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Taaa Daaa. . . Launching The Red Door Salon Series

September 10th, 2012 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

I’m so excited to announce the Launch of The Red Door Salon Series

for the Savvy Spiritual Woman

Do You Find that You:

  • Want to align with your own inner guidance system, rather than looking for another program, another teacher, or another expert to give you your truth?
  • Want to feel present in your life but can’t stop the voices in your head from bossing you around so you can take action?
  • Want to feel connected and aligned with your job and relationship but wherever you go you feel you want to be somewhere else?
  • Want to let go of always pushing yourself and feel more ease and joy just by being you right now?

Join Elizabeth Joy Mueller, Intuitive Life Transitions Coach, in a modern day salon for the savvy spiritual woman ready to explore the depths of her own mystical connection while discovering and exploring her uniqueness as who she is in the world.

This Series is designed for the modern spiritual woman who is ready to. .  .

  • Feel a greater sense of acceptance and peace in your life no matter what is happening around you.

  • Feel supported and empowered to make changes in her own heart-centered timing.

  • Create authentic community and connection with other supportive and like-minded women.

  • Develop a spiritual practice, individually, and in community.

  • Take responsibility for creating the life you truly crave, being uniquely you.

  • Consistently clear out what sabotages you and the ways you stop yourself.

  • Take time for you to unwind making space for tuning in and listening on a weekly basis.

If this sounds like something you are ready for in your life consider joining the Red Door Salon Series launching in September 2012. . .

The Red Door Salon Series is designed to unravel all the ways to talk yourself out of being uniquely you and invite you to the mystical connection you innately hold with yourself and the Universe.

The Salon is designed to be collaborative, and spacious to allow an internal inquiry to unfold from within each participant of her own life, career, in her relationships and beyond.

It is not about more doing, it is about allowing to who you are at this time.

In the 17th century the concept of a Salon allowed women to gather to discuss topics of Enlightenment.  These early Salons brought women of all backgrounds together for discussion, idea sharing and, ultimately, to find ways to improve upon one’s life.

More than ever there is an awakening happening among modern women. It is time to call again on the concept of a Salon to bring women together, of all backgrounds, to unfold the mysteries of modern day life and to make time for awakening and enlightenment.

The Red Door Salon Series will be guided by Elizabeth Joy Mueller and is a rare invitation to take time out weekly to tune in deeper, to clear out what is no longer supporting you, and to open to your own truth, directly.

The Salon will be limited in size to five women and will take place in the Chautauqua neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado.

In the Series:

  • You are checking in and feeling supported as you stretch and challenge yourself to take new risks.
  • You are tuning in, listening, and following your intuition more and more often.
  • You are awakening to your truth, to who you are, here and now.
  • You gather in community, receiving accountability, support, & synergy.

  • Your self-acceptance drive multiplies, your expansion awakens and you use that momentum to create new experiences in your daily life like following up on those unfinished details you keep procrastinating, booking that trip, taking steps to create engaging work, communicating more clearly in your relationships and knowing more clearly what you want out of your life.

  • We meet for eight Wednesday evenings starting September 26th through December 5th, 2012, skipping Oct 17th, Oct 31st and Nov 21st.
  • Each session starts at 6:30pm and is two hours, ending at 8:30pm.
  • Plus 24/7 Support - You can ask questions daily and access resources via our private online Facebook group.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

– Margaret Mead

How Much?

Working one-to-one with Elizabeth in private coaching would cost around $2,400, but here in the rare and intimate setting of the Salon, the cost is only $450.00, and you will receive much of the same individualized coaching and support in the small group setting.

Spots are limited so if this is calling to you and feels right, don’t hesitate to reach out to speak with Elizabeth to determine if this group is the right one for you at 917.309.7612 or send an e-mail to set aside time to talk at


Elizabeth helped me to find my own way, from the inside out.  I learned what it feels like, experientially, to access my inner knowing.

- Patricia, Brooklyn, NY


I learned from Elizabeth how important it is to love whatever arises, and in loving the “negative” aspects, they would somehow be released.  Working with Elizabeth, I felt very safe and entirely accepted.

– Katie, Wisconsin


Fall 2012 Special!

For anyone signing up before September 19th, 2012, you will receive a bonus one-to-one coaching session with Elizabeth for thirty minutes.

Make payments! 2 payments of $225.00 (1st payment upon registering and 2nd payment Oct 24th) OR 3 payments of $150.00 (1st payment upon registering, 2nd payment on Sept 26th and third payment Oct 24th)


From my first experience with Elizabeth, I realized that it wasn’t going to be like anything else. It’s not guided meditation and it’s not meditation coaching. It’s more like interactive energy shifting in the loving arms of an angel.

– Trish, Vancouver, Canada


Launching on Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30, Sept 26th through Dec 5th (skipping Oct 17th & Oct 31st and Nov 21st).

Please contact Elizabeth for an interview at 917.309.7612 or



After working with Elizabeth, I am experiencing a wonderful job, which is everything I always wanted to find in a job, with openness to ongoing growth and change in my career.

Elizabeth is smart and sophisticated enough to receive me in the fullness of who I am.   I can’t think of anyone else in my life who “gets” both sides of my life, and respects them, and is empathetic.  I’m so grateful for that.                                                        – Nancy, New York, NY



Honestly, joining the Red Door Salon Series is not for everyone.

It is the answer to a modern day calling – one that asks you to step into who you are and live your life in alignment, awakening to your own truth and being willing to follow it, even when it may not feel easy.

