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I’m taking a risk here.  I’m going against mainstream marketing advice to talk about myself and my background. When I go to find any professional to support me in my personal growth, health, business or beyond, I want to know all about that person. To me, the best part of any self help book is not the 7 Seven Magical Steps, it’s the author’s personal story!

I want to know who people are, where they’ve been, and how they can help me. I want to LIKE them! Even if they are simply cleaning my teeth. I want to be surrounded by people that inspire me and believe in me, and I’m guessing you do, too!

Ready for a Cavalcade of Cosmic Support?
…It’s already within you. Like Dorothy’s ruby slippers, it’s been there all along. But part of the human game is forgetting this deepest truth, over and over again.

Consider me the Scarecrow to your Dorothy. A faithful companion excited to help you find your way home. But instead of straw for brains, I’ve got years of deep inquiry and the know-how to save you the whole Yellow Brick Road Debacle and get you where you want to go. Now.

Along my own journey, I have:

  • Worked in a corporate cubicle and sat under the Buddha’s Bodhi tree.
  • Studied, workshopped, past-life-regressed, asana’d, green juiced, prostrated, chanted, chakra-aligned and sonically alchemized.
  • Hobnobbed with, consulted, coached, and counseled Fortune 500 management.
  • Lived in Manhattan, Chicago & SF Bay area, Nashville, Las Vegas and now Boulder, explored the edge of the Sahara & lived in a thatched hut, and pilgrimmaged to Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples.
  • Trained with prominent mystics, Indian yoga masters, and African shamans.
  • Chased tigers in India and designed floral arrangements for the Ritz Carlton of Central Park South.
  • Sold sexy lingerie and earned a degree in Sociology & Anthropology.
  • Played with red pandas deep in the Himalayan forest and trained execs in leadership and motivation.
  • Dug deep, started over, and reinvented myself countless times.

Through all of these experiences, I’ve discovered how to strip away the traditional, cultural, philosophical, and fashionable trappings of these paths to get right to the spiritual core beneath them.

The result?  I’m a rare breed of mentor, uniquely gifted at helping ambitious professionals enjoy cosmic clarity and worldly success.  It’s all about living life from the inside-out. If you’re a high achiever with a nagging suspicion that true happiness won’t come from another checklist, workshop, or career milestone, we’ll get along just fine.

I’ve been there, done the hard work, and come through the other side to help people just like you.

No tea leaves. No crystal ball. Just pure, powerful presence.

Instead, I’ll reconnect you to your Highest-Deepest-Most-Divinely-True-Self — so you can begin living the life that’s waiting for you.

Interested? Intrigued? Wonderful.  Let’s talk now. I’m opening up my private mentoring practice for spring so this is the time to connect!

Your first step: Schedule your Cosmic Clarity Check here . . .  http://my.vcita.com/8074300d/scheduler

It’s a free 25 minute call where we’ll chat, see if we play well together, dip our toes into the vast truth of who you are, and give you a sweet nudge into liberation.

Only three spaces remain:  March 7th (Thursday) or 8th (Friday).  Schedule now:  http://my.vcita.com/8074300d/scheduler

Ready for your own cavalcade of support?  I am & I’m here for you!

Let’s talk,

P.S. What’s holding you back? I am opening up my private mentoring for the spring so this is the time to connect. Pick your time:  http://my.vcita.com/8074300d/scheduler

P.S.S.  Know someone who might be a perfect fit?  Your recommendation means a lot (to me and to your friend) so forward this email to her now.

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