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Are you caught in a loop?

March 4th, 2011 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

Message from Elizabeth. . . .on a personal note . . .

This winter I took things into my own hands and made a plan to escape NYC. I was lucky to be able to get away to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for me as I must admit that January is often a month I find myself in a deep funk.

While in Santa Fe, I decided to take myself on a hike near town. I had covered it with someone else so I thought it should be easy enough for me to do it on my own. So off I headed down the trail taking in the vista views, the immense quiet (living in NYC the lack of sound can me an incredible experience), the cool breeze and the pecking of a woodpecker on a dead tree. I found myself really enjoying it, huffing and puffing a bit, clearing my head and opening to new ideas.

Every once in a while I kept coming to a fork in the path and needing to choose which direction to take. Each time, I kept taking what I thought was a different loop. And then as I would head down the path, I would realize that I had already walked this way. My first instincts were to keep going forward until I looped back around again. I assumed I would choose another route the next time around. . . no harm done, as all was well, beautiful, and I was getting some great exercise.

After doing this at least three, maybe four, times I was starting to wonder exactly how I was going to get myself back to the trailhead to find the car. Ironically, no one had come along the entire time!

I realized I was having my very own Groundhog Day occurrence where I kept looping around the exact same way over and over! This was kind of funny really but also how was I going to shift out of this loop?

So halfway through another loop I realized I needed to find a new direction, literally stir things up and the best way to do that was to turn around and go back the way I came. No die-hard hiker wants to backtrack so this wasn’t easy. I just knew I had to break up my pattern!

How many of us stay stuck in patterns that repeat themselves over and over in our lives?

Are you willing to make a u-turn, take a sharp left, head in the direction of the unknown?

I know that in more ways than just this day I went hiking, I am ready to make some sharp turns, go in new directions and open to new paths.

Stay tuned for more changes in my life. For starters, I am excited to invite you to join me in the upcoming new ventures I am bringing through. See below for details in April and stay tuned for more programs soon!


In April, I am embarking on a new collaboration with my friend and colleague Kimio Wheaton.

We have a designed a 3-Part Series, Dynamic Balance in Relationship to explore how to create balance, harmony, and collaboration in relationship.

Together we will be inquiring . . .

  • How can we create balance and harmony within ourselves in today’s world?
  • How can we relate from a place of understanding and compassion?
  • How can we open to balance the masculine and the feminine in modern day society?

This three-part series is dedicated to expanding and experiencing relationship in a unique manner through opening to all of what we are.

Together, we will create a fun, interactive and sacred space permitting a deeper inquiry for everyone. Expect to walk away feeling spacious, open, and true to what you are and why you are here.

Everyone is welcome and please invite a friend!


Dynamic Balance in Relationship

Sundays on April 3rd, 10th, and 17th from 2- 4 pm, Upper East Manhattan, NYC

Cost is $225 but preregister is encouraged by March 27th, only pay $215!

Space is limited so sign up now:

This is the first time for Kimio and I to collaborate in bringing through the new reality of relating in harmony in your life. If you feel called to open more to who you are and relating in authentic, grounded ways with everyone in your life, please join us in this exploration. We also greatly appreciate if you share this opportunity with others and spread the word!

To further introduce our work, and ourselves we will be offering a live call on the evening of Wed. March 23rd. Stay tuned for more details.


Do you know someone you could introduce me to? I am reaching out as I have some openings in my schedule to work with one-on-one clients.

I wanted to share this with you to see if you knew of anyone who might be ready for support and growth in their lives.

If you know of anyone that might need some support and guidance in their life, let’s talk. I am seeking new connections in my work and my endeavors.

Reach me at or at 917.309.7612.

I am here to help.

21 Acts of LOVE

February 14th, 2011 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | 1 Comment

21 Acts of LOVE

This list has been put together to remind us of the many opportunities in life that help to open the heart. Please find one or two that resonate with you and try them out.

Or better, find one that makes you uncomfortable and try it.  Get out of your comfort zone and discover where it takes you. It might just open your heart!

1.    Do something for someone else!  Magically this can take us out of our heads and our own misery and inspire us to feel positive again.  Create some magic for someone else.

