Summer of JOYfest

Join me this summer for a six-week program dedicated to cultivating joy, unlocking adventure and fun with purpose and passion.

A virtual summer camp for grown-ups ready for more ZING!flowerburst

You see I recognize that for a lot of people, especially those dedicated to living out their best life, it’s easy to get mired in the details, in all the adult responsibilities you’ve created, of living, working, raising children & pets, relationships and so much more, not to mention the basics, like eating, sleeping, getting the dishes done and flossing your teeth.

As a result, the last thing you remember to focus on is JOY, your JOYIt’s like JOY just fell off the to-do list one day and you’ve forgotten to add it back on!

Here’s the TRUTH, I know both personally and professionally, Joy is a reality that can and needs to be cultivated.  It doesn’t just fall out of the sky when the stars line up just right or when you finally reach that one milestone you keep waiting to get to so you can finally let JOY in!

Nope, like a strong healthy muscle, JOY needs to be worked out and practiced regularly.

It’s my guess that if you have read this far, you are curious about how to bring more joy into your life and you’d like to learn more.

I’m bringing back the summer program dedicated to Joy, Adventure and Fun for Grown-ups Ready for more Passion and Purpose in their lives. Now. Not next year. Not once you get that better job or start making more money.  Now.

Are you ready to infuse not only more JOY but also more purpose into your life?

Did you set goals earlier this year but need structure and inspiration to keep going?

Do you know what truly brings you joy?  If not, are you ready to explore, try new things, stretch yourself to discover it, for yourself?

Have you gotten buried with adult responsibilities that you’ve lost your sense of spontaneity, enjoyment, and delight?

Are you ready to look at your life with a fresh perspective – one that is forgiving, open and ready to welcome renewal?

b&wgirljoyIf you said a big YES! to any of those questions, then the Summer Program may just the ticket you need to jump out of a so-so summer.

What to expect if you RSVP YES to my invitation:


I’m so excited for you to say YES to the invitation to join me for six exciting joyful, happy puppyfun-filled weeks! 

Ready to sign up?  The First step is to sign up via Paypal here . .

Right now! Here’s the exciting part. . . sign up for only $147. That’s only $3.50/day to increase your joy and get your sense of adventure back on. Jump on this opportunity to create a new kind of summer. Sign up today!

Click on the Pay Now button to use your paypal account or pay directly with a credit card.  Once you have completed payment, you will be automatically registered and will receive a confirmation email from me.  Please include in the notes if you prefer to use a different email than your paypal account for the emails and other correspondence for the program.  If you prefer to pay by check, please email me for further instructions.

Then stay tuned for more goodies and instructions coming to you via email. 

‘Last summer I participated in the Summer of JOYfest and as soon as I focused on play and fun, I experienced it! I would have done many of the same things but I experienced them differently because I came in with the mindset to create joy out of every plan I had!’     – Jean

Official start date is July 7th, 2014!!  Mark your calendar for the live calls but know that you can always listen in at any time to the recordings.  After all, its summer, so it’s important to be out and about creating JOY!

Dates and times for the live calls:

Kick-off call:  Monday, July 7th at 6pm MTN/8pm EST

More Inspiration:  Monday, July 21st at 6pm MTN/8pm EST

Feeling Groovy:  Monday, July 28th at 6pm MTN/8pm EST

Moving further into JOY: Monday, August 11th at 6pm MTN/8pm EST

Final Celebration Call:  Monday, August 18th at 6pm MTN/8pm EST

Don’t let another week go by where you aren’t creating and designing DELIGHT and JOY into your life!

Recall how fun summer could be as a kid? Bring that spirit of adventure, friendship, and the willingness to try new things back into your life!  Join us starting July 7th!

It’s time for an extraordinary summer.  Six weeks of cultivating JOY. Now.



Still have some questions . . . .

dandelionsWhat if I already live a JOYFUL life? Should I sign up for this program?

That is utterly fantastic and I applaud that you are living a truly joyful life!  You may still find the Summer Program inspiring and useful because joy begets joy!  You can never have too much and all the joy you bring in will inspire others, which in turn inspires you even more.  Please join in and continue spreading your joyful living!

I have no idea what intentions I should set for the summer? 

No worries. That is exactly one reason to sign up for the program because you will receive different ideas each week to fuel what you may choose to go out and try on your own.  It’s up to you to pick and choose what sounds joyful to you. One person happiness does equal another person’s happiness so an important aspect to this program is the process of discovering what makes you truly joyful, not just following along because it creates joy for someone else.

Will there be homework?

Hmmmm. . . It depends on your perspective.  Yes, I will be providing guidance, insights and suggestions for you to try out.  You can choose to see if they feel like play or they feel like work.  A big part of the Summer Program is discovering what delights you.  It might require you to do new things so that might feel a bit like homework.

What if I miss the live calls?

No worries!  You can listen at a later time to the recording which will be sent out within 24 hours of the live call.

Will you be coaching me?

I am providing coaching on the calls, in the email messages – through inspired ideas and suggestions & sharing my own journey – as well as answering q&a’s on the calls.  I will also participate as part of the private FB page.  This program is not designed for one-to-one coaching so if that’s how you prefer to work together please contact me directly or go to Work with Me for more details.

You are READY!  Join me and others ready to make a similar commitment to JOY!

“Elizabeth is a joy to work with.  Her methods are brilliant and have aJumping in appreciation!
simple elegance that helps you get to the heart of things.”

-Patricia, New York

“After working with Elizabeth, I connect with a much greater sense of purpose and clarity. I feel and express myself more authentically.”    -Katie, Wisconsin

“Elizabeth creates a place of endless unconditional love.”   – Sylvia, New York


You can never have a happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey; it just doesn’t work out that way. The way you’re feeling, along the way, is the way you’re continuing to pre-pave your journey, and it’s the way it’s going to continue to turn out until you do something about the way you are feeling.

—Abraham as channeled through Esther Hicks (and Abraham and Jerry)