Pretending You Don’t Have a Soul Calling

This week, I’ve shared my work in two Soul Callings events. (If you’re interested in hosting one of these small, intimate gatherings contact me today.) It’s been really amazing and the women are experiencing interesting breakthroughs.

But you want to know the funny thing that keeps happening? The women at these events want me to tell them about my own Soul Calling journey.

This comes as such a surprise to me. Me? Really? I’d much prefer to keep the focus on “the work” rather than talk about myself.

But I’ve come to realize that women want to hear how I have tried to do anything but follow my own Soul Callings and where that landed me.

I share my story in hopes that it inspires you to avoid the mistakes I made and to encourage you to stop pretending you don’t hear those soul callings and start listening to them.


Pretending I don’t have it!

For so long I want to be ‘normal’. I wanted to have a regular job and a career that everyone gets. I wanted to fit in, be like everyone else and keep everyone around me happy.

I’ve tried everything in the book to avoid being the Savvy Soul Messenger. I was a corporate consultant, I ran a successful flower shop, I went to India to find my ‘real’ purpose and so much more.

I kept my gift and soul work studies ‘in the closet’ for many years. Everyone just thought I was into a lot of yoga or something like that.

And yet, no matter how successful I was in my “job,” deep down I knew something was off. Everyday when I would ‘suit up’ for my corporate work I had to shrink my whole self down into a box in order to get out the door. It was an everyday, internal battle.

I had an intuitive sense that if I kept up this charade, I would manifest a serious health crisis or some other soul crisis. That’s what happens you haven’t been listening to your soul callings for years — they become dramatic to get your attention.

Almost two years ago, after trying so hard to fit in as a regular gal, I threw in the towel. I didn’t want to run from who I am and my true gifts anymore. I was too exhausted to keep pretending.

I literally told the universe, “I am done. You’ve got to find some other way for me to be of service.” So I began to share with my friends and my family that I was making a big shift in my life. I admit it. I was terrified. But I also knew, for me, there was no going back.

It was during this time in which I received a very clear message that the work I am here to share with you is to guide, facilitate and teach others to access the Soul.

I am here to show you that your Soul Callings are true, they are real and yours alone.

I am here to show you that you can follow your soul callings regardless of all ‘the rules’ that may have told you otherwise.

I am here to help you know your own truth, your own intuition and your own soul callings.