It’s Time for Your BREAKTHROUGH!

In one of my recent e-mails I talked about how you can get “stuck” in one of two ways.

You know what is true for you but you aren’t acting on it.

So stop for a minute and tune into all of you.  Just give me 60 seconds.  Listen with your whole body:

Is there something calling to you in your life that you know is right but for any reason (and there can be a million reasons) you are not following your instincts and moving forward?

Can you name it?

If you are ready for a transformation, I am offering a limited number of thirty minute Breakthrough to Your BIG Shift sessions to help you get the clarity you are craving and find out if you are indeed ready to move forward in new ways.

No, not alone and struggling but with support, encouragement, and by staying in the flow clearing out what stops you as it arises.

You see, I have seven six openings (one has already been grabbed) for new clients for the fall.

I know that you might be just the right fit and be in the perfect place to put your attention and your intention on opening up to what’s calling through your heart and soul.

If this is you, then I suggest we set aside time – just thirty minutes – to talk about what’s happening and how you might be stopping yourself.

You don’t have to ‘figure it out’ on your own or have it all articulated for me.   We’ll do that together.  Let’s hear it out, acknowledge it, and open to up to what’s buried in there.

I only have six spots and I want you to be one of them!

Call me and let’s spend thirty minutes on you.  Dial 917.309.7612 or email me and let’s set up a time.

‘Cause you know you are ready even if you have a million excuses (which is a great starting point)!

Let’s talk this week.  When you are ready, the resources show up! In this case, the resource is coming right into your inbox.

And, there’s one more thing.  If you decide that the Big Shift program may indeed be the right time and right place for the SHIFT you are ready for in your life and you make that commitment to your own growth by midnight, Friday August 26th, I’ll give you an extra bonus of $200.

Yup, that’s an extra $200 in your pocket for a massage, a new pair of shoes, a dress that says to the world I am stepping into the changes I truly desire.

P.S. Even if you are on the fence, let’s talk.  I know it can feel scary to reach out and reply.  I know you are wondering if this is right for you.  I understand, as taking big leaps in your life is a big commitment.

Call me and let’s make sure this is right for you, 1.917.309.7612 or email me at