Last Call for the BIG SHIFT Bonus!

In one of my recent e-mails I talked about how you can get “stuck” in one of two ways.

You don’t know enough right now and you are forcing yourself into a decision state too soon.

So stop for a minute and tune into all of you.  Just give me 60 seconds.  Listen with your whole body:

Is there something calling to you in your life that you know you want and you keep pushing yourself to make a decision on but really you just aren’t ready yet, you just don’t have enough information?

If so . . .

How could you gain more information around this and feel more ready to move forward or make a choice?

What do you need to know?

I’m not suggesting you need 100% of the details. That is not realistic.  Don’t use this as an excuse to not move forward.  But maybe there are some pieces that would help you trust yourself and your decision more than this pushing forward – which is only causing you to drag your feet even more.

Can you name it?

If you can’t name it on your own, and trust me this is true for most of us, then I invite you to reach out and set aside some time – just thirty minutes – to tune in together.  There is something so incredible that happens when you are able to quiet yourself and tune into your own inner wisdom.  I can help you clear out the multiple voices that come crowding in creating confusion and self doubt.

Yes, those voices believe they are there to keep you safe and out of harm’s way.  However, where you are now and what you are wanting to create may look and feel very different than what you’ve wanted in the past and may require listening much deeper to your own quiet whisperings.

It may require that you peel away those old voices in order to step into who you are now and what you are craving in your life.

“The first and foremost significant improvement after my most recent session with Elizabeth is a new-found CLARITY.  I came to her with a big life decision, a lot of mental static and various voices that were not my deepest wisdom.

After our session I was as clear and clean as a Northern Minnesota lake.

The second thing I loved was the constant the reminder to trust my instincts. We all know this, but like everyone, I forget.  Elizabeth showed me HOW to do this versus just telling me to trust my intuition.”

The timing is right for you.  I am opening up my schedule to work with a select number of clients this fall.  It’s worth it to explore what that could be like for you to gain deeper access to your intuition, your true inner voice and your deepest callings.  Let’s research this together.

Today is the day! Tonight, at midnight (12am EST) will end my bonus offer for an additional $200 off the BIG SHIFT Program.

“Elizabeth helps you connect to a place of endless unconditional love in which you are safe to say anything you need to, and to bring everything that you are – knowing that you will be held in a sacred space of acceptance and appreciation and pure love that is nothing less than transformational.”

Reach out to me today and let’s connect and tune into what you want and how you could achieve it.  No one does it all alone and you can have the support and guidance you need to create the Shift you are craving in your life.  And it can happen quickly and graciously!

My work continues to be a high touch, individualized, and guided process.  I have created the BIG Shift program to help you stay focused on your growth, dreams, and goals by opening to Who You Are.

“I feel fortunate to have experienced extraordinary results from the first call.
Sometimes through the conversation, I gain new insights and tools to help me navigate my life, and at other times I receive a full body energy shift.

I have experienced extraordinary spiritual shifts as well.”

Go for your BIG SHIFT!

What’s included in this special Big Shift program?

  • Two one-to-one sessions per month for sixty minutes each for six months.

Using an integrated approach that includes clearing, exploration, and curiosity, we will open to what is arising in your life and what you are ready to call forth.

We will work directly with your mind (which is most often where the fears come storming in) to clear out the places where the old stories are holding you back, subconscious beliefs are sabotaging your efforts and heal the trauma of the past to free you for your own TRUE greatness!

The surprising part is that it will feel natural.  It will blossom with ease within you without having another list of ‘to-do’s or rules or homework – you already have enough of that in your life.

  • Unlimited e-mail support so that you can reach out and gain additional advice, guidance, or support between sessions.

When questions arise late at night, you can put your mind at ease by writing the email right then and know you are getting the clarity you need without stalling out or getting buried in self-doubt.

Imagine feeling more like YOU!  Stepping into new goals, dreams, and challenges will start to feel exciting and fun, rather than terrorizing and paralyzing!

In the Big Shift program, you will:

  • Have around the clock support; move the mountains, the fears, and the confusion out that keeps you stopping you.
  • Find more ease and grace in stepping into what you keep telling yourself you can’t have.
  • Clear out the old stories and fears that rush in just as you are about to take that BIG Leap.
  • Open to who you are and welcome opportunities, synchronicities, and more joy naturally and graciously.
  • Have two one-to-one sessions each month for 60 minutes each for six months.
  • Be able to reach me by email 24/7 for additional support and guidance.

This is only available to the people I know ready to embrace and enjoy change and I’m only opening up these spots until Sept 1st, 2011 at the incredible rate of $3,597.00, only $2,597.00.

I’m giving you over $1,000 off my current rates, plus TODAY, August 26th, 2011, another $200.00 Bonus if you sign up by midnight (12am EST).

That’s 26 weeks of support at 24 hours a day/7 days a week taking you to March 2012!

I am really looking forward to being on your team and supporting you and any SHIFT you are ready to create.  Reach out to me at 917.309.7612 or today and let’s talk.