Meet Elizabeth

The Intuitive MBA

I empower people to bridge the gap between spiritual clarity and get-er-done achievement. Between real-world success and timeless wisdom. Between intuition and results.

soul callings elizabeth joy mueller the savvy soul messenger

I’m part savvy business coach, part intuitive guide, and part radical, loving presence.

I work with people ready to create a real-world success story: one that’s authentic, on their own terms, and infused with spiritual depth.

My clients are high-achievers who have an even higher calling.  Spiritual sensitives trying to feel at home in a fast-changing world.  Grounded seekers looking for more than the cookie cutter solutions from therapists, doctors, or healers.  Ambitious, smart people ready to get off the merry-go-round of workshops and gurus and counselors and finally create a life they love, from the inside-out.


“Elizabeth is a gentle gem of a soul, and her gift for this work is extraordinary.”

Sylvia, Photographer, New York


If you want to skyrocket your career without sacrificing your spiritual depth, I can help.  If you want to connect you with your deepest, highest wisdom — without the frou-frou-snakeoil-bullshit — we’ll get along famously.  If you want to finally feel like your whole life — the job, the money, the goals, the relationships — reflects your higher self, we should talk.

Don’t fit the mold?  Great!  Neither do I.

On the one hand, I’m a highly ambitious, recovering Type A personality, driven by adventure and the pursuit of panache.

On the other hand, I’m a highly sensitive spiritual seeker, gifted with hardline access to that vast, quiet space of an ancient wisdom within us all.

Smoosh these two forces together and you get a weirdly wonderful life story all about integrating personal attunement and outer success.  You also get a rare breed of mentor, uniquely gifted at helping the ambitious, the professional, the highly sensitive, and even the disillusioned enjoy inner clarity and worldly success.

“Elizabeth is smart and sophisticated enough to receive me in the fullness of who I am. Her background and intelligence allowed her to understand both the high-achieving worldly side of me, and the sweet injured child in me, as well. That’s rare.”

Nancy, Investor Relations, New York


I’ve been there, done the hard work, and come through the other side to help people just like you.  My work is deeply personal, profoundly connected and results-driven:

A bit more about my story …

Q:  How does a woman with skyscraper savvy, an executive-level bullshit detector, and an MBA from Vanderbilt end up offering spiritual guidance?

A:  It’s a colorful story of a Kansas girl making good, starting over, and re-inventing herself over and over again.  It twists through 42nd floor corporate suites in NYC and a village of shamans in West Africa.  It turns through spiritual treks in the Himalayas and Fortune 500 boardrooms.  After big city living and international adventuring, it winds up in Boulder, Colorado, where I offer a unique combination of teaching, mentoring, coaching, and guidance — all to reconnect you to your greatest self.

Along my own journey, I have:

I’ve discovered how to strip away the traditional, cultural, philosophical, and fashionable trappings of spiritual paths to get to the gem of truth at their core.  This is what I can show you how to do, too.

No tea leaves.  No crystal ball.  Just pure, powerful presence.

I’m not your typical life coach.  I’m not your typical healer.  I’m not your typical MBA.  I won’t promise you 6-figures overnight or the dream relationship with your soulmate.  I won’t give you checklists and action plans.  Instead, I’ll reconnect you to your Highest-Deepest-Most-Divinely-True-Selfso you can begin living the life that’s waiting for you.

If you’ve tried all the usual stuff, gone to all the best people, and still don’t feel like anyone truly “gets” you — it might be time for us to talk.

Want more?

I offer personalized guidance and fantastically fun live events. Check out the services I offer for individuals and groups.

Check out my blog to soak up my musings on practical spirituality and purpose-driven living.

If you’re interested in spending years and years seeking … good on ya!  

But if you’re ready for courageous clarity and powerful presence — now — we should talk.  Contact me at