Ready to breakthrough your fears?

Twyla Tharp's The Creative HabitI was recently browsing through one of my favorite bookstores, Rizzoli, when I came across Twyla Tharp’s book, The Creative Habit.  It’s a practical guide to cultivating your creativity.  Not far into the book, I came across her list of fears that strike to keep her from fulfilling on her creative impulse.  It seems a bit hard to believe she might have these fears, really, as she has had a powerful impact as one of America’s greatest choreographers with a long list of achievements on the stage, in theater, and, in movies.

So I was curious, what are the five fears of a well-accomplished creative?

When I read them over, I found them so perfectly articulated that I actually got out my notebook and wrote them down.  Here’s what keeps Twyla Tharp awake at night as she embarks on a creative project.

1. People will laugh at me.

2. Someone has done it before.

3. I have nothing to say.

4. I will upset someone I love.

5. Once executed, the idea will never be as good as it is in my mind.

Brilliant!  The last one struck me the hardest – she had articulated in words that often buried fear I have when I embark on a new creative endeavor.

My storyline constantly reminds me that while my initial idea may seem brilliant, I will never be able to execute it quite like I imagine it, and I will look like a fool, resulting in being laughed at.  (ick, who wants to look like a fool and be laughed at?)

Phew!  I took an important step, I shared it out loud and in writing.  This is the beginning of speaking, articulating and acknowledging the fears that lurk around stopping me from even starting.  I’m now considering starting a fool’s club so I can get really comfortable feeling foolish and creating in spite of my fears!

What are the fears that stop you?

Recently, I was asked how to address what stops us and how do we deal with it.

Here’s the first place to start.  Articulate the fear.

What is the fear telling youWhat is it saying about youHow is it trying to get your attention?

Name it.  Put your words on it.  Be curious about the storyline.

This seems easier than it actually is and may require you to go through a few layers of writing, singing it, or acting it out to get right into the essence of it.

Once you unveil the truth of the fear – it will literally begin to open up and give you more space.  It will no longer have that binding grip on you.

So try it.  Try it right now.  Write down your top five fears.







Here are my latest five, if you need further inspiration:

1.  No one understands me.

2.  I don’t know what to do.

3.  I’ll have to do everything myself.

4.  I won’t make the right decisions.

5.  It won’t fly.


After articulating your fears, what is the next step in addressing them?

Share them.

Tell them to someone who can listen, not judge. Not comment, not even try to talk you out of your fear.

Just witness you, witness the fear that’s arising, witness the alchemy of what happens when you speak it out loud and share it with another.

The second step of sharing is incredibly powerful.  There is truly profound alchemy in it.

To help facilitate deep openings, expansions, breakthroughs, and magical transformations, I created a coaching program to call together a group of women to stand for, witness, and grow as unique individuals in pursuit of a creative endeavor, day-to-day expansion, and reinvention of any desired sort – bring it all!

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Have a fearless week-end!

If you are feeling really fearless, please post your 5 fears here as a comment (on the top of the page click the comment button) and you can use a different name if that feels more comfortable for you.

P.S. Would you like to purchase Twyla Tharp’s book?  Here’s the link: