Let’s make JOY a habit!

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What are you waiting for? Serious. Stop. 

What are you waiting to happen so you can really start living your life? 2people_hugging
·      Win the lottery.
·      Find my Soul mate.
·      Kids to grow-up.
·      To get pregnant.
·      Find my dream house.
·      Land a great job.
·      Get famous.
·      Earn the $$ I deserve.
And once that one thing happens, what are you hoping you will FEEL?

I’m guessing it has something to do with Joy.  (you might use a different word like happiness but it is still closely tied to feeling joyful)

There seems to be some human tendency to delay allowing yourself to feel JOY until you finally ‘get’ that one thing that is sitting at the top of your to-do list.

The scary part is that it may be sitting on the top of your to-do list for years.

That means you’ve actually delayed feeling the sense of joy and satisfaction that you are truly craving.  You are waiting for that one thing to bring it to you.

I believe JOY doesn’t just fall into your lap once everything you want (more money, the baby, new house, fabulous job) arrives. In fact, I might even argue that one of the reasons the things you are craving the most aren’t showing up is because you are making them so much work that the JOY gets sucked right out of the process.

If you aren’t feeling any joy right now, it can’t find you.  You’ve got to start with Joy, not the stuff you are hoping will bring joy.

I’m suggesting that when you begin cultivating Joy as the starting point, it becomes much easier and much more natural to attract the ‘things’ that Joy is attached to in your life.flowerburst

I invite YOU to join me this summer. . . let’s cultivate JOY.

Let’s make JOY a habit.
Let’s get below the surface to find out what brings you JOY.
Let’s discover more ways to create Joy as a regular practice in your life.

Let’s do it together in my Summer JOYfest starting on July 1st!  Sign up NOW! 

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Then get ready for eight fun-filled, purposeful weeks to create the best summer of your life.

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