Is It Time to Start Something NEW?

What does it feel like to start something new?
Exciting, fun, energizing, and taps into your passion

What does it feel like when it doesn’t give you the results you hoped for?
Downright heartbreaking!

Which is why so many people hold back on putting themselves out there or trying something new.  The fear of failure!  It lurks in lots of places large and small and can zap your enthusiasm for even the smallest new endeavors you’d like to start.

Stop for just 60 seconds and tune in to see if there is something that you’ve wanted to do, to try, to sign up for that you keep putting off and creating some excuse that you ‘can’t’.

·      Is it a class or workshop?
·      Is it a trip to someplace new?
·      Is it calling someone you want to get to know more?

I keep telling myself I don’t have the time or resources to take the totem building class I really love.  My mind tricks me with:  How many animal totems does one really need? 

Truthfully, the answer is none!

But that doesn’t stop me from loving it and wanting to do it anyway.

Ask yourself:  Is their some risk I know I need to take but I fear looking foolish or being rejected if I do it?

I encourage you to stop making excuses and make a list of what you’d like to do or try.  Break it down into baby steps of actions.  Then write that email, make that phone call, sign up for that class, reach out and take that next step.

You CAN ignore those naysayer voices in your head and start something new.

For the fall I have launched a roster of new classes and workshops. This is both exciting and challenging to be starting so many new endeavors at once. Some days I am energized and excited to be sharing more of my gifts and talents and other days I’d prefer to hide in bed (staving off heartbreak), but I keep taking one baby step at a time.

If I can do it, so can you!

Do you know someone in the Boulder & Denver Metro area that might be interested in:

Like-minded support & community with other women?
Consider the unique opportunity to gather in community and grow through your challenges and your greatest callings every week. Join the Red Door Salon Series:  A Modern Day Salon for Spiritually Savvy Woman starting on October 17th for six sessions from 7-9pm.  Go here to learn more:

Online dating for men and women?
Join the Write Your Online Dating Profile Class and start cyberflirting on Thursdays starting October 18th from 6:30-8:30pm for three sessions.  Go here to learn more and register:  http://bouldervalley.augusoft.n/index.cfm?method=ClassInfo.ClassInformation&int_class_id=4408

Clarity on your life’s purpose & path?
The perfect choice is Charting Your Life Path & Career: Using Numerology to Uncover Your Strengths, Your Direction & Awaken to Your Dreams.  Open to twelve women this is a great opportunity to dive deep into your own path and uncover your unique purpose and how to turn your greatest challenges into you greatest strengths. In partnership with Daring Divas USA starting on October 23rd from 7-9pm for six sessions.  Registration and more details at:

I greatly appreciate your support and your sharing with anyone you know ready to start something new in their life.  In time, these may become available in an online format and reach beyond the Colorado region – stay tuned!

Cheers for taking that one next step towards something new!



p.s. Yes, I made the Garden Totem pictured above!