Living an Integrated Life

During my “re-integration period”  I discovered that I had this inner calling that kept telling me something was out there that I could do that would bring me in direct experience of the divine.  I didn’t know who, what or where.  So I started searching.  I traveled to India and studied with yoga masters, meditation teachers, and monks, visited temples and monasteries. I sat at the foot of many gurus – got hugged, blessed and healed.  I went to workshops and trainings and initiations. Funny enough, at the time I couldn’t have told you exactly what I was searching for but I knew it had to be out there and I wanted to connect with it and know it for myself.

Looking back I realize I was searching for a process that would connect me with divine truth, divine love and divine wisdom through my own direct experience.  I had a hunch that it could come through the body and it turns out that exactly what I discovered – our own divine connection comes through the heart, the body and all the senses, opening you to your intuition, your imagination, your spiritual field, and the chakras.  This divine connection that I sought can be simple, clear and direct and utterly profound.  And when I learned to access it, I discovered I had a natural born gift.  Through my gift I could heal, release, shift, transform and change whatever I thought I was faced with in the past, present and future for myself and for others.  I admit I only wanted more of this in my life and so I did these sessions regularly with a very small circle of friends– as often as possible -making enormous changes in my own life.

And then I did something so delicious with what I had discovered and practiced.  I suppressed it!  Yes, how, amazing is that?  It was just too much and I didn’t know how to bring into the world.  It felt too scary, too overwhelming.  I told myself no one would listen to me.  I liked living in the modern world and, if, that is the case, then how could I be considered ‘spiritual’?  I couldn’t imagine how I could be who I am without sacrificing a modern day existence.

I cut off my feelings as much as I could and buckled up to go out and pretend I didn’t know anything.  I told myself I should just be normal and get a regular job and a 401K and play it safe.  This is what I did and with that came a tremendous amount of pain and grief.  Every day I woke up to shrinking myself down as much as possible to get through my days.

Finally, I hit the bottom.  I didn’t want to run from who I am and my true gifts anymore. I was too exhausted to keep pretending. I literally told the universe, “I am done. You’ve got to find some other way for me to be of service.” So I began to share with my friends and my family that I was making a big shift in my life, that I was going to follow my own soul calling and begin sharing my training and my natural gifts with the world. I admit it. I was terrified. But I also knew, for me, there was no going back.

It was during this time in which I received a very clear message that the work I am here to share is to guide, facilitate and teach others to access the Soul and navigate change in such a way that feels truly authentic to who you are and your purpose for being here in this lifetime.  I am here to show you that your Soul Callings are true, real and yours alone.  I am here to show you that you can follow your true knowing regardless of all ‘the rules’ that may have told you otherwise.  I am here to help you recognize your own truth, your own intuition and your own soul callings.  And the amazing thing is that this all comes through to you directly through your body.  It is not outside you or something you have ‘to get’.

The starting place is to tune into your heart and your body beginning by listening, feeling, experiencing all of you.  It’s a journey that is often discovered with the help of another.  Yes, it’s been done before alone.  Ask any yogi sitting in a cave.  But there is a better way that exists, the modern way where you can explore and discover your own truth from your sofa, navigating change and opening in your life faster and easier than ever before.  I can show you how as I’ve shown countless other women.

So I’m curious, what change are you ready to call forth into your life?

Are you ready for great satisfaction professionally, physically, romantically, emotionally, spiritually?

I’d love to hear about your experiences!  You see, I’m excited to share more about how I help women listen from a deeper place by going beyond the mind (perhaps even the ego) and heeding what I call soul callings.

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