How are you nourishing your body and soul?

If you met me ten years ago, you would see a completely different person than who I am today.  Now that’s probably true for everyone to some extent.  But for me the difference would be pretty significant.

For starters I dyed my hair a dark brown and wore it long and straight.  I weighed more and carried more weight in my face.  I exercised but not extensively enough to be considered athletic (I was just keeping up).

More importantly, I was more easily irritated. A lot more cranky. And a lot more moody.  And prone to feeling really depressed.  I couldn’t regularly digest my food.  I was always trying to figure out the last thing I ate that was upsetting my stomach to try to avoid eating it again but it never seemed to end. I couldn’t always pinpoint exactly what it was.

So how did I evolve to what I look like today and how I feel today?  Read on to learn more about how food and nutrition played a key role in my journey and join me this Wednesday for a webinar on this very topic.

My Own Journey through Food . . .

When I started exploring all the different ways the body, mind, and spirit heal, I tried a lot of different things.  I was genuinely ready, willing, and able to try just about anything.  I knew that there was a direct link to how I felt, my mood swings, and my digestion, but nothing a medical doctor would diagnose.

So I started my own research.  I worked with a nutritionist and started eliminating certain foods. I followed the blood type rules and tried eating like Blood type O (I found out later I am Blood type A).  I did a ten day food detoxification on my own following some guidelines in a book. I stopped drinking alcohol simply because it made me feel so bad.

I gave up meat, chicken, diary, wheat, soda, sugar and more for three years.  I did a juice cleanse for six weeks.  I drank wheatgrass.  I grew my own organic vegetables.  I tried going raw.  I did a gall bladder flush.  I did colonics.  Through it there were times I felt really good and times I felt really bad.  But I believed I was changing my cellular make-up.  I was changing my physical self from the inside out.

And I was determined to change it because I kept noticing that no matter how much I ‘tried’ I would default to negative places – depression, moodiness, despair – and I wanted to shift that out of my cells entirely.  Back then I was mostly doing this on my own, with a friend or two, reading books to piece it together.  People thought I was completely crazy.  The word ‘detox’ didn’t really exist as a word people used on a regular basis unless you were a drug addict.

Now there is a lot more support for making these types of food and nutritional changes in your life.  Including amazing practitioners who can help you create a personalized plan and there are more organic food choices, more awareness of where food comes from, local versus commercial farming and awareness of the affects food creates for health, wellness, and vitality. Not to mention the many more vegan, vegetarian and amazing raw food restaurants (I was just treated to dinner at one of the best in the country last week!).

Food is a direct link to how we nourish ourselves. And how we nourish ourselves is a direct link to how we connect to ourselves as spiritual beings.  Nowadays, I’ve found more peace when it comes to my food choices and no longer have to maintain strict dietary restrictions and can naturally digest my food, eating just about anything.  It took me years of searching which I can share with you as you embark on your own journey.  How do you want to nourish your body?

I would love to support you to make similar changes inside and out in your life.  Please join me and New York based Health coach, Jena La Flamme this week in a webinar titled, How to Unblock Your Flow in Weight Loss and in Life Join us on Wednesday, March 17th at 8pm (EST)/5pm(PST).


More details on the webinar for Wednesday . . . .

You’ve likely noticed, there are areas of your life where everything works…
…and there are areas where you get really discouraged, easily frustrated,
and can’t for the life of you make what you want happen.

For many powerful women, feeling unhappy about their weight and body image falls into that category.

While for others that missing thing is a satisfying and rewarding career.

And for others still, it’s nourishing, fulfilling, and passionate relationships.

In either case, there’s a voice whispering in your ear, with never ending persistence, no matter how many times it’s been ignored, that is part of the solution…if only you would listen.

Join me, Elizabeth Joy Mueller, former corporate management consultant turned soul healer, and Jena La Flamme, weight loss expert and founder of the Jena Wellness Center in NYC, as featured in Glamour, Pilates Style and on Discovery Health Channel, for a FREE 60 minute webinar to ignite your path to weight loss, wellbeing and getting exactly what you want.

Are you ready to stop drowning out the smartest part of you, and unlock your power?

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010, at 8pm EST, 5pm PST.  To Register go to:
P.S. Even if you are unable to make the webinar live, send me your name and email and we’ll send you an mp3 recording as soon as it is available. That way you can listen to this great information when it suits your schedule.