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Ignite Your Intuitive Super Powers: Three weeks of practical training in opening to your Soul and Higher Wisdom

February 14th, 2016 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | Comments Off

Ignite YOUR Intuitive Super Powers: Three weeks of

practical training in opening to your Soul and Higher Wisdom

The heart of this virtual program is to provide a framework for you to explore your own direction connection to your Soul, your Higher Self, the Universe, GOD.  I will provide a framework, support and guidance for you to cultivate your own knowing and presence in your life. 

Each morning, Mon-Fri, I will host a live call for each of us to open to our own Presencing session: it will be guided, open, spacious, safe and supportive.

Call will start at 6:10am PT/9:10am ET – giving you 10 min to get settled and begin your own practices and routine for setting a sacred space.  The Presencing will take 20 minutes ending at 6:30am/9:30am. Each session will be recorded and sent out so you can use it anytime.

This daily practice is what will build your intuitive muscles and familiarity for exploring your own inner landscape.  Trust me, this is much easier to do in the company of others – even virtually.

Practicing this on a daily basis you will feel confident to continue your own spiritual practices and trust your intuition on a whole new level.

  • Make decisions in alignment with you
  • Stop self doubt and second guessing before it starts
  • Stop doing what other people expect of you and starting doing what you want
  • Discover an internal sense of worthiness
  • Let go of the ‘shoulds’
  • Trust your hunches and follow them more often in more areas of your life
  • Open to greater synchronicity in your life
  • Co-create with your Soul on living your life on earth

Additional support includes three LIVE group calls for leaning in, getting support and setting side time for questions and answers.  These calls are your chance to get additional coaching and support in your process.

There will also be a private Facebook group set up for gathering, sharing, and leaning in.  I will share additional tools and stay in communication through the group calls, FB page, real time emails throughout our three weeks together.

Want to take your three weeks even deeper?  I am offering the opportunity to work with me one-to-one adding three private Presencing sessions via the phone for 60 minutes for only $540 (@ 25% discount).

I run my programs with a high touch so that we can all grow and expand together in the process. I want it to be a positive experience for both you and me. If you ever felt that this program wasn’t right for you, then you can cancel your involvement at any time for any reason.

In Summary:

  • 15 Live Presencing Calls. Recorded for use anytime. Mon-Fri, Feb 29th-Mar 18th
  • 3 Live Group Calls  - Sun. Feb 28th, Sun March 6th and Friday, March 18th at 9am PT/12pm ET
  • Private FB page – available to everyone starting upon sign up
  • Option to add 3 Private One-to-One Presencing sessions – to be scheduled individually

All three weeks working privately with me would cost $2,200.00 but I am offering this introductory rate of $147.00 for the entire 3 weeks.  That’s crazy cheap and chance to get in on the ground floor of a life-changing program.

Click Here to  SIGN UP NOW

If this speaks to you on any level – I urge you to sign up and explore what it would mean to live your live life from this deeper place. 

This yearning is the deeper calling we are all experiencing to wake up now.  We go seeking to fill this place with external goals, relationships, settings, practices, anything that might soothe our soul’s deepest yearnings but it all lies in relating within yourself and opening to a higher direct connection with yourself and with GOD/The Universe. Join me in discovering this in March.

Questions? Want to talk to me first?  Just send me at email at or pick up the phone and call me at 917.309.7612.

Sometimes for me, I want to gather more information to ‘feel’ if it’s the right fit.  So if you need to find out if I might be the right Intuitive trainer for you, how about listening to a live call I shared about ‘Presencing’ and then get a chance to practice doing it with me? Try it on and see if it fits.

Click here to listen to a recorded call I did on Valentine’s Day to cultivate Self LoveLINK TO SELF LOVE CALL

Thank you SO much for your incredible “Presencing” call. This powerful process that you brought us all through to literally be present in our minds, body and hearts is a true gift! There is a lot of talk about being present these days, but the capacity to actually do it is incredibly hard. Your wisdom and deep guidance makes it not only possible, but pleasurable. For real!!

