I’m having tea with Georgia O’Keefe!

I’m so thrilled to share that this summer I made some giant leaps into my dreams.  All year long I planned to take the month of July off.  I even blocked it out in my calendar and yet as the time neared I still had no idea of ‘the what’ it would be – where would I go and what would I be doing?  Miraculously on June 28th my plans fell into place and I headed west leaving NYC not just for July but August as well!

Read on to find out where I am and what I am up to this summer. . .there’s still a few weeks of summer left and have you stopped to consider, what would be exciting for you?


I’m having tea at Georgia O’Keefe’s Adobe!

I admit that even while having these fun plans to leave my routine behind and head out west, it’s still easy to slip into old habits or thought patterns that can hold you back.  So just last week I was reading a book that asked me to consider what I thought would be exciting to me.  Now this made me stop and ponder a bit.  After all I’ve been making goals and working on them but really deep down most of what I was aiming for wasn’t really exciting me all that much.  (This was some of why I left my apartment to do something new.)  So I sat down and asked myself, what would excite me?  I came up with a list of 5 things that I could explore – nature, horseback riding, Georgia O’Keefe’s house tour, Earthships and dancing.

Once I had the list, I decided to move these into action.  Now ten years ago when I came through this area I tried to get on the Georgia O’Keefe house tour and it required a reservation months in advance.  I had already told myself I probably wasn’t going to get on it this time either but I thought, well I can call and just find out.  I did call and they had a single spot open the following Tuesday!  Thrilled!  Excited! Jumping up and down!  Yes!  Excitement is now in motion and more plans went into action since it required that I rent a car and go exploring even further than I let myself believe I could go.

So stop reading right now and do the same – just grab a napkin or a notebook and write down five things that would excite you.  (Summer is not over yet!)

  1. Bake a pie with the Farmer’s market berries. Add ice cream and invite friends to share. Yum!
  2. Go horseback riding in the mountains.
  3. Plan a trip to Hawaii/Peru/Bali (fill in your dream spot) for the next year.
  4. Walk thirty minutes a day with no destination in mind and no phone – be curious!
  5. Start a new social club – book club or some other shared interest and bring people together over a passion you share.

What’s on your list??  Share it with me and inspire others to get excited this summer by posting your list in the comments below!

Now once you have your list, look it over and decide which one on the list you could take action on now.

What action can you do right now to make it happen or put it in motion?  Do it!  Don’t wait.

I had doubts about getting on the Georgia O’Keefe house tour but I called anyway.  When I got the reservation, I had no idea how I was going to get there as it is 50 miles away from where I am staying without a car, but that didn’t stop me from saying Yes!  Once I knew I had to be in O’Keefe country on Tuesday I researched other places to visited and planned my whole day around even more exciting places to explore – Ghost Ranch – where Georgia spent her summers painting – and Ojo Caliente – a famous mineral springs for soaking in iron, sulfur and arsenic baths.  So just by making that little ‘excitement’ list, I had the makings of a legendary day exploring nature, fulfilling on my dream to visit Georgia’s house and the areas where she spent her time painting as well as the mineral springs and more.

Want to see my photos?  Join me on Facebook where I posted the photos I could take using my iPhone.  Go to http://www.facebook.com/elizabethjoymueller

The photos are not very high tech I admit but stunning views nonetheless.  Of course, I couldn’t possibly capture the grandeur with a camera so maybe you’ll add this to your excitement list and come discover it for yourself.

By the way, who’s that guy in the photos?  He’s my new hiking friend, Ben.  When I arrived at Ghost Ranch the greeter asked me, Would you like to hike up to Kitchen Mesa?  Yes!  She said, that’s great because Ben would like to go as well and its best not to do the hike alone. Perfecto!

Don’t delay.  Your ‘excitement’ list may look completely different than mine but just put something down and let it start you rolling towards some fun and new exploration.

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