Muscling your way through the holidays?

My life has been a full scale whirlwind since the holiday season began. One fun exciting thing after another – yeeaahhh! It’s easy to get caught up in just getting through it so I am slowing it down this week. I can’t actual stop my schedule but I can take small moments to exhale slowly, walk to my destination and take in the holiday decorations, or sit down in the park for a few minutes to watch the squirrels running around.

As you read my message this week, use it as an opportunity to create a little pause in your day, your calendar, your appointments and enjoy the holiday season all around you!


Message From Your Soul

As you take a moment to breathe and catch up with yourself in the midst of this holiday season, how are you feeling?

Take a deep exxxxhhhhaaaallllleee. Ahhhhhhhh. Slow down your breathing.

Do you find yourself trying to muscle through your life right now? Once you start doing this you may also shut down and go into constant execution mode – of your appointments, events, work, to do’s – your whole calendar just becomes one thing after another to get through.

Here’s the reality. Muscling through your life sucks away all the fun, the joy, the delights that may pop up along the way. It becomes impossible to notice all the goodies that keep life feeling good.

It’s true, sometimes that’s just what it takes. But what if you could do it another way?

What if you could shift this frame into one where you are still living your life AND where you can show up feeling grounded, excited, delighted and at ease with all that’s happening on the outside of you?

It starts by taking time and space for the inside of you. For listening to the deeper parts of you that are tapping on your shoulder and trying to get your attention.

When you begin by acknowledging all the parts of you – no matter what arises – you naturally shift, open and relax into who you truly are!

What feels like a lot of heavy lifting shifts into ease and grace with things falling into place synchronistically – beyond what your mind and all its planning, strategies, and re-organizing and general obsessing – could have ever thought up!

So turn up the magic, sprinkle some sparkle and let go of shouldering through your life. Unblock the wonderful. Find out what can happen.


Client Raves

“I felt my anxiety, stress and sadness miraculously lift.”

I was lead to hire Elizabeth when I find myself really struggling with challenges in my relationship and my career. I felt overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, and sadness.

Working with Elizabeth, I felt very safe and entirely accepted by her. She is truly compassionate and fully accepting of all aspects of my experience. I learned from her how important it is to love whatever arises, and in loving the “negative” aspects, they would somehow be released. My tendency would be to avoid negative thoughts or feelings as they arose, but Elizabeth would “welcome them in” into the experience, and in so doing, I felt them miraculously transform. It felt as though the energy associated with them became freed, serving to directly increase my sense of well being, peace and joy!

Now I am calmer and happier. I am able to relate more lovingly with all of the people in my life. I am kinder toward myself, and much more effectively able to manage any negative feelings as they arise.

My life has been impacted . . . I have become much more aware! I think I have been “sleepwalking” through so much of my life. This has started a number of changes in my life, not all of them comfortable! But the best part has been that I have begun to connect with a much greater sense of purpose and clarity, and to feel and express myself more authentically.

Without exception following each session with Elizabeth, I have felt very relaxed and joyful. This process does not require any sort of “down time” whatsoever afterwards, and very little effort is needed during the session, yet I have found the results to be profound, perhaps more so than any other healing modality I have tried.

I highly recommend this to anyone; even if there are no particular issues that need to be addressed, I have found a deeper sense of connection with myself that I believe would greatly benefit anyone.

-Katie, Psychiatrist, Milwaukee, W.I.


Happy Holidays!

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