It’s like receiving the best massage ever except afterwards you are ready to take action and step into your life as the powerful being you know you are, but can’t always access. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your own gifts so that we may tap more deeply into our own!” – Cathy Wasserman, LMSW, Leadership Coach


Ready to Ignite Your Very Own Intuitive Superpowers? Sign UP HERE


You possess 1,000 years of experiences

March 10th, 2011 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

How much time and energy do you commit to knowing and following your higher purpose? What could happen if you took some time to inquire, explore and be curious about this for you?

You see, no one, anywhere is exactly like you.  No one has ever been quite like you before now or in the future.  You are completely unique.  You are a completely unique divine spark of life force unlike anything previously existed in time and space. If that’s the truth, how do you want to spend your time, energy, gifts and talents?  What is your purpose and how can you awaken and open to this now?

I’m so excited to announce that I have created a new program to explore our very own uniqueness and our very own unique connection to the sacred specifically for the NYC woman.  Scroll down for more details to see if this program is right for you or someone you know.


Let’s play a game.

Just take five minutes with me right now. (C’mon just five minutes!) Set a timer, your phone clock, or your watch.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath, or two, or three.

Allow your whole body to relax right where you are.

Feel all the way down into your feet and then drop your awareness down into the earth below your feet.

Feel deeply connected into the earth like a rooted Elm.*

Now imagine you are sitting next to your oldest truest most magnificent self.  She (or he) is at least 1,000 years old and so gentle and thoughtful, having had every possible experience again and again.  She is radiant, full of light and love, compassion and glory.  She imbues this deeply loving wisdom and understanding of any situation, challenge or frustration you may have.  She uplifts you and holds you.  She reassures you like no one ever has and you resonate with this assurance that indeed, everything is in perfect timing.

As you tune in here, notice what other qualities your truest self possesses.  Is she commanding? Witty?  Does she heal and transform?  Does she teach and guide?  Does she provide confidence and courage?  Is she strong, healthy, and vital?  What is her vision of you, your body, the world, the deepest wishes you hold close to your heart?

Take a few moments to imagine all the qualities of your truest, highest, most magnificent self and feel all of it throughout your entire body using your senses.  Have fun, go deep, experience the great expansion of 1,000 years of experiences being you.

What does she tell you?  What does she want you to know?  What does she remind you of?

Now let all the wisdom, divine love, light, radiance, all those unique qualities she possesses to come into you.  Allow her to merge with you and you to know yourself as your wisest, most radiant self, with 1,000 years of experiences to draw upon.

When the timer goes off or you finish, open your eyes.  Enjoy moving through your day with your best friend at your side or nearby and call upon her whenever you need for any reason whatsoever.


I am so excited to announce a new program I have developed for an intimate circle of women to explore your own unique purpose and cultivating this closely with your highest truest self.

Drum roll please as I announce. . . .

Sacred in the City:
A 5-Week Series on
How to De-mystify the Mystical,
Hone your Intuition,
& Clear out the Gunk while
staying Savvy, Smart, and Sexy

Sacred in the City is a five week program (starting March 24th, 2011) designed for the savvy, smart, sexy modern woman searching for deeper connection, fulfillment, and satisfaction by tuning into who she is and what she truly wants to express through her life.

  • Are you ready to illuminate your intuition and listen deeply to your wisest self to make decisions and move in new directions?
  • Are you longing to tap into your unique purpose and open to new opportunities?
  • Do you feel a deep longing to discover, heal, and know your divine connection?

Everyone is welcome as this will be an open, dynamic and interactive five weeks of exploration of your own sacred self and your capacities for living the life you truly love.

Learn more now at:

Is there a tap on your shoulder to dive deeper and explore your own sense of the sacred?

It starts two weeks from today on Thursday, March 24th at 7pm-9pm and will continue weekly for a total of five Thursday evenings on the upper west side of NYC near 72nd street.

Join us!:

Bring a friend. Please spread the word! I can’t wait to explore with you.

Does a program like this fit with your mission or space?  Let me design and deliver a program for your audience.  Contact me today at 1.917.309.7612 or

Have a divinely inspired day backed by 1,000 years of wisdom!


