Sylvia’s Journey of Unfolding, a Testimonial

I’m really fortunate to know many of my clients both personally and professionally. I can honestly say I love this very much as through my work I see only the divine beauty and magnificence of each person exactly as who they are – it’s amazing!

So I recently sat down with Sylvia, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing as a friend and as a client, to gain more insight into what it’s been like for her to work with me over the past year and a half.

When Sylvia first came to me, she had a strong calling that she wanted to be able to stand up for herself, not in a shouting, listen-to-me sort of way, but by being truly herself and asking for what she needed in all areas of her life – work, love, community – all while amplifying the expression of her creative talents and interests.

During our sit-down she shared some powerful reflections on how her life has changed since we began our work together. She used the phrase “restored to me” – she feels she has integrated into being completely ‘herself.’ Along the way she discovered love – how to love every bit of herself: all of who she is, is perfect, even the parts that, in the past, she didn’t want to acknowledge.

As she shared with me, she said, “You know that cliché about loving yourself first before loving anything outside of yourself? Well, I totally feel it now!” Because she now loves every bit of herself – every wounded, broken, hurting, sad, angry, bewildered, struggling bit – and not just the bits that would make anyone proud, she can also wholly embrace others in love. She loves bigger now. Much bigger.

And her sense of wholeness has resulted in a deeper level of trust. First, in herself: the second-guessing is history. She feels confident in making the right choice at every turn, confident that each decision will lead exactly where she wants. Second, in dealing with others: she has started standing up for herself, something that had presented a terrifying, near-paralyzing challenge for her in the past.

Saying ‘no, thank you’ and stating her desires to her boss, friends and lovers were all cause for inner turmoil and conflicting, mixed-up feelings. No more. She tells her boss what she needs and has even asked for vacations – and been granted them – for times that might be considered inconvenient for her employer. She had never been able to do this before: she would always put what she thought should come first – outside obligations – above her needs. She now easefully sifts through offers, opportunities and invitations, accepting what feels right and turning down what doesn’t, no guilt and no explanations needed.

It must be said that Sylvia has been a strong achiever her whole life. She is greatly accomplished in academia, in her career and in her creative endeavors, and probably in everything she pursues – I know her to be an amazing and beautiful dancer. When she’s on the dance floor, everyone is captivated!

But those were largely solo pursuits; dealing with others usually took place with an undercurrent of fear and anxiety. Mind you, an outside observer would never have guessed this because she makes it all look easy. But now, for the first time in her life, she is actually experiencing her life and endeavors with great calm, ease, and peacefulness. She isn’t riding waves of fear and anxiety but has a deeper sense of trusting herself and confidence in only good things resulting from her standing up for herself – an act that as a child would result in a serious beating, physical and/or verbal. She feels safe and grounded in her body and is relating in her life from this sense of wholeness.

Much of what she shared with me isn’t quantifiable because it is a whole-body experience, a radical perspective-shift in living and truly being oneself on a day-to-day basis. But how we live our lives every day, how we relate as who we are, how we make decisions and choices, are all things that constantly affect our ability to feel grounded, connected, acknowledged, and alive, and to plug into our true sense of joy and happiness.

That said, it is still fun to share some of the extraordinary ‘quantifiable’ changes that took place for Sylvia during this past year. Can I tell you that she received two salary increases and one year-end bonus, all numerically significant and during an economic recession? That she has a new title, two new direct reports, and expanded responsibilities that directly align with her love of photography and design and that call for the use of her natural gifts and talents? And that she has taken three paid vacations in six months’ time? Holy smokes! (All this opened up to a woman who felt she couldn’t stand for herself but, as she did, everyone around her responded.)

She has explored relationships, received unbounded love like she never experienced before, and stood for herself in love, holding out for the legendary love that she is now certain she can create with a loving man. She’s currently joyfully and easefully building a relationship on her terms (and her terms are quite unique!) with a man who is also a great dancer – exactly what she’s been awaiting! – and this man tells her continually that her communication skills are phenomenal, and adores her for it!! Yowza!!!

Here’s more in her own words. . .

“I first did only four sessions with Elizabeth Joy, one per month. I enjoyed them so much that months later, when I sensed my life was gearing up for a significant transformation, I signed up for her five-month Soul Signature program. I figured the support would be nice. Nice? It was FUN! Huge fun!

Even better, I went through some intense life challenges fearlessly, feeling gently supported all along. It was awesome. But the best was this: I realized I was inhabiting my body differently, and I stood in this world differently. What a beautiful surprise!

I had been restored to the feeling of wholeness I had last experienced as a little girl. Best investment of my life, these sessions. Better than the top-notch, Ivy League education, better than living in Paris and Florence. Feeling like I never thought I’d ever feel again? Priceless.”

By watching Sylvia and other clients transform through my practice I have observed that deep transformational change occurs over time. As much as we all crave instant gratification – instant access to our intuition, instant change, instant access to great opportunities, instant new jobs and magical relationships – which all can truly arrive in seconds – the Universe is more likely to come through gently, gradually, as you openly allow the natural expansion of who you are in your life, right here and right now.

Does that mean we can’t work together in a series of short sessions to get your mojo back up and moving? Of course not! Every positive choice you make in your life counts and shifts and moves you closer to what’s truly calling through you and tapping on your shoulder.

But, if you are ready to make significant changes, moving beyond the usual patterns and habits that you’ve spent years living out, then giving yourself a significant amount of time to create the positive change you crave is the most supportive choice you can make for yourself.

It stops the urgency, the pushing, the anxiety to accomplish, start, stop or escape whatever is right in front of you. If this lands with you in just the right way. . .if reading these words resonates through your whole body, it may be time to reach out and speak with me about what’s calling your attention in your life and how I can support your journey.

I am aligning my programs to support you from this deep place of transformation. Contact me today and let’s get you scheduled for a Soul Breakthrough. You can reach me at or go directly through the website to schedule A SOUL BREAKTHROUGH.

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