No Lion, I Love YOU! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s day.  A holiday of sorts set up around romantic love.  This day, maybe more than any other holiday throughout the year, can really bring up a lot of charge for people.  When I say charge, I mean, excitement, disappointment, romance, elation, dread, frustration, lovesickness, the glaring lack of romance and the list goes on. . . which camp do you fall into? There are the haters of Valentine’s day, the lovers of Valentine’s day, or the neutral (what holiday?).

Screeeeeeaaaccchhhhh!  Sttoppp. Freeze!  Right where you are!

I’d like to propose a re-framing of this day altogether.

Remember when you were in the 2nd grade, you spent a whole afternoon turning a old shoe box into your valentine receiving box using construction paper, scissors and glue.  It was fun, pretty easy and the box could look anyway you wanted it to look.  It got you all ready to receive lots of Valentine’s from everybody.

Then the next day everyone in class showed up with valentines cards and you ended up with a whole pink shoe box of Valentine’s reminding you of many of the following. . .

Be mine.   I’m yours.

I’m cuckoo for your love.  Cuckoo!  Cuckoo!

No lion, I love you.  Roooaaarrr!

You appeel to me, Banana face.

Lots of silliness.  Lots of candy (which at the time you thought was fabulous). Lots of pink and red.  Lots of fun (you were skipping any real school subjects for cupcakes).

So given this is where you started with Valentine’s day at age seven, let’s just take you right back there.

Let’s make Valentine’s the day you just remind all those people in your life that you care about them and you love ‘em.  It can include your partner or the doorman, your friends and your family, your great aunt Lillian and so on.  Give ‘em one of those silly sappy cards just for the fun of it! Spread your love!

Make Valentine’s day a day to create random acts of kindness.  Better yet, make them anonymous.  Pass on fun, unexpected delights to a total stranger.  Pay ahead for the next five people to get a free coffee or cupcake.  Send an anonymous note to someone who is sad or lonely.  Send flowers to that cranky person at your office who never gives anyone credit for hard work.

When you do these fun little mischievous acts, you’ll notice it actually makes you feel good.

Today, one thing for sure is that you are receiving a BIG BIG Valentine’s greeting from me.  Because I love this day and I love you!  Trust me, I do, in a divine bright love sort of way!!

I’m truly CUCKOO for you!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Much much love,