where do you begin? How do you start?

I invite you to join me in an intimate circle in my living room around my fireplace to unearth our own answers to a deeper internal inquiry.

Fireside Meditations is a series of talks and discussions on the third Thursday of the winter months starting

Nov 20th [Spiritual Depression],

Dec 18th [Spiritual Discovery] and

Jan 22nd [Spiritual Decadence]

from 6pm-8pm. Please come for the series or for a single evening.

The monthly Fireside Meditation gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with me and most importantly, with you.

reddoorflowers The Red Door Salon, Fall 2013, early OctoberNo, this is not the type of Salon to get more mani’s and pedi’s, it’s about following your heart and soul and living out your dreams (some of which may be buried and need some coaxing to come out!).

The original concept of a Salon comes from 17th century France when ladies would gather in their homes, in the Salon room to be exact, to share ideas of Enlightenment and ways of improving upon one’s life.

I am bringing this beautiful concept back and inviting a select group of women to join me in launching this new community and unique experience.

To learn more go to:

1422692_flower June 8th, 2013 – Bliss Out:  A Night of Pampering with Daring Divas from 5 – 9pmJoin me for 15-minute free Numerology & Life Path Readings to uncover your true purpose and your dream career and start taking action steps now!Register here at:
January 22, 2013 – 6:30-8:45pm: Speed Business Advising for Women Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses  Join me and UP Talks community to Speed Business Advising on Tuesday, January 22, from 6:30-8:45pm at Shine in Boulder. This event is by women, for women, and is ‘speed-dating’ style business advising allowing all attendees to rotate among 12 expert female business consultants.  Bring your passion, ideas, existing materials, or just YOU…by the end of the evening, these women will be your business dream team when you are ready to move forward!This event is limited to 40 female attendees and we plan to close registration on January 18 (tickets not sold at the door). Go to this link to choose your advisors and sign up:
Chart Your Life Path & Career: Using Numerology to Uncover  Your Strengths, Your Direction & Awaken to Your Dreams, Oct 23rd – Dec 4th Are you Ready to:
• get clear about what you are meant to do with your life?
• discover the surprisingly practical and insightful uses of Numerology in understanding your life trajectory?
• discover tools to support your decisions and your journey no matter how many obstacles come your way?
• join a friendly, accepting group that is committed, ready and supportive of you and your goals, boosting you to take bigger risks than ever before?This will be a dynamic interactive class experience where you will receive individual coaching and insights in a supportive and collaborative environment.Tuesday evenings, October 23rd – December 4th (skipping November 20th), from 7-9pm in Boulder. Fee is $345.00.
Register at:
The Fear Factor: Stop Your Mind from Hijacking Your Dreams, Oct 13th, 10am-12pm
Are you ready to unlock the power of your mind and leave behind the bossy, mean voice that keeps pushing you around?  Do You Find that:
No matter how many positive affirmations you try, you can’t seem to stop the negative thoughts in your mind?
• Your mind obsesses about your worst fears no matter how much you try to distract it?
• As you attempt to take the first steps towards what you truly want that ‘old story’ comes zooming in to sabotage your efforts?  In this two hour workshop, we will discover how the mind works against you, often as your worst enemy, in sabotaging your dreams and desires, keeping you stuck in fear. To register for $15.00 go to:

Red Door Salon Series

Launching the Red Door Salon Series, October 17th Join me in a modern day salon for the savvy spiritual woman ready to explore the depths of her own mystical connection while discovering and exploring her uniqueness as who she is in the world.This Series is designed for the modern spiritual woman who is ready to. .  .

  • Feel a greater sense of acceptance and peace in your life no matter what is happening around you?
  • Feel supported and empowered to make changes in her own heart-centered timing?
  • Create authentic community and connection with other supportive and like-minded women?

To learn more go to:

Write Your Authentic Online Dating Profile

This class will help to demystify the online dating profile, help you get clear on your romantic goals, and get you on the way to attracting your lovebird. Already been online and frustrated with the results? Never tried online dating before?

This class is for both the weary and the novice and will infuse new tools and techniques for online and offline dating with clarity and authenticity.

Be prepared for in-class exercises, fun, new insights and homework assignments. By the end of the class you will complete your profile, start attracting the right kind of person for you, and re-ignite your love life!

Two Sessions: Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30pm Oct 2nd – Oct 16th OR Thursdays, 6:30-8:30pm Oct 18th – Nov 1st, 2012, $115

Taught through Lifelong Learning, go here to register:

Bliss Out – A Night of Pampering, June 29th, 6:30pmJoin me for 15-minute free Numerology & Life Path Readings to uncover your true purpose and your dream career and start taking action steps now!  Register here at:
Discovering Your Treasure Chest & Your Dream Career, August, 2012, in Boulder, COAll of you – your unique gifts, talents, soul intention, and dreams – make up a treasure chest waiting to be unlocked and shared with the world, including how to translate that into a career you love! This four-week course meets Thursday evenings from 7 pm – 9 pm in August, 2012 (2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd) to uncover your life’s true path and unveil your great work.  Learn more. . .
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No Lion, I Love YOU! Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

Today is Valentine’s day.  A holiday of sorts set up around romantic love.  This day, maybe more than any other holiday throughout the year, can really bring up a lot of charge for people.  When I say charge, I mean, excitement, disappointment, romance, elation, dread, frustration, lovesickness, the glaring lack of romance and the list goes on. . . which camp do you fall into? There are the haters of Valentine’s day, the lovers of Valentine’s day, or the neutral (what holiday?).

Screeeeeeaaaccchhhhh!  Sttoppp. Freeze!  Right where you are!

I’d like to propose a re-framing of this day altogether.

Remember when you were in the 2nd grade, you spent a whole afternoon turning a old shoe box into your valentine receiving box using construction paper, scissors and glue.  It was fun, pretty easy and the box could look anyway you wanted it to look.  It got you all ready to receive lots of Valentine’s from everybody.

Then the next day everyone in class showed up with valentines cards and you ended up with a whole pink shoe box of Valentine’s reminding you of many of the following. . .

Be mine.   I’m yours.

I’m cuckoo for your love.  Cuckoo!  Cuckoo!

No lion, I love you.  Roooaaarrr!

You appeel to me, Banana face.

Lots of silliness.  Lots of candy (which at the time you thought was fabulous). Lots of pink and red.  Lots of fun (you were skipping any real school subjects for cupcakes).

So given this is where you started with Valentine’s day at age seven, let’s just take you right back there.

Let’s make Valentine’s the day you just remind all those people in your life that you care about them and you love ‘em.  It can include your partner or the doorman, your friends and your family, your great aunt Lillian and so on.  Give ‘em one of those silly sappy cards just for the fun of it! Spread your love!

Make Valentine’s day a day to create random acts of kindness.  Better yet, make them anonymous.  Pass on fun, unexpected delights to a total stranger.  Pay ahead for the next five people to get a free coffee or cupcake.  Send an anonymous note to someone who is sad or lonely.  Send flowers to that cranky person at your office who never gives anyone credit for hard work.

When you do these fun little mischievous acts, you’ll notice it actually makes you feel good.

Today, one thing for sure is that you are receiving a BIG BIG Valentine’s greeting from me.  Because I love this day and I love you!  Trust me, I do, in a divine bright love sort of way!!

I’m truly CUCKOO for you!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Much much love,