Happy summer to you! All year I have planned to take the month of July ‘off’ to allow for creative and rejuvenation time for myself. I set this time aside and yet I didn’t really know exactly what my plans would be or how this would unfold. It all came together very quickly in about a 24 hour period and suddenly I had places to go, people to stay with and I was armed with a summer plan. This plan I have created is very loosely defined by a few key beautiful places, California and New Mexico, and the desire to follow my intuition on a whole new level for creating my life. So far I’m about a week into my adventures and I’ve started to get really curious about YOU!

My wish this week is to turn my usual e-zine around to learn more about where you desire support, help, assistance, anything in your life. What are your hot buttons? I want to hear from you! Scroll down to accept my invitation to my survey, send me an e-mail, post on my blog – anyway you desire to have your perspective, your voice, your needs heard loud and clear. I am awaiting!

Can you guess the location of where this video was created?

Tell me!  E-mail me! What do you want more of in your life?

I invite you to my survey to learn more about you!  This should only take you about 3 minutes (unless you’d like to share in more detail, which I would love to receive!)

To access the survey: click here.


As a bonus for completing the survey or sending me any feedback, I will be providing a complimentary download I have created – the first interactive playsheet that I’ve developed called the Soulful Sofa Studio Series.  For me, change always starts from my bright yellow sofa so by sitting right there I created a delightful way for you to dive deep and discover for yourself right where your soul is nudging you.

I bow down and thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to share with me just where you are right now and those areas you’d most like to receive support and guidance.

Much Love and Happy Summer,