New Year, New Energies

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Looking to identify ways to frame your New Year? 

As you may know, I love to look to Numerology, particularly for the personal year cycles, to focus my energies and projects in ways that align with my personal year.

Here’s how to calculate your Personal Yeargrey numbers

ADD Birth month + Birth date + The Current Year (so 2015 = 8 because 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8)

Example 1:

Birthdate:  June 26th

6 + 2 + 6 + 8 (2015 totals to a 8) = 22*,

Therefore, this year is a personal Master year of 22!

*If the numbers add up to an 11 or a 22, then you do not add the two digits together as the years of 11 and 22 are Master years imbedded in the nine-year cycles.

Example 2:

Birthdate:  November 13th

1 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 8 (2015 totals to a 8) = 14, then add 1+4= 5

Add double digits together to create one single digit (except for 11 and 22).

Therefore, this is a personal year of the number 5:  Change, Adventure, Sensuality!

Your personal year number gives you an indication of how to align your energy, activities, time and focus for feeling the most in-sync with your life and the most connected to who you are and what you are right now.


If your personal year adds up to a  . . .

1. It’s a year of new beginnings, reinventing you, starting over, moving, new relationships and jobs and creating new life chapters.

2. It’s a year for cooperating with others to develop the vision you begin in Year 1 – you don’ t have to do it alone any longer.

3. It’s a social playful year of cultivating new interests, expressing yourself and entertaining.

4. It’s time to get to work in this serious and responsible year, and to put systems in place, and create the foundations for your bigger dreams.

5. Get ready for life expansion, adventure, and the unexpected year with lots of changes and working within the chaos of the change rather than against it.

6. In this more responsible year of cultivating harmony you’ll take care of the important people in your life and career.

7. Go inward and enjoy this sabbatical from the physical aspects of life and focus your attention on the study of abstract ideas, science, mysticism, spirituality and artistic endeavors.

8. Jump headfirst into the world of career, power, and money – this is the year to launch your book, your business, your blog – put it out there and go for it!

9.  This is the year of endings and completing the previous 9-year cycle so allow what’s ready to come to completion and not force what is next – that will reveal itself as you move into your next 1 personal year.

If your numbers added up to an 11 or a 22, you won’t reduce them to a single digit because these are Master years.

11. A year of personal illumination, this is an important year to open to your intuition and inspiration, turning inward to focus spiritually and artistically.

22.  It’s time to bring together your greatest vision into practical reality, creating change or inspired ideas to impact the world-at-large using your unique gifts and talents – don’t hold back – this is the year your grand vision unfolds at last.


Having Elizabeth do Numerology for me gave me such a sense of peace.

Where I was questioning myself before our conversation, I felt like I was making the correct decisions. Affirming that I am indeed doing my life’s work, gave me a sense of security and a renewed sense of fulfillment about my career path.  She said I was one of the few that was on my most fulfilling career path. This confirmation left me with a feeling of security that is allowing me to forge ahead with new projects, especially with her precise step-by-step plan.

She nailed what had happened for me during the previous years, so I knew to listen closely to what is coming. Elizabeth’s numerology and intuitive guidance provided “a knowing” and a new excitement concerning my work.

We also spent time looking at my son’s numerology. This let me know what he has been dealing with this past year and what to expect next year. I now know how to best support him as he goes through sudden jolts and endings…and I know what to expect in the coming months.

I am so grateful for Elizabeth’s direction and insights.  I had not known what to expect from Numerology but now realize how helpful it can be!

L. Gregg, NYC


The Global Number for 2015 is the number 8  – Power and Money!

These themes will not let up in the news so stay tuned to how power and money will play out on the global stage.

Notably, it may also be an important year to tend to your personal sense of power and money. Where have you neglected your bank account?  Given over something to someone else because you don’t think you are ‘good enough’? Where do you need to step up and speak your truth in a situation that’s floundering?

Don’t hold back or you will suffer far more than standing up, getting some backbone and creating discipline in areas of your life that are weak.  Find your personal power and take it into the world for a greater good. Action, not hesitation, is the theme here. Go for it!