How do I make my Soul Callings come true in 2010?

Happy New Year! The transition into 2010 has been exciting, expanding and exhilarating. Usually the month of January is a tough time for me and I come into a new year kicking and screaming but this transition into, not just a new year, but, also a new decade, has felt really different. Many exciting new things are happening in my practice. My programs have reached a liftoff and my clients are heeding their soul callings!

My own 2010 soul callings are inviting me to step out through speaking engagements, launching my Live Authentically Tribe and more!

The question is, how do I make my soul callings come true?

Read on to discover a short, easy yet profoundly revolutionary trick to bringing in your dreams, wishes, and New Year’s resolutions.


It’s January and you’ve made a list of resolutions, goals, desires, or, said to yourself something has to change. Maybe it is in your career, your relationship, or your health. You know what it is because it is clearly tapping you on the shoulder and when you ignore it, you can feel it. It actually takes effort to ignore it, to push it away. (If I had to guess, I might say you have a soul calling. . . .hmmmmm.)

So here’s a way through it without ‘figuring it out’ because that never works and it just makes everything feel even more difficult.

1. Set a timer for 3-5 minutes. (most phones have this option so you can do it anywhere that is relatively quiet)

2. Choose one area you desire to bring in change. For example, I desire to launch my Live Authentically Tribe with a live event. Or, I desire to bring in my own legendary relationship.

3. Be very clear about the desire or change without blending it. For example, I desire an amazing relationship, to change my career, and to receive a million dollars. This won’t work so choose only one area of focus.

4. Start the timer and for the next 3 to 5 minutes feel what it will be like when your soul calling, dream, or desire is manifested. Go to how it will FEEL to be you and have this already happening in your waking experience.

5. Allow the whole experience of how you would be, what you would feel like, imagine what you are wearing and how it feels to interact with others around you. Imagine feeling really supported and allowing what you want to come in easily and effortlessly. Have some fun, lighten it up, feel that smile on your face having what you always dreamed of! Imagine how much fun it will be for you and others when you are manifesting your soul calling.

6. Don’t go into the action steps, don’t try to figure out how to make it happen – just go straight into the fun part – the having it, the living it, the loving it!

7. Do this once a day. Stick to 3-5 minutes only. Step out of the way and let the magic begin!

When the fun stuff starts rolling in, please send me your story or post a comment so I can share it!