Are you SPRINGING forward?

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I apologize. You haven’t heard from me in a while via my newsletter or my blog. I keep waiting for everything to drop into place.  To get really clear about what is next.  About what I want to say and what I stand for.

Have you ever been there and done that, waiting for perfection to drop in before moving forward?

I’ll start when I get a sign from the Universe, once I feel really certain, once the vision gets really clear, then I’ll know what to do and how to proceed.

I’ve been in this place myself through most of the last six months. Waiting for things to come together, waiting for a sign that gives me the green light, the confirmation that everything will turn out perfectly.  All it’s done is paralyze me leaving me turning over and over in my head a long list of possibilities with no action.

Alongside me, I invite you to consider where you may be stopping yourself to wait for the sign, the right moment, the xyz because I’m here to nudge you to drop that and forge ahead with a baby step, a giant leap or a statement of some kind that you won’t keep holding out for everything to line up and be perfect before carrying forward on your dreams.

Spring is here and it has been a powerful start to the new season. You may have noticed that things are popping right up to the surface. April was quite confronting!

Are there places where you just simply can’t tolerate compromising yourself?  It may show up in one area of your life or multiple but the message is loud and clear – don’t ignore this any longer.  Be willing to grow, change and bloom with spring.

I’m not a big quote person but this came to mind as a beautiful reminder. . . .


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin






Change requires a significant leap of faith in ourselves.

If you know that you just need a little support and little push to get things rolling I have created a 3-session package just for this – a Spring Jumpthrough!

I rarely offer mini packages because I know firsthand the power of working together over time. However, it feels right to offer something that allows you to do a quick turnaround and get moving in new directions.  Imagine me as your spring fairy coming in to clear the space and the energy to get things moving!

The Spring Jumpthrough is three sessions over the phone for 45 minutes eachBring your stuckness, wish list, frustrations and where you are holding back and we will dive in to clear, heal and transform where you are stopping yourself.

It’s a Jumpthrough program so you will move forwardJump through it.  All your fear may not completely disappear but the ability to take new action will emerge. You can feel lighter, freer and ready to make new decisions. This I know.

Let’s talk today and schedule our first session.  I only have room for three individuals to jump on this offer so if this feels right, don’t hesitate. All you have to do is hit ‘reply’ to this email and we can get things rolling for you.

I greatly appreciate you being on my list and sharing the ups and downs and all arounds with me. I’m here to support you!

Off to smell the flowers, the blooming trees and the lilacs . . .

P.S. Here’s the fine print on the Spring Jumpthrough package:  Three 45-min intuitive phone sessions to be completed before July 1st, 2014. Unlimited email  between sessions for additional support and guidance. Can be gifted to someone you want to support as well!  It’s my most affordable offer in years – only $456.00!

P.S.S. Why on the phone?  The phone allows you to be completely internally focused.  I encourage you to call in from a comfortable place in your own home. This allows your whole body and being to be more open and receptive and allows the space for whatever is ready to be healed, forgiven, or known to rise to the surface. There are no distractions on the phone and you can listen to your whole being in a rare and unusual way. It is equally, if not more powerful, than meeting in person. Trust me here, I’ve done it this way for years. You’ll love it, too.