Seeker, Meet Sherpa.

You: A bright, accomplished woman with a nagging suspicion that there’s something more to life. A modern wayfarer ready to stop seeking and start finding. A passionate savvy-pants with deeper gifts longing to break through. A smart soul in Flowerstransition, ready to access the profound power and peaceful abundance that only come from within.

I: Have total faith in you — even when you don’t. I love nothing more than bridging that gap between your highest self and who you are every day. I’m a seasoned spiritual guide with aquiver full of insight and a gift for opening you to your own deepest truths. I bring my whole self to our encounter: city savvy, spiritual depth, and loving sass. I’m your dream-awakener, soul-strengthener, and un-guru guide.

You + I: Will get crystal-clarity on your true life path, the gunk holding you back, and how to live with unprecedented confidence and authenticity. We’ll reconnect to that infinite, quiet space within. We’ll listen for that voice of wisdom deep inside you — and prove to her she’s always invited to the party! We’ll create a safe space for you to stretch into the YOU you’re yearning to be. We’ll celebrate the triumphs. We’ll study the setbacks. We’ll access the inner strength and courage that creates a life of abundance, ease, and joy.

We’ve got fab options for making our magics — private mentoring, ridiculously fun live events, or virtual happenings from the privacy of your couch.

Ready to get started? I knew it!

Fancy in-depth guidance, totally woo-woo-free? Here are my one-on-one offerings.

For a quick ‘n potent hello from your soul, check out my intuitive readings.

If you’re a community-minded maven, check out my live events In the Flesh.

Care to do your infinite connecting alone in your lingerie? Virtual happenings are for you.