Un-Guru Guidance

One-on-One Mentoring to Stop Seeking and Start Living

Ever have the feeling that there’s an entire committee of people within you?

The Good Girl. The Creative Wild Thing. The High Achiever. The Sultry Sexpot. The Cynical Melancholic. The Saintly Seeker. The Grouch.

It can make the decision process tricky, right? If you’re in a funk or transition or crisis, how do
you decide which parts of yourself to listen to? With all these passengers, who’s sailing the ship?

There’s a deep inner wisdom within you that has all the answers. She knows your truest longings. She’s read the cosmic book of your life and knows the best path from here to Zanzibar.

She’s rooting for you, if ever so quietly.

My unique gift is brokering reunions between you and your Infinitely-Brilliant-and-Wise-Self

So you can make decisions with ease.
So you can life a life you love.
So you can be everything you truly are.

I specialize in working with passionate, purpose-driven individuals with get-it-done attitudes.

You know: “high achievers” who don’t want to settle for anything less than ultimate life satisfaction. Hard workers who need some help finding their groove. Smart, savvy women who are ready for a big leapbut might need some baby steps first.

When you work with me, I listen with my whole body — so I can tune into your whole being. Every one of your inner voices is welcome. And your Highest Self (that Most-Radically-Radiant-Divinely-Actualized-Rockstar-Within) is the guest of honor. And she’s here to stay.

I’m not a guruthough I offer top-shelf spiritual guidance.
I don’t tell your futurethough I will tell you what this moment is perfect for.
I won’t use a crystal ballthough you will get shimmering clarity.

Get Un-Stuck. Get Un-Confused. Get Un-Guru Guidance.

Welcome to an energetic transformational healing process. With insights you can use immediately and guidance to create the life you want. No woo-woo, religious conversions, or rocket science required.

Find the level of support that’s calling your name:

The Purpose: Break through the gunk holding you back and recommit to your life’s purpose
with the finest focused support.
The Goods: 8 Sessions. Three Months. Unlimited Email Support.

The Purpose: Go deeper with your divine self. Leap forward, integrate, stumble, troubleshoot,
and soar even higher. Discover the beauty of ongoing guidance.
The Goods: 16 Sessions. Six Months. Unlimited Email Support.

The Purpose: Make a commitment to yourself and create the life your soul’s been dreaming of. Prepare to have your mind blown and your heart blown open as you discover what you can accomplish (and let go of!) with continuous, long-term support.
The Goods: 32 Sessions. 12 Months. Unlimited Email Support.

Interested? Intrigued? Wonderful.

Your first step: Contact me to schedule your Cosmic Clarity Check. It’s a free 40 minute call where we’ll chat, see if we play well together, dip our toes into the vast truth of who you are, and give you a sweet nudge into liberation.  Contact me at 917.309.7612 or Elizabeth@ElizabethJoyMueller.com.

Sound fabulous, but want to start a little smaller? An Open Sesame Session is calling your name.
More of a community gathering kinda gal? Check out my Happenings In The Flesh.