2.    Anonymous acts of good.  These are surprisingly powerful to do and instantly create magic for you and the receiver.  Here are some ideas to get started.  Add your personal spin into each one or create your own:  Pay it forward for coffee or cupcakes for those in line behind you, leave behind a beautiful bouquet of flowers, leave a $20 bill where someone can find it, send someone tickets to an event, write an anonymous note to someone who has negatively impacted you and tell them how wonderful they are and how much they have touched your life.  Doing any anonymous acts of good can work wonders for you and open up magic in your life and the lives of others.

3.    Donate to a charity or a cause you feel strongly about.  Where do you want to help?  Here are some of my favorite:,,,, or,  Research the amazing and inspiring work people are already creating out there and decide to be part of it.

4.    Laugh.  Laugh more and make others laugh more also.  It’s so important to laugh!  Remember not to take yourself so seriously. Go rent a funny movie. Go to a Yoga Laugh class – these exist and here’s the website to find a class near you  It’s for real!

5.    Go on a negativity diet. . . catch yourself making negative comments or gossiping and stop!  Try this for three days at least.  If you slip up just redirect the conversation towards the positive or end it altogether.  Notice who you easily slip into a critical mode with and ask them to help you stop doing this.  Yes, they will call you Pollyanna and so what!  You will feel so much better.  If you see the glass half full, then it is.  If you see the glass half empty, then it is.  So make a conscious choice about what view You want to take.  Thoughts become reality so think the uplifting ones!!!

6.    Make a date with someone you’ve been neglecting and go somewhere really beautiful.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but step out of the usual routine and try something new.  Have tea, get dessert, share an appetizer. Catch up and tell them how much you appreciate them.

7.    Make memories.  This one can be a bit challenging for me as I am not too sentimental and tend to forget about photos and other memorabilia.  Yet, creating special mementos reminds us of good times.  These can become treasured moments.  Who could you send a photo or photo album to of a shared memory?

8.    Write an ‘old fashioned’ thank you note (one that gets sent in the mail, not via e-mail) for no real reason except to tell the recipient how much they mean to you and thank them for being in your life!

9.    Send Valentine cards – my personal favorite – reminding those that you do love how much they touch your life!  Have fun, be creative . .  remember the second grade when everyone took home a whole box of cards with silly slogans and poetic verses. . . .it felt good!

10. Go to a new venue.  Have you always wanted to go to the Opera, attend a special event, a museum exhibit, a car show?  Research it and buy the tickets to go.  Don’t delay and have fun finding others who might share this with you.   invite someone to come along with you.  Do something new!

11. Adopt a pet!  Through a Secret Santa gift exchange I received a fish!  Yes, you read that right.  The gift exchange rules stated it had to be purple and under $10 and I received a Thai Beta fish!  I named him Ramses and fell in love!  Who knew how much joy that little fish would give me. When I had to travel he also brought loads of fun and joy to my friend’s office and her colleagues.  Animals easily open our hearts.  If you can’t adopt, go walk a neighbor’s dog or cat sit for a friend.

12. Shake your body. Dance. Jump up and down.  This is sooo good for shaking out a bad mood, stress, worry, or anxiety.  Literally shake it out.  Put on some fast music with upbeat rhythms and shake your body.  Need some inspiration on this. . go to and explore Qoya. Try a Zumba class, jump on a trampoline or do 50 jumping jacks to Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It!’

13. Watch a movie and be transported to a different life!  Feeling sad?  Nothing like a good cry to feel completely refreshed.  Go rent that drama or tragedy and let the tears roll.  Just bring the tissues along!

14. Go outside.  Just get yourself outside.  Go for a walk.  Thirty minutes of walking with no particular agenda can work wonders on your mood, your creativity, and your ability to be productive when you feel overwhelmed.  It literally gets your energy moving. Turn off the phone and just wander and be curious. You will be so much more loveable!

15.  Practice graciously receiving.  Are you one of those people that always says, ‘Oh, no thank you.’?  Instead, say ‘YES! Thank you!  I’d love to!’  Then practice letting others help you and give to you. That provides you the opportunity to graciously receive.  Believe it or not, we can get so habitual about saying no, this can be more challenging than it may be seem at first.  So the next time someone asks you, ‘Would you like. . .? Say, Yes! Thank you! I’d love that!