P.s. *I love Elm trees. I’d guess they are part of a royal lineage they are so regal.  The first time I saw one I had arrived to visit the Northeast to see friends.  I saw this grand old Elm across the street and I completely freaked out.  It was like I was witnessing a Grand King vibrating majesty, commanding my attention and my awe.  I felt a need to bow to such a grand royal living beings.

American Elm trees

It’s the Year of the Rabbit!

February 3rd, 2011 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

I disappeared for a few weeks taking some time to step away from the day-to-day of living in NYC by going to Santa Fe, NM.  It’s easily becoming my home away from home for many reasons.  I was ever so thrilled to be there the last few weeks taking in the nature and the quiet and the sunny blue skies as an alternate to the cold and snowy winter of the Northeast this year.

Coming back I awaken to the reality that we are stepping into February.  I’d like to dedicate this month to LOVE!

I know, I know, on the 14th it’s Valentine’s day and most want to run from or stomp on that day altogether.

Everyone grumbles that it’s just a Hallmark holiday, but what if we leveraged this moment to take it to a whole new level of expression of your HEART and SOUL?

What if you personally decided to side-swap all the grumbling to open your heart to LOVE of every kind – neighborly, divine, collegial, intimate, brother or sisterly, passionate, parental, grandparental, universal and beyond?

What could this BIG LOVE look and feel like for you?

How could you open your heart more to those in your life right now?  Or, to yourself right now

I’ve created some fun events to get you inspired in February . . . .


Nearing up on Valentine’s day, one of my personal favorites, I can’t help but feel really inspired.  I reached out to a select group to see if anyone would like to create a unique and dynamic way of celebrating this holiday dedicated to red hearts, roses and chocolates.

I asked, what if we could actually launch from this superficial level to a much deeper, more profound sense of LOVE?  DIVINE, endless, overflowing and creative LOVE?!  The LOVE that taps into the core of who we are and how we express ourselves and create our biggest dreams and desires!

And then what if you could marry the Divine LOVE with Gratitude?  Gratitude, that comes from deep within and reminds you, yet again, of your own magnificence.

Divine LOVE + Gratitude!  Yes, this is exactly what Tara Dixon and I have stirred up for Sunday afternoon, February 13th in Brooklyn, NY!

So don’t hesitate to step into this GRAND sense of DIVINE LOVE + Gratitude and join us!  We encourage early registration because this event will sell out!

Tickets are already selling so go to this link to sign up today

Can’t make it to Brooklyn but you can make it to Connecticut?  E-mail me at as I am also hosting a private LOVE fest there on Friday, February 11th and we can include you on the list!  Join in on the LOVE!


What could the Year of the Rabbit bring for you

According to Chinese tradition, the Rabbit brings a year in which you can catch your breath and calm your nerves.  It is a time for negotiation.  Don’t try to force issues, because if you do you will ultimately fail.  To gain the greatest benefits from this time, focus on home, family, security, diplomacy, and your relationships with women and children.   Make it a goal to create a safe, peaceful lifestyle, so you will be able to calmly deal with any problem that may arise.

Phew, what a relief as the year of the Rabbit will usher in a time to slow down and focus on peacefulness and opening to the opportunities that naturally show up.

In the spirit of the gentle Rabbit and the quest for deeper, more profound LOVE, I invite you to join me for a Divine LOVE fest.

Happy Year of the Rabbit today!

P.s. Here’s that link to sign up for Feb 13th and please bring a friend, or two – spread the LOVE now!

What’s up with Goldilocks and the three bears?

August 26th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

About a week ago I had the exciting possibility to go visit an ancient historic site where a Native American population once lived and thrived inside the dynamic cliffs of red rock in Bandelier National Park.  So we ambled along the path taking photos, visiting the various sites and negotiating the other onlookers who were taking the path with us.

At one point you have to choose to keep going further down the path about another ½ mile and from there you have the opportunity to climb straight up a series of ladders 140 feet to a restored kiva nestled right inside the side of the red cliff.  Now climbing up to the kiva is one of those things that is truly right up my alley – its adventurous, lands me right in the middle of history, surrounds me with incredible views and puts me in touch with an ancient, once very active, ceremonial space – exactly what I love to explore!

But what you always tend to do may not be what you are really feeling like in the moment. . . .read on to find out what happened when I was standing at the base of the kiva step ladder.


