Breakthrough Your JOY Ceiling

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Last summer, I launched a program that focuses on cultivating JOY. WHY? It’s all too easy to focus on that long to-do list, or on all the things that aren’t working out right now, or all the things that need your attention.

But wait! What really needs your attention is you and your own inner compass towards JOY.

All that stuff on the to-do list, all those new year resolutions won’t add up to JOY unless you cultivate JOY as part of the to-do’s from the starting point.

Together, let’s go back to the drawing board and start building our lists, goals and wishes with JOY at the forefront. I’m bringing back the Summer of JOYfest program in 2014 so you have support, inspiration and accountability to not only stay on course but take your JOY meter even higher.

Ready to bust your JOY ceiling? I bet you never realized you had a ceiling on JOY.  If you do, this is the summer to reclaim JOY like never before.

Keep in mind I’ve designed this to be easy and fun (and JOYFUL!). You can plug in from anywhere and participate at any level that feels right to you. Last summer, we had a blast and I expect it to be even more fabulous this summer.

Say yes! to this invitation and you’ll open up to:

  • Six weeks of joyful support, cheerleading, & fresh, inspiring ideas! Launch is Monday, July 7th
  • Five live calls for guidance, sharing, and q & a’s! (all recorded so you can listen anytime ‘cause this is summer and you may be kayaking)
  • Goodies in your inbox three times per week:  Monday’s message will include the week’s guidance and the main theme plus two more messages sprinkled with insights and inspiration.
  • Private Facebook Group:  Get to know others on a joy ride, brag about your joyful adventures and exchange joyful ideas.
  • Intention – powerfully bring intention into your life – but this time we will explore how to create joyful intention.
  • Challenge to push beyond your zone of familiarity – which is comfortable, albeit but may have shrunken your life down to very few things that bring you joy now – let’s stretch you out in new directions.

Hmmm. . .still on the fence?  Read more details here

This is the summer to open up in new ways and stretch beyond your comfort zone. I’ll be there as your fearless (fun!) leader along the way.

Don’t miss out. Only 25 spots!

What happened to the 2013 participants . . .

‘Thank you, Elizabeth, for leading such a wonderful and inspiring group! I brag that my summer has been filled with laughter, love and lightness.’   – D.S.B.

‘I’m even more joyous than when I began this summer, and that’s in large part due to you and the [Summer of JOYfest] group!’
- B.P.