16. Appreciation.  Nothing helps the abundance in your life grow more than really appreciating the cornucopia of what you already have.  So look around and make a list of 108 things that you are appreciative of in your life and all the generousness that already exists.  This is a real heart-opener.  Often we are focused on looking for the next thing, rather than the what is already present in your life.  So go ahead slow down, look with wonder at all that you have created and really appreciate the creativity and genius of it and of you.

17. Ask. Ask others to help you.  Ask for what you truly want.  Be authentic.  Don’t wait.  The time is now.  Share yourself.

18. Move towards fun.  Take a baby step towards something you’ve always wanted to do or experience.  Have you wanted to learn how to sing, but keep putting it off?  Have you dreamed of trekking across New Zealand?  Do you want to become a dance instructor?  Do you want to perfect your culinary skills?  What new creative outlet do you want to try?  Be willing to be a beginner and find the pleasure in moving towards trying it out.  You don’t have to be perfect. . . let that dream begin to take shape and start playing with it.  Take a class, or a few private lessons, or gather a group who want to do the same. Play!

19. Align with GOD.  Explore your direct connection with God, the Universe, and Spirit.  How do you access this in your own life?  Consciously begin creating this in a way that’s true for you.  More than ever, accessing your own divine nature is available in a direct way and can be cultivated and expanded.  Open to what would support you and your own spiritual nature.  If you don’t know, be willing to explore.  Read, take a class, visit a sacred place, or join a group exploring this. Be willing to open to the mystery of you and life around you.

20. Experience a spiritual teacher, coach, or healer to help you access and open to your own heart, self acceptance and healing in your life from the past or old beliefs that hold you back from fulfilling your hearts greatest callings.  There is more support than ever before so lean in.  We don’t grow by being alone. We grow in bearing witness to who we really are with others. Reach out. Lean in. Share your journey.

21. Be you!  Yes, give yourself permission to really be YOU!  Following your own likes and dislikes, enjoying what you enjoy, growing in the ways you truly want to grow, stretching to be all of who you are. Now.  Don’t hold back anymore. Go for it.   Laugh and love and share and grow and appreciate all along the way . . . . when you feel happy and open your heart, you naturally give others permission to join you and find their own happiness.  It naturally expands.  It’s truly magical!

Elizabeth Joy Mueller copyright 2011

It’s the Year of the Rabbit!

February 3rd, 2011 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

I disappeared for a few weeks taking some time to step away from the day-to-day of living in NYC by going to Santa Fe, NM.  It’s easily becoming my home away from home for many reasons.  I was ever so thrilled to be there the last few weeks taking in the nature and the quiet and the sunny blue skies as an alternate to the cold and snowy winter of the Northeast this year.

Coming back I awaken to the reality that we are stepping into February.  I’d like to dedicate this month to LOVE!

I know, I know, on the 14th it’s Valentine’s day and most want to run from or stomp on that day altogether.

Everyone grumbles that it’s just a Hallmark holiday, but what if we leveraged this moment to take it to a whole new level of expression of your HEART and SOUL?

What if you personally decided to side-swap all the grumbling to open your heart to LOVE of every kind – neighborly, divine, collegial, intimate, brother or sisterly, passionate, parental, grandparental, universal and beyond?

What could this BIG LOVE look and feel like for you?

How could you open your heart more to those in your life right now?  Or, to yourself right now

I’ve created some fun events to get you inspired in February . . . .


Nearing up on Valentine’s day, one of my personal favorites, I can’t help but feel really inspired.  I reached out to a select group to see if anyone would like to create a unique and dynamic way of celebrating this holiday dedicated to red hearts, roses and chocolates.

I asked, what if we could actually launch from this superficial level to a much deeper, more profound sense of LOVE?  DIVINE, endless, overflowing and creative LOVE?!  The LOVE that taps into the core of who we are and how we express ourselves and create our biggest dreams and desires!

And then what if you could marry the Divine LOVE with Gratitude?  Gratitude, that comes from deep within and reminds you, yet again, of your own magnificence.

