My Journey to Enlightenment and Spiritual Life Coaching

My lifelong journey to enlightenment can be divided into two distinct phases – living in my head and living in my body. Let me share with you my journey into Spiritual Life Coaching.  The first half of my life I trained myself how to live in my head and I moved in the world from a, thinking place – using my mind and my mental field to navigate the world, navigate my goals and dreams by acquiring knowledge and by being ‘smart’.  I went to school and studied hard to learn things, trained myself to strive and try new things and in my mind to be smart.  This is really how most of us learn how to navigate the world especially if we come up the regular school system.

Now if you had tried to tell me that there was another way to acquire knowledge I would have told you “NO WAY!  That’s not true – there is so much to know.”   There is so much to know and yet that striving, that constant dissatisfaction of not knowing it all is like an itch, or like a hunger that will never be fully satisfied.  At this time, I believed I would feel more confident if I ‘knew’ more.  I wanted to be successful and this generally meant, I had to know facts, methodologies, data, information, patterns, the latest news. I had to seem ‘smart’ . . . or so I thought.

One day my whole grand plan in life changed.   I had just been laid off from that lifelong career I had so carefully planned, studied and prepared myself for.  I felt a terrible amount of shock and grief in my life. My mind’s “perfect” plan had been turned upside down and I had no idea where to go to from here!

At that time my mind could not conceive of a way to recover from this “tragedy”, but my body had other ideas.  My body shut down completely.  In fact, my body behaved as if I had been hit by a car.  I couldn’t move I was so stiff and in so much physical pain.  I was forced to stop and listen in a whole new way – not just falling back on what I had learned or studied because this didn’t fit into what my mind had planned at all.  I had to find a new way through what was happening to me at that time and there was nothing I could do but tune into my body and listen from a very different place than I ever had before.

So I’m curious, has something like this ever happened to you?

Have you ever encountered a time in your life when there was no way out using your mind?

Are there places in your life where the mind stops you more than it propels you forward?

I’d love to hear about your experiences!  You see, I’m excited to share more about how I help women listen from a deeper place by going beyond the mind (perhaps even the ego) and heeding what I call soul callings.

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