Make room for JOY! Happy Holidays!

Message from Elizabeth
I write this in a quiet house (a rare moment) with all my family as we’ve come together to celebrate Christmas in Las Vegas. I know, people always do a doubletake when I tell them I am heading to Las Vegas to meet my family. But, its true!

Last week, at another evening of sharing soul callings with a group of divine divas, I got to participate in my own small group exercise. In this exercise, each woman pulls from my Savvy Soul card deck and shares what resonates about the card for them. Because we had an odd number of participants, I got to pull one of my own cards.

The card I pulled stated: Make room for JOY!


I could not be more ready to remind myself of this everyday, every minute! This is what life is all about and sometimes this seems to be the last thing on the ‘to do’ list!

One of my personal holiday “joys” is gift wrapping. I love to create all sorts of wrapping, ribbons, and bows for each package. This year I’ve shared this pleasure with my three and half year old niece, Sofia.

I explained to her that I was an Elf with a very special job – Santa’s gift wrapper. She gave me a special name, Ribbony, and together we have created a unique package out of every gift under the tree!

I invite you to join me this holiday season in moving JOY to the top of your ‘list’.

As I do so I am reminded how blessed my life is and has been over this last year. I am so blessed you are in my life and our paths have crossed in the most perfect way (And I hope will continue to do so in the future!).

I am wishing you and your loved ones, families, communities, and all those who’s lives you touch much much LOVE and JOY.

Happy Holidays!! Peace to you!
Elizabeth Joy