Divine LOVE + Gratitude!  Yes, this is exactly what Tara Dixon and I have stirred up for Sunday afternoon, February 13th in Brooklyn, NY!

So don’t hesitate to step into this GRAND sense of DIVINE LOVE + Gratitude and join us!  We encourage early registration because this event will sell out!

Tickets are already selling so go to this link to sign up today

Can’t make it to Brooklyn but you can make it to Connecticut?  E-mail me at as I am also hosting a private LOVE fest there on Friday, February 11th and we can include you on the list!  Join in on the LOVE!


What could the Year of the Rabbit bring for you

According to Chinese tradition, the Rabbit brings a year in which you can catch your breath and calm your nerves.  It is a time for negotiation.  Don’t try to force issues, because if you do you will ultimately fail.  To gain the greatest benefits from this time, focus on home, family, security, diplomacy, and your relationships with women and children.   Make it a goal to create a safe, peaceful lifestyle, so you will be able to calmly deal with any problem that may arise.

Phew, what a relief as the year of the Rabbit will usher in a time to slow down and focus on peacefulness and opening to the opportunities that naturally show up.

In the spirit of the gentle Rabbit and the quest for deeper, more profound LOVE, I invite you to join me for a Divine LOVE fest.

Happy Year of the Rabbit today!

P.s. Here’s that link to sign up for Feb 13th and please bring a friend, or two – spread the LOVE now!

Happy Winter Solstice!

December 21st, 2010 by sco assistant | No Comments

Let’s celebrate the shortest day of the year!  Why? Because it means that starting tomorrow the sunlight lasts just a few minutes longer and that feels good to the body and the soul! This time of year also marks the beginning of renewal and expansion.  As the sun lingers longer in the sky so does our desire to create, imagine, and grow.

Right now growth is happening in the dark.

All the change and clearing and shifting is taking place in the dark.  I don’t just mean literally in the dark but in the deepest places within you.  It may sometimes feel like you ‘can’t see it yet’.  Yet the seeds are being planting down inside the ground.  The magic unfolds when we don’t ‘see’ it coming.  What is coming to fruition starts in the dark until its ready to emerge.

I know that you are finding your way – quietly, gently and lovingly – like never before!  It’s truly amazing.  As you grow and expand, so too, does the Universe, your loved ones, and everyone you encounter.  Trust me, when you shine your light, even from your sofa, it ripples out into the Universe sending a distinct message of love!

I am thrilled to be unveiling many new ways to support you and your journey, emerging as the shining, shimmering creator that you are, in 2011!

Ring in the New Year 2011

To start off the New Year (that’s next week!), I have created a unique and intimate experience to burst into 2011 embodying what you desire to create for yourself.

I invite you to join me for the New Year’s Eve Renewal Retreat in upstate New York starting December 30th, 2010.  This retreat isn’t for everyone, but if it speaks to you, then trust your instincts are guiding you for something much bigger in your life.

You can find more details at

Ready focus on your dreams in a more personalized way in a Santa Fe adobe?

After all, not everyone finds being in a group comfortable, so what about a one-day retreat designed specifically for a giant leap? Your giant leap!

What’s that big dream, big goal, big creative project, big move, big growth spurt you want to create in your life?  Let’s focus on it like never before.

In 2011, I am offering one-day personalized retreats in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  So not only will you have a life-changing day – your giant leap – it will take place in one of the most beautiful places in the country!

If this makes you sit up taller, email me and let’s find out if this should be you!

Thank you so much for allowing me to support you and your journey.  Thank you for the opportunity to reflect on the shifting between light and dark in our days and nights and in our bodies and our souls.

I invite you to open to what is here for you at this place, at this time without trying to rush into spring, or push yourself into thinking “you should be. . .”.

Rather, slow down, retire early, get deeper, longer sleep, eat warm soups that nourish, enjoy the company of others and spirit of the season.

Happy Winter Solstice to you and your loved ones.

The Art and Science of Gift Wrapping

December 16th, 2010 by sco assistant | 1 Comment

Each of us has natural gifts and talents that get activated in a more distinct way around the holidays.  Quickly, we slip into the roles that are most comfortable and, if we let it, these roles can be a real pleasure and a means of expressing who we are and how we feel connected to our community, family, and loved ones.

