Let’s make JOY a habit!

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What are you waiting for? Serious. Stop. 

What are you waiting to happen so you can really start living your life? 2people_hugging
·      Win the lottery.
·      Find my Soul mate.
·      Kids to grow-up.
·      To get pregnant.
·      Find my dream house.
·      Land a great job.
·      Get famous.
·      Earn the $$ I deserve.
And once that one thing happens, what are you hoping you will FEEL?

I’m guessing it has something to do with Joy.  (you might use a different word like happiness but it is still closely tied to feeling joyful)

There seems to be some human tendency to delay allowing yourself to feel JOY until you finally ‘get’ that one thing that is sitting at the top of your to-do list.

The scary part is that it may be sitting on the top of your to-do list for years.

That means you’ve actually delayed feeling the sense of joy and satisfaction that you are truly craving.  You are waiting for that one thing to bring it to you.

I believe JOY doesn’t just fall into your lap once everything you want (more money, the baby, new house, fabulous job) arrives. In fact, I might even argue that one of the reasons the things you are craving the most aren’t showing up is because you are making them so much work that the JOY gets sucked right out of the process.

If you aren’t feeling any joy right now, it can’t find you.  You’ve got to start with Joy, not the stuff you are hoping will bring joy.

I’m suggesting that when you begin cultivating Joy as the starting point, it becomes much easier and much more natural to attract the ‘things’ that Joy is attached to in your life.flowerburst

I invite YOU to join me this summer. . . let’s cultivate JOY.

Let’s make JOY a habit.
Let’s get below the surface to find out what brings you JOY.
Let’s discover more ways to create Joy as a regular practice in your life.

Let’s do it together in my Summer JOYfest starting on July 1st!  Sign up NOW! 

Bring yourself and a friend for the early bird pricing of $55 each this week only! (Regular price of the full program is $197)
Then get ready for eight fun-filled, purposeful weeks to create the best summer of your life.

Don’t let a few more months go by without taking action toward the good stuff.  Read more about the program now! 

Are you In? Launching the Summer JOYfest!

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As a teenager I had the opportunity to go away for five weeks to an amazing summer camp. Those are some of the best memories I have growing up – especially through my teen years when I felt awkward and left out at school (recall that feeling?).

I had lots of adventures, made dear friends, shared great laughs, and was immersed in amazing nature in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. I stretched and challenged myself physically, emotionally, and mentally with rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, canoeing and more. While not every day was easy, I was trying new things, inspired by new people, and learning new things about myself and the world.Isn’t it time to infuse your summer with adventure and fun with a sense of purpose that comes from within and fills you with wonder and delight of the beautiful world you inhabit? 

As adults, we spend a lot of time and energy focusing on what is not working. This is all good because it can be highly motivating to move out of the blah state you may find yourself in.


But wait. . . you may get stuck focusing on what isn’t working at the detriment of focusing on what you DO want to experience and create in your life.  Then you may be wandering, why doesn’t life feel funWhere did I go wrong?


I’ve certainly been there – spending a lot of time and energy on what might be wrong with me.  While I may have had my nose to the grindstone, I lost sight of the big picture and how to infuse, love, joy, laughter, and fun into my life.


I gave this a lot of thought and decided to create a program that addresses this exact issue – creating Joythe feeling state we are aiming for as the starting point. Official start date is July 1st so reserve your ticket on the joyride TODAY!


Need a little nudge here and there to keep on track?  You got it!
Want some inspiration to stretch yourself in new directions?  It’s here!
Ready for supportive fun and interactive creating?  I got your back!
Join me and others for the Summer of JOYfest!!!  Here’s a flavor of what you can expect:

  • Eight weeks of joyful support, cheerleading, fresh, inspiring ideas and accountability!
  • Four live calls for guidance, sharing, and q & a’s! (all recorded so you can listen anytime ‘cause this is summer and you may be kayaking)
  • Goodies in your inbox three times per week:  Monday’s message will include the week’s main theme plus two more messages sprinkled with insights and inspiration.
  • Private Facebook Page:  Get to know others on a joy ride, brag about your joyful adventures and exchange joyful ideas.

This is a chance to go back to summer camp with me, except this ride is for grown-ups that want to remember and bring back the Zing of summer! More details are on my website or just follow the links below to sign up.

Come join me in creating a new movement of cultivating JOY in your life.

Early birds get the juiciest worm so that means the biggest savings.

Early bird pricing is only $55 for eight weeks!
Join me by June 21st and save $44.

I’m ready for more Joy!  Here’s the linkSign me UP

P.S..  Join the Summer of JOYfest with a friend and create adventures together. . . .who do you know?


