Could Irene be your wake-up call?

Wow, how about that Hurricane Irene?

Were you there?  Did you bulk up on supplies and hunker down for the hurricane winds?

Events like this can’t help but act as wake-up calls.  Forcing you out of your tunnel vision to notice what’s happening and, in this case, taking note of the power of nature in full force.

We tend to think of certain weather patterns as an inconvenience but when they threaten to tear down our homes, flood out our transportation, and stop us in our tracks, could that be a moment to pause and take stock of what you are doing and how you are living your life?








I invite you to honor any insights that may have come from either watching Hurricane Irene on the news or hearing it blow through your neighborhood.

Did you hear any of your own internal nudges just a little bit louder?

Did it push you to consider making some changes in your life sooner, rather than later?

I’d love to hear them! I’m keeping my phone lines open for anyone needing to focus on their own BIG Shift.  E-mail me at and let’s set aside some time.

You’ve gotten a big nudge. Irene started shaking things out for you.  Now take the next step and reach out for more support.

I am sending so much love, healing, sunshine, and new opportunities as the old washes away.

Many blessings to you and your loved ones!

P.s. Irene is, in fact, the Goddess of Peace.  How could this deluge of water and wind be planting a seed of peace in your life?