I’m here to encourage you to consider where your natural expression comes through at the holidays . . . are you a baker, builder, cook, gift wrapper, cleaner, playmate (someone has to keep the kids busy!), or, maybe you love to play Santa Claus? Do you enjoy giving out generous tips, paying it forward, buying gifts for children and giving lots away – how fun to just be a constant source of surprise and joy!

How do you create your own joy for the season? READ MORE

Living an Integrated Life

October 5th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | 2 Comments

During my “re-integration period”  I discovered that I had this inner calling that kept telling me something was out there that I could do that would bring me in direct experience of the divine.  I didn’t know who, what or where.  So I started searching.  I traveled to India and studied with yoga masters, meditation teachers, and monks, visited temples and monasteries. READ MORE

Living Inside My Body

October 1st, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | 4 Comments

As it turns out everything I need to know is already inside of me.  But what I didn’t know is that it is not sitting inside my mind or my mental capacity to ‘figure things out”.  It is inside my whole being, my own internal sense of wisdom and true knowing.  The only way for the knowledge that I had so assiduously acquired to be fulfilling is to have it connect with the heart and through the body.  It is from within the body we begin to recognize our own truths and our own sense of knowing.  READ MORE

My Journey to Enlightenment and Spiritual Life Coaching

September 21st, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | 3 Comments

My lifelong journey to enlightenment can be divided into two distinct phases – living in my head and living in my body. Let me share with you my journey into Spiritual Life Coaching.  The first half of my life I trained myself how to live in my head and I moved in the world from a, thinking place – using my mind and my mental field to navigate the world, navigate my goals and dreams by acquiring knowledge and by being ‘smart’.  I went to school and studied hard to learn things, trained myself to strive and try new things and in my mind to be smart.  This is really how most of us learn how to navigate the world especially if we come up the regular school system.

Now if you had tried to tell me that there was another way to acquire knowledge I would have told you “NO WAY!  That’s not true – there is so much to know.”   There is so much to know and yet that striving, that constant dissatisfaction of not knowing it all is like an itch, or like a hunger that will never be fully satisfied.  At this time, I believed I would feel more confident if I ‘knew’ more.  I wanted to be successful and this generally meant, I had to know facts, methodologies, data, information, patterns, the latest news. I had to seem ‘smart’ . . . or so I thought.

One day my whole grand plan in life changed.   I had just been laid off from that lifelong career I had so carefully planned, studied and prepared myself for.  I felt a terrible amount of shock and grief in my life. My mind’s “perfect” plan had been turned upside down and I had no idea where to go to from here!

At that time my mind could not conceive of a way to recover from this “tragedy”, but my body had other ideas.  My body shut down completely.  In fact, my body behaved as if I had been hit by a car.  I couldn’t move I was so stiff and in so much physical pain.  I was forced to stop and listen in a whole new way – not just falling back on what I had learned or studied because this didn’t fit into what my mind had planned at all.  I had to find a new way through what was happening to me at that time and there was nothing I could do but tune into my body and listen from a very different place than I ever had before.

So I’m curious, has something like this ever happened to you?

Have you ever encountered a time in your life when there was no way out using your mind?

Are there places in your life where the mind stops you more than it propels you forward?

I’d love to hear about your experiences!  You see, I’m excited to share more about how I help women listen from a deeper place by going beyond the mind (perhaps even the ego) and heeding what I call soul callings.

Please Post a Comment about your own life right HERE.

Ready to clear your clutter? Don’t do it alone!

September 21st, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

My own journey of physical clutter clearing was prompted by my apartment renovations last summer, which forced me to pack up and move out of my entire apartment twice. Doing that forced me to question whether I really needed and wanted the stuff I was surrounded by.

Lucky for me I also had the help of a very good friend who happens to be a great personal organizer.  She got me started!  (Yes, I had help!  I didn’t do it alone and neither should you!)  She also told me that it would take me 12 months to go through every area of my life to clear and re-organize.  I thought she was crazy!  I just wanted to knock this out in a few week-ends.  (I secretly hoped to prove her wrong about the 12 months!)

