How do you want to FEEL in your life?

How often do we stop to really state how we want to feel?

Most often we are focused on trying to create the job, the relationship, the money, the house that we want which we believe will provide us with the feelings we want to experience.

What if you started with the feelings first?

I want to experience harmony, peacefulness and beauty in my neighborhood.

In reality I back up to three party houses and, quite frankly, some nights its anything but peaceful or harmonious – it’s rocking, loud and late.  There are college kids jumping off the roof into a pool, making an open bonfire in a dry season (I am not making this up!), and blasting music from the window playing loud beer games for hours and hours, not to mention Sunday night raves booming from the basement (unbearable).

I have been through a range  of emotions from anger, frustration, exhaustion, crankiness and feeling just plain exasperated by it.

In the last few weeks I had to decide whether or not to move.

Cottage with a red door

Sorry, not my actual cottage, but a charming one nonetheless!

The irony is that my current abode has all the potential to be the most fabulous, charming little cottage in all of Boulder.  It has a bright red door, lots of sunshine and windows, a claw foot bathtub (must have) and a gas stove plus a BBQ in the yard where I even have a little garden growing surrounding my great old wise trees.  (Did I mention the neighbors next door have chickens so I get fresh eggs?)

It has all the fixin’s of providing me peace and harmony – only the neighbors have a very different idea of peace and harmony – which has not brought me the feeling state I so wanted when I first visited the cottage.

Faced with deciding on whether or not to renew my lease I contemplated if moving would bring me the state I was desiring to experience or if by staying I could change my reality to experience the peace and harmony here.

In the back of my mind I know a number of friends who experience incessantly barking dogs, sirens, bullfrogs and any other combination of neighborly disruption even living in the nicest places in Boulder so I’m aware that attempting to move may not necessarily guarantee the feeling state of peace and harmony I am longing for.

Ultimately, I decide to stay in the cottage and settle in even more than I have to date, and really start to feel like it’s the home I desire.

To truly say yes to Boulder, yes to this neighborhood, yes to these rocking college students living around me, yes to the space I have (tiny), yes to being here and feeling the harmony, the peacefulness and enjoying the beauty on a whole new level.

To begin feeling my new reality, I completely stopped complaining about the noise and neighbors to anyone.

I stopped making the noise and rocking parties any part of my reality.

After turning on the air conditioning and putting in ear plugs, if I could still hear the music playing, I just rolled over in bed until I fell asleep not making any story about it and acting as if it didn’t exist.

I admit, this all took willpower of a different sort.  Not unloading and complaining requires you stop yourself again and again mid-sentence because it’s so easy and feels so good to just vent.

What you ready to feel in your life now?

Where do you need to stop complaining about what’s not working in your life?

Where are ready to get clear about what you do want, rather than focusing on what you don’t want?

If you start naming what you want to experience from a feeling place, it’s easy.

It’s probably some variation of ease, connection, freedom and what’s most important is that you name it directly for you.

I want to feel ease in my cottage but the word that resonates with me is peace.

I want to feel connection in my cottage and the word that resonates for me is harmony.

Once you name it, it’s easy to tap into the feeling inside you because it is exactly what you are truly longing for.  It’s aligned with your absolute truth.

So try it.  Just start feeling how you want to feel right now. Breathe. Let it fill your lungs, your heart, your belly.

Breathe in and out like it exists and you are thoroughly enjoying yourself in this desired state.

I can tell you it changes things on the outside most miraculously.

The landlord behind me is forcing the rocking college kids out who find lighting bonfires, booming music from the windows and playing beer games for hours on end entertaining.

The raver running the pool parties and Sunday night raves has been asked to leave.

There’s a whole new vibe happening in this neighborhood.

I must admit, all these changes even surprised ME!

Now go get your feeling state started!

Please post or comment on your desired feeling and what comes your way!