“Elizabeth is a joy to work with.  Her methods are brilliant and have a
simple elegance that helps you get to the heart of things.”

-Patricia, New York


Looking for DIRECTION? Red Door Salon Early Registration ends TODAY!

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Last call! Early registration ends at midnight! Sign up TODAY for the Red Door Salon and receive a thirty-minute one-to-one session with me.

The concept of the Red Door salon sprouted from my sofa. Yup, listening deeply to what I’d like to create, I heard SALON.

Turns out in 17th Century France, ladies were not allowed to gather in public places.  That didn’t stop our ladies from gathering though; they just did in private places, in the Salon room of their homes, to be exact.  It was in the Salon they discussed spiritual topics such as Enlightenment and ways in which to improve upon one’s own life.  This elegant and enlightening historic gathering will inform and influence the making of the modern day, Red Door Salon, I am creating in my living room in Boulder, Colorado.

As a 21st Century woman, what could you expect from participating in a Salon gathering?
·      Bring your questions, your doubts, your desires and your deepest dreams (even the buried ones).
·      Lean in with other like-minded, spiritual savvy women.
·      Receive support, insight, and modern, spiritual tools to navigate the world while staying true to yourself
·      Discuss what’s next in your life and how to begin creating it or evolving it – relationships, health, career, and community – it’s all welcome!

In the fall, a Red Door Salon participant brought her desire to change careers.  She was asking:  What should she do?  What’s her life’s purpose?  Does she need to change careers or just find a new job?  Through discussion, deep listening, and candid advice, we sent her out to explore, research and see about finding a new position, possibly in a new setting, that might be more fulfilling.  She did just that and last month started a new job with a better commute in a town that suits her and her interests more closely.

Do you need a little push to get rolling in a new direction?  Not even sure what that direction may be?  

Join us for the Red Door Salon and bring your questions, your uncertainties, and your maybe’s and let’s uncover the next steps for you.  I have personally participated in a small group of women supporting one another, just like the Salon, and look back on that time period as one of the most fulfilling and productive times of my life!

Why?  I had support.  I had accountability.  I had a cheer squad reminding me of all the progress I was making when I doubted myself.  I was inspired to follow-thru. I was willing to take new risks in my life. I had courage to take a leap of faith again and again.

The same holds true for you.  Each week, we will explore new tools and processes that are designed to extract your deepest desires and dreams and get you moving towards just that.  No more excuses. No more fears keeping you paralyzed.  No more holding off on what you truly want from your life.  Start now.  Call me and let’s get you signed up at 917.309.7612.

The Red Door Salon will meet for six sessions on Wednesdays starting May 8th  – June 19th (skipping May 29th) from 7-9pm.  Cost is $295 with the extra goodness of a half hour private session with me if you confirm by midnight tonight, May 1st.

Together, let’s spring new life into your life.

Happy May Day, beautiful!

P.s. Do you know a woman who would be just right for the Salon?  Please let her know about this special invitation.  I am relying on my personal network and recommendations from people like you to spread the word.  Thank you kindly!

P.s.s.  Here’s the official link if you’d like more details: http://elizabethjoymueller.com/events/the-red-door-salon-series/

When I want to hear the Truth, I call you.

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My friend and former client gave me one of my biggest compliments yesterday. She said, “When I want to hear the truth, I call you.

She’s struggling with the thought of becoming a mom later in life then she expected. Should she take that leap and do whatever it takes – even if it means changing her life and possibly depleting her savings? She took so long to find a partner – even his doubt about their age is taking hold in her thoughts. Now that she’s so close, she’s paralyzed with fear.

The closer we hold a dream to our chest, the louder the self-doubt and hers said to her:  Did she pick the right partner? Will she have to go through fertility treatments? Will she have the strength and energy to deal with little ones?

She wasn’t calling me for the ‘truth’ you might get from a doctor, she was calling to hear the spiritual truth about her own power to create.  

Often we are caught up in the details of the mundane and forget the divine sacred power that is always within our reach.  

Fortunately, I was there to remind her: You are so capable. Whatever comes your way in having a child (or two), you can handle it and you will handle.  The resources are lining up and surrounding you. The universe provides when we reach clarity in our desires.  

My friend could not see – in that moment of overwhelm – how the universe had provided for her, had answered her call for a partner, for a beautiful wedding and more recently, the perfect home to start a family. Giving her space to call back her power, is what I did.

Take a moment to remind someone in your life how you truly see him or her. Tell them you see them living their dream and remind them of all the good they’ve already created. By giving them this gift, you are also reminding yourself of your own powers.

