My Approach

Deep within you is an infinite place of quiet, wise connection. It’s home to your highest purpose. It warms you with the richest peace. It’s the truth of who you are.

Know what I’m talkin’ about?

But part of this being-a-human-being game is forgetting all this. Losing sight of the connection that’s your birthright. Feeling a little lost on your journey.

That’s when things get sticky. Confusion clouds our clarity. Despair, shame, and blame make the path brambly. We need a wise nudge (or loving kick in the ass!) to get us back on track. To reflect those truths we’ve forgotten. To remind us of who we truly are.

That’s where I come in.

I help people just like you reconnect to this deep wisdom, experience refreshing clarity, and fit the puzzle pieces of their lives together in new, soulfully true ways.

My “how” to this personal alchemy blends spiritual depth and city-savvy, warmth and get-it-done discernment. So you can get un-stuck. So you can stop holding back. So you can begin living the life you knew was possible, somehow.


Now I understand what I’m here to do.

“Working with Elizabeth has given me a more powerful will to move forward in accomplishing my purpose. Now, when doubts come up, I don’t give in to them. I don’t listen to those voices of doubt anymore.”

Dana Joy Altman, Creator, Real Food Rehab, Chicago, IL


What’s in My Tookit:

A Hardwire to Cosmic Truth: I don’t channel spirits or sway over crystal balls.  Instead, I rely on my personal connection to the truest truth. (You’ve got this connection, too — I’ve just spent years fine-tuning mine!)

Deep Listening, Savvy, and Sass: When it comes right down to it, you need to jive with your guide. As a highly sensitive seeker AND recovering Type A personality, I can pick up what you’re throwin’ down — and I know when to soothe, when to sass, and when to sit back and let things unfold.

Numerology: I know, sounds kinda fairy-fluffy, right? I thought so too, until I saw first-hand just how practical this stuff is. It’s mondo-helpful and surprisingly practical.

You Are Entering a Bullsh*t-Free Zone

I don’t tell the future.

I reveal where you’re headed now — and how to pivot gracefully.

I don’t promise fortunes overnight.

I guide you to a career of ease and soulful alignment.

I don’t promise tantric sex marathons with your soulmate.

I unravel the blockages keeping you from unconditional love.

I don’t coach you on how to market your business.

I help you unlock a wellspring of ease, creativity, and satisfaction.

What if you could be happy: right here, right now?

I ask a lot of my clients:

Courage ~ to discover the deep desires underneath surface goals.
Willingness ~ to bring your whole heart and an open mind.
Responsibility ~ to show up for yourself, again and again.
Readiness ~ to stop struggling and try something different.
Patience ~ to roll with the ups and downs of your journey.

It starts with powerful presence. I teach my clients the art of being truly present to whatever’s arising. Fight with your boss? Creative breakthrough? Traumatic memory? Hot barista flirtation?  It’s all welcome here. And it’s all an opportunity to drop into pure presence.

When you open to your most vast, expressive self, “success” starts to look different. You align with those vulnerable yearnings hidden at the very bottom of your heartand things begin flowing gracefully. External affluence begins to match your inner sense of abundance. And it looks totally different for each person.

Together, we’ll bridge the gap between you and your Highest-Truest-Most-Divinely-Actualized-Self.

Working with a guide can jumpstart massive positive shifts in your life. Think of it as your cosmic safety net, allowing you to soar higher than you’d dreamed possible.

We’ll coax that wise inner voice of yours — and marvel as she belts out a life-affirming anthem. We’ll leap forward, integrate, and leap some more.

What’s your dream life look like? Let’s enquire together …

Want a quick burst of potent insight? An Open Sesame Session might fit just right.

Fancy some ongoing guidance, woo-woo-free? Check out my One-One Offerings.

Are you more of a community kinda gal? You’ll love my Gatherings In the Flesh.

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