The first thing I did was send out an e-mail to my friends to see if anyone wanted to trade helping each other go through the closets.  Surprisingly I had a lot of people willing to help me and that’s just what I did – I called in help for every major closet and major area.

Organized ClosetHave you ever thought about when you really want to make change in your life you call in an expert or pull a support team together?

Often that’s what it takes to really push through and move through change of any kind.  There is no way that without encouragement and the eagle eye of my helpers I would have ever gotten through the vacuum closet – boring!  Or, the clothing closet – oh my I wanted to cling to my favorite yet very tired old shirts (but I look so good in this color!). And then finally, saying good-bye to the books. . the ones I had read and the ones I may eventually read. . . but haven’t so far.

And yet systematically going through every inch of my life brought everything into the light, made me either appreciate it enough to keep in my space, appreciate what it had already offered me, or appreciate that someone else could appreciate it even more than me!

I can’t tell you how much fun I had watching my book collection get swiped up from the book swap that sits in the laundry room of my building .  .  . every few hours I would take down another 30 books and boom they would fly off the shelves – I was having more fun watching them disappear than the people taking them home for sure!

All this external clutter clearing made me consciously consider many aspects of my life.  It opened up more space, which opened up more possibilities and, thus, when the opportunity came in offering me the chance to go west and live in an adorable adobe for the summer, I was ready to receive it and able to move quickly to make it happen.  I was ready!  Yahoooo!

So let me ask you this:

Snowy OwlIf your greatest desires and your secret wish list dropped out of the sky and was delivered to you from a great white winged owl will you be ready to receive the bounty?

I have this gift to help people clear their ‘clutter’ from inside out.  Yes, in an hour you will directly experience a full body shift and experience a profound clarity that is all yours!

If you know deep down you are ready to align yourself to what’s calling through you on a soul level, on a professional level, on a relationships level and beyond, then now is the time to clear your internal clutter, open up new space, and get your energy moving in new directions.

Become a vibrational match to your goals now. Quickly. Easily.

When you are ready to learn something new, develop new skills, or grow, you naturally reach out to find others who can teach you, guide you and support you and that’s exactly how I can help you right now.

How can you start clearing your clutter right now?  Maybe a drawer?  The top of your desk? The medicine cabinet?

Post a comment below telling me exactly what got you motivated and what you cleared!

Two Weddings and a Ticket to LOVE

May 12th, 2010 by Elizabeth Joy Mueller | No Comments

Love, love, love. . . .where does it come from?  What is it?  How do we know when we are getting enough and when we want more, where do we go?
I can’t help but ask myself these questions about love as I find myself riding the wave of two wedding ceremonies this week.  Naturally, we all seek love in some form or another.  It appears to be integral to the human condition.  But it’s worth it to stop and ask what is it exactly that we are seeking in the search for love. . .is it approval, acknowledgment, belonging, companionship, family, or something else altogether?  What about your search, what do you desire in your search for love?
We often seek love when we are experiencing a sense of separateness.  We feel separate either from ourselves, or from others, or from some sort of connection to nature, God, the Universe.  In this perception of ‘I am alone’ we go charging out to try to fill this sense of separation with something outside of ourselves. This is the cycle of feeling like we can never be enough.
I admit to not being able to answer these big questions on love in this little article, but in honor of the quest for deeper understanding, I can present some questions for you to consider in your search for love:
  • What do you want love to fill up or complete for you?  Can you name the underlying need that springs forth in your desire for love?
  • Do you find it easier to give love or receive love? How can you begin to receive with as big a heart as you give? Or, give with as big a heart as you receive?
  • What are you willing to change in order to open to more love in your life?  How can you begin right now to be more loving to yourself, to others, to strangers, to your life as it is?
I can’t answer these questions for you, but I can put them out there for you to illuminate how you may want this to express through your own life.  Love is everywhere and opening to the presence of love in all things opens you to the gift of your life, your presence, your joy!
Hmmmm, go out and love ‘em!  As for me, I am heading to the next wedding ceremony, and this one is taking place on the Las Vegas strip!