When your destiny calls, will you hear it?

Stopping to heed the nudge of your intuition can disrupt how you think about yourself.  The thing is when you are following your intuition; you can’t just follow what feels comfortable or do what’s most like you. Your intuition is truly in touch with where you are and following it means being present in the moment and listening to what’s true – in that precise moment – not to how you usually feel or what you’d usually do.  So this is exactly what happened to me when I was standing at the base of the kiva step ladder.  I looked up and I saw a place that I would usually love to climb up to, a beautiful place that would leave me breathless from the views and the thrill of exploring a ceremonial site.

And yet, I did not feel it at all.

My whole body was giving me a very different signal to not climb up.  It wasn’t fear.  It just didn’t light me up.  My mind was telling me I should, but my whole body wasn’t feeling it.  I decided to not climb up to the kiva.  I decided I would turn around and head back down the path and enjoy myself and maybe there will be another day I will hike this same trail and seize the opportunity to climb to the kiva, but not on this particular day.

The 140 Steps lead to the Kiva

So I started heading back down the trail and it was really beautiful, shaded with tall strong trees, a flowing stream along the trail, cool and quiet as there was no one else around.  And then as I was walking I heard a noise and I looked over to realize that there was a Mama bear and her cub in the grass!  It was amazing how close she was just on the other side of the trail.  And then I realized there was a second baby cub.  So suddenly I was standing there on the trail watching three black bears just a few feet away!

My friend was much more concerned that we should get away but I knew we were safe.  I made a noise so that the Mama bear knew we were there and she made some sounds back but nothing threatening.  We just stood there hanging out with them and they hanging out with us!!!  It was AMAZING!!!

Just then one of the baby bears got spooked and ran full sprint towards us and climbed (ran!) straight up the tree that was directly in front of us on the path.  (Note – never try to outrun a bear and never try to climb a tree – they are very fast!)  Now it was time for us to move because if the Mama bear was concerned about her cubs she could become fierce so off we went to watch them from further up the path as they headed back into the forest.

Now my heart was beating, but not from fear, but from the sheer thrill of being so close and having this very intimate encounter with this Mama Bear and her two spring cubs.  I was sooo overjoyed!  How rare is it to see a bear and we saw a whole family??!  Incredible!  I believe my path that day was not to climb the kiva but to have this rare and intimate encounter with this Mama Bear and her cubs.  If I had just plunged ahead with climbing the kiva I surely would have missed them.  My destiny at that particular moment on that particular day was to meet with the three bears.

Soooooo here’s my question to you. . . .

Are you tuned into your life to recognize these moments? To pause and   really listen to what you are feeling and experiencing in the moment rather  than plunging ahead in old patterns, behaviors and the ‘usual’?

Are you ready to start to tune in and recognize your intuition nudging you on the shoulder on a more regular basis in your life?

Tuning into your intuition is a practice.  It’s just like building muscle strength.  When you want to build up your muscles you get a trainer who keeps you on track, you meet on a regular basis and you strengthen those muscles by using them.

Working with me one-to-one is just like that!  We meet each week and practice listening, tuning in and allowing your intuition to show up exactly as it works for you and you get to know how it works from the inside out.  I mirror back to you how it shows up and together we start to bring awareness to the many ways your intuition speaks to you and through you.   You not only hear it, but see it, feel it and know it through your whole being.  And it feels really affirming.  After all, this is your truest wisest self speaking through you and nothing feels greater!

Let’s talk about working together this fall.  You know the timing is just right to start strengthening your intuitive muscles and heeding your soul callings.

There are a couple of upcoming ways to work with me. . . .

Ready for one-to-one mentoring?

Sign up for a Soul Breakthrough today using the coupon code: feelinggood to get an awesome price of $97.  Follow that nudge now and let’s find out if working together is the next right step for you!

Ready to join a soulful community and a group tele-studio?

I’m gearing up to launch my next Alchemy of Joy series on October 5th, 2010.  Are ready to bring in change in your life and want to do so in community being supported and mentored along the way?  Learn more about what’s to come on Tuesday, Sept 7th.

Sign up here for more details:

Intuition often comes through quietly. How do you tune in?