You will know if you are ready for deepening your own journey and the timing may be perfect for you.  If, however, you are still seeking to find the answers to your life’s questions and challenges outside of you, this may not be the right fit at this time.

I am being called to create a modern day Salon that is ultimately a setting and a container for the discovery and exploration of the self, not through a teacher or a program or a guru, but thru direct inquiry and direct knowing.  The Series is a rare opportunity for individual inquiry and discovery in a supportive group setting and requires a willingness to unfold to your own truth.

Joining the Salon allows you to step into this deeper journey with support, accountability, friendship, and community.  You do not have to do it alone.

If you have questions and feel right on the edge, then call Elizabeth to discuss and together we will ensure if this is right for you at this time.

Let’s discuss if the timing is right for you and the Salon will be the setting for you to step into your deeper journey.  Call Elizabeth today at 917.309.7612.

At first, I felt like I wanted her to just give me answers and guidance, but Elizabeth is incredible and encouraged me to claim my own wisdom and she consistently guided me back to my self.

Elizabeth provided me with the constant the reminder to trust my instincts. We all know this, but like everyone, I forget. Elizabeth showed me HOW to do this versus just telling me to trust my intuition.

All of this has impacted my life by giving me a stronger ‘backbone’ and authenticity in pursuing my dreams and desires as my soul’s path.

Rochelle Schieck, Founder of Qoya. New York, NY

I’m having tea with Georgia O’Keefe!

August 5th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

I’m so thrilled to share that this summer I made some giant leaps into my dreams.  All year long I planned to take the month of July off.  I even blocked it out in my calendar and yet as the time neared I still had no idea of ‘the what’ it would be – where would I go and what would I be doing?  Miraculously on June 28th my plans fell into place and I headed west leaving NYC not just for July but August as well!

Read on to find out where I am and what I am up to this summer. . .there’s still a few weeks of summer left and have you stopped to consider, what would be exciting for you?


I’m having tea at Georgia O’Keefe’s Adobe!

I admit that even while having these fun plans to leave my routine behind and head out west, it’s still easy to slip into old habits or thought patterns that can hold you back.  So just last week I was reading a book that asked me to consider what I thought would be exciting to me.  Now this made me stop and ponder a bit.  After all I’ve been making goals and working on them but really deep down most of what I was aiming for wasn’t really exciting me all that much.  (This was some of why I left my apartment to do something new.)  So I sat down and asked myself, what would excite me?  I came up with a list of 5 things that I could explore – nature, horseback riding, Georgia O’Keefe’s house tour, Earthships and dancing.

Once I had the list, I decided to move these into action.  Now ten years ago when I came through this area I tried to get on the Georgia O’Keefe house tour and it required a reservation months in advance.  I had already told myself I probably wasn’t going to get on it this time either but I thought, well I can call and just find out.  I did call and they had a single spot open the following Tuesday!  Thrilled!  Excited! Jumping up and down!  Yes!  Excitement is now in motion and more plans went into action since it required that I rent a car and go exploring even further than I let myself believe I could go.

So stop reading right now and do the same – just grab a napkin or a notebook and write down five things that would excite you.  (Summer is not over yet!)

  1. Bake a pie with the Farmer’s market berries. Add ice cream and invite friends to share. Yum!
  2. Go horseback riding in the mountains.
  3. Plan a trip to Hawaii/Peru/Bali (fill in your dream spot) for the next year.
  4. Walk thirty minutes a day with no destination in mind and no phone – be curious!
  5. Start a new social club – book club or some other shared interest and bring people together over a passion you share.

What’s on your list??  Share it with me and inspire others to get excited this summer by posting your list in the comments below!

Now once you have your list, look it over and decide which one on the list you could take action on now.

What action can you do right now to make it happen or put it in motion?  Do it!  Don’t wait.

I had doubts about getting on the Georgia O’Keefe house tour but I called anyway.  When I got the reservation, I had no idea how I was going to get there as it is 50 miles away from where I am staying without a car, but that didn’t stop me from saying Yes!  Once I knew I had to be in O’Keefe country on Tuesday I researched other places to visited and planned my whole day around even more exciting places to explore – Ghost Ranch – where Georgia spent her summers painting – and Ojo Caliente – a famous mineral springs for soaking in iron, sulfur and arsenic baths.  So just by making that little ‘excitement’ list, I had the makings of a legendary day exploring nature, fulfilling on my dream to visit Georgia’s house and the areas where she spent her time painting as well as the mineral springs and more.

Want to see my photos?  Join me on Facebook where I posted the photos I could take using my iPhone.  Go to

The photos are not very high tech I admit but stunning views nonetheless.  Of course, I couldn’t possibly capture the grandeur with a camera so maybe you’ll add this to your excitement list and come discover it for yourself.

By the way, who’s that guy in the photos?  He’s my new hiking friend, Ben.  When I arrived at Ghost Ranch the greeter asked me, Would you like to hike up to Kitchen Mesa?  Yes!  She said, that’s great because Ben would like to go as well and its best not to do the hike alone. Perfecto!

Don’t delay.  Your ‘excitement’ list may look completely different than mine but just put something down and let it start you rolling towards some fun and new exploration.

Are you ready to tap into a deeper level of excitement in your life?  Are you ready to feel supported and yet still navigate a life that’s truly authentic to you?  I’m accepting new clients for the fall!  Sign up for a Breakthrough session and let’s get you started at