New Year Resolutions in July?

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Do you love making New Year’s resolutions? I do! When was the last time you checked in on your progress for 2013? If you are like me, it’s been awhile.

That’s why I’ve created a summer program specifically to remind you and hold you accountable for creating JOY. Fun. Delight!file8161283707096

Most new year’s resolution focus on trying to make life feel better – better health, fitness, eating habits, new jobs, improved relationships, more money.  But wait. . . .
·      Have you ever focused your resolution on JOY?
·      Have you ever focused your resolution on FUN?
·      Have you ever focused your resolution on Delight?

There is time for processing, looking within and asking deeper, thoughtful questions of what you truly want from your life. There is a time to loosen up, remind yourself how to play, find ways to delight yourself and make plans that re-generate your juice and JOY of life.

I believe the perfect timing for cultivating JOY is now. In the summertime.
‘Tis the season for cultivating more of the activities you love.
‘Tis the season to explore more of what would make you happier.
‘Tis the season to stretch yourself towards the YES – the things you are drawn to but put off because so many other things demand your attention.

I’m here to be a cheerleader, guide, inspiration and hold you accountable to cultivating joy (YOUR Joy!) for eight weeks starting July 1st.
flowerburstDo you feel it? Then join us for the Summer of JOYfest!!!  Here’s a peek of what you can expect:

  • Eight weeks of joyful support, cheerleading, fresh, inspiring ideas and accountability!
  • Four live calls for guidance, sharing, and q & a’s! (all recorded so you can listen anytime ‘cause this is summer and you may be kayaking)
  • Goodies in your inbox three times per week:  Monday’s message will include the week’s main theme plus two more messages sprinkled with insights and inspiration.
  • Private Facebook Page:  Get to know others on a joy ride, brag about your joyful adventures and exchange joyful ideas.

This is a chance to go back to summer camp, except this ride is for grown-ups that want to remember the ZING of summertime. Join me in creating a new movement of cultivating JOY in your life.  More details & sign up at:

Scared to hit the paypal button? Here’s my promise. . .if for any reason you are not completely satisfied at the end of the eight weeks, I will gladly refund your payment. I believe and I know this program can make a direct difference in your life but you are taking a leap of faith that it will make a difference for you. So if this leap of faith doesn’t land you into more joy, your payment refunded, no questions asked!
More details & sign up at:

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