May 4th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

Last week I went to Los Angeles for a week of business, pleasure, family, and friends.  I jumped on the opportunity to attend a marketing workshop specifically designed for solo-entrepreneurs like myself.  I circulated and learned a lot at the workshop and also had a ball spending time with my family and friends.  It turns out I know quite a few great people in LA and even got invited to a small Hollywood gathering!  Who me?  You just never know where I might end up!

My sister also did some recruiting to try and get me to move out to LA and I was open to exploring the idea.  I spent some time ‘feeling’ it and tuning into the question, “Would L.A. suit me?”  It certainly requires more research but it does have me wondering:  how do we tune in to our intuition to guide us in everyday choices as well as in making those big leaps like moving across the country?

Earlier this year I spent an afternoon on a tour of art galleries in Chelsea with a dear friend. We were having a blast hopping from one gallery to the next to see the latest in photography, painting, sculpture and more.

About halfway through the tour we came to one of the largest and most famous galleries in all of Chelsea (our guide was sure to point this out).  In this large open space only two large sculptures were on display.  One of them was constructed with a series of metal security doors welded together to form a large intertwining rectangle of rusted metal.

It was a rather distressing piece and left me with a profound sense of despair and the feeling of being locked in or trapped by all these rusted metal doors.

Up until this point I had been having fun looking at the art but this piece made me feel gloomy and heavy.  Clearly the artist intended an effect, which was certainly not uplifting, and even leaving me a bit uneasy, but I was willing to keep checking things out.

The next piece by the same artist was a big coach-style bus.  The guide gave us some background about the piece. It turned out you could also walk through it to see how the had converted the bus, using the same rusted metal security doors as the first piece.

So I went through the bus and as I did, something really terrible struck me.  I suddenly felt claustrophobic and anxious. Something felt very wrong and the feeling took over my whole body.  Every hair on the back of my neck stood up and I had to get out!  Eeek!  I managed to get off the bus without pushing anyone in front of me but it certainly wasn’t fast enough.  Ahhhhhhhh, I immediately went outside to get some air.

How often to do you tune into yourself or your environment before moving forward?  When you sense danger or even just something that feels a little off, do you listen or do you talk yourself out of it?  Do you adjust your actions?  Do you slow down?  How willing are you to trust your own intuition, those internal nudges that subtly ask for attention or, when it’s really trying to get your attention – the hair standing on the back of your neck?

If I had slowed down for even a minute to tune into the feeling I got from that bus, I would have known that I didn’t want to go inside for the tour.  The bus was painted black on the outside and there was something very dark on the inside that was not anything I needed to learn more about.  For me, I just needed to walk away.

Now this was only a bus in an art gallery, but it’s a good example of intuition at work.  It could have just as easily been a potential employer, or a man asking me out on a date, or an invitation to a party.  So what can we do to better focus our ability to tune in to our soul’s messages?

Here are a few tips that I’ve found can bring me back to my own knowing.
1. Slow down. Walk slower. Talk slower.  Open up your awareness to notice the environment around you.
2. Breathe. Deeply. Breathe.
3. Feel your feet connect with the earth (even if you are on a bustling NYC street corner!).  Connect downward through your whole body and remember that we’re all connected to the earth, no matter how much concrete or metal may be between us and the soil.
4. Tune into all your senses. Use all your senses – sights, sounds, smells, sensing, even taste.  Allow your whole body to ‘speak’ to you.
5.  Intuition often speaks through the ‘imagination’ so notice what are you ‘imagining.’  Cultivate ways to allow it in without judging or demanding instant answers.

Intuition often comes through quietly.  It doesn’t demand or get pushy (that’s the mind) and it never gives you a list of ‘to do’s.’ So often we need to cultivate some quiet space to really hear it.

Some people meditate, some go running or rock climbing, some knit or engage in a hobby that allows the creative process to unfold.  Explore and cultivate activities that nourish your spirit and in turn, you will naturally and easefully strengthen your intuition.

After letting all that negativity clear out I joined the final leg of our art exploration. The end of the gallery tour came to a close with some hand-made pieces created from tossed beer labels. It was a great reminder of how to make beauty from what most would consider garbage!  This was spectacular and inspiring!