This theme of strengthening our own powers by uplifting the visions and dreams of others is the theme of my upcoming Red Door Salon, launching on May 8th for six sessions. (Wednesdays, May 8th – June 19th, skipping May 29th)
Do you have a deep desire that needs support? Bring us your most cherished dream – the one you cannot even be able to fully voice because it means so much.

Join me for this series devoted to finding your own unique path to our powers to create – individually as well as the power of a group of like-minded women.

Read more about this herehttp://elizabethjoymueller.com/events/the-red-door-salon-series/  Please connect with me with any questions. I’d love to hear from you: Elizabeth@ElizabethJoyMueller or 917.309.7612.

You are so capable,

P.S. Do you know a woman who could thrive in a setting where she is reminded each week how capable she truly is?  Please tell her about the salon!

P.S.S. Currently, the Red Door Salon will take place in my living room in Boulder, Colorado, but stay tuned for a virtual series coming soon to your living room!

I’m eating a Sh*t Sandwich. Are you?

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I hope you don’t agree with me here, but lately I feel like I am eating a sh*t sandwich.  It’s like nothing seems to quite get going and I feel overrun and sideswiped with my own self-sabotaging behavior!  I hope you can’t relate, but if you do read on. . .

My first step in tackling this was to sit down and make a list of the self-sabotaging behaviors I am participating in (at least the ones I can identify now).

Why make a list of self-sabotaging behaviors, you may ask, isn’t that just asking for more trouble?

In my experience there is something very powerful about naming what is happening.  It’s like the minute you speak to what’s really happening (instead of letting it run you around) it can no longer play the same game.  Now sometimes, the naming part sounds easier said than done.

The tricky part of self-sabotaging behaviors is that you can’t necessarily see them in action.  They are clever, wily and mutable – always changing just enough that they keep doing their job – sabotaging you!

What exactly is a self-sabotaging behavior?  In my experience it’s anything that you are self-creating to keep you from doing, being, or creating what you truly want.  It can also act as a mechanism to keep you from feeling how you truly feel.  (Why run from feelings?  Because certain feelings can feel waaaayy too scary so you’ll do anything to avoid feeling them!)

My favorite self-sabotaging behaviors currently listed on my refrigerator (revealing my own personal list is SCARY because self sabotage thrives in secrecy and shame, but I am going to out these stinky behaviors even more by publicly sharing them with you):

  1.      Distraction.  I am all over the place and get distracted by anything from the dog, to Facebook, to a phone call to email to laundry so nothing ever seems to get accomplished.  Seeing a movie in the middle of the day is a really good idea, don’t you think?  Hello, self sabotage, anyone?
  2.      Taking care of everyone’s business before mine.  Wait, but their agenda seems so much more urgent. . . and this is a perfect distraction from my own work.
  3.      Collapse.  I haven’t even started and I already see the looming failure so I want to give up, go back to bed, forget it! I am outta here. . . .
  4.      Believing and buying into my own negative beliefs like I’m not good enough at _____________.  I can’t do it.  I don’t know how.  It will be a failure, if I do it.
  5.      Compulsive eating and e-mail checking.  How much chocolate is too much?  How many times do I really need to check my e-mail in an hour?
  6.      Not exercising or getting outside – spending too much time in front of a screen at a cramped desk. (Does your neck feel sore just reading that?  ‘Cause mine is!)
  7.     My favorite and most pervasive:  OVERWHELM.  I let overwhelm bury me and then I can’t find my way out of it.

Now it’s your turn to name a few of your self sabotaging behaviors. . . .




Are these on your list?  Over or under spending, eating, sleeping, drinking, exercising.  Busyness (while living in NYC, I was notorious for having triple booked my calendar), creating another health crisis, accidents, rescuing others, trying to control others, obsessive negative thoughts, and the list goes on. . . .

The fascinating thing about self-sabotaging behaviors is that they are unlimited!  And totally unique!  Why?  Because YOU are unlimited and totally unique and these (albeit crazy making) behaviors are YOUR creations.

Seriously.  Why would I create self-sabotaging behaviors???

It’s my belief that we all create self-sabotaging behaviors as a means of STAYING SAFE.  That’s right, all these self-sabotaging behaviors are running around creating one crisis after another to keep you feeling SAFE.  That’s why these stinky behaviors will pop up when you get closer to your dreams and your heart’s desires – because getting close to the stuff that makes you really happy can feel downright terrifying, especially if you are more familiar (and even comfortable) with staying in crisis.

Break the cycle of self-sabotage by bringing your own self-sabotaging behaviors into the light.  Share your most shameful one with someone who is close to you, write out your list and even email it to me.  The minute you say it out loud or share it, it can no longer run you the same.  It magically loses its power.   That said, Be alert because one self-sabotaging behavior may mute itself into another until you ask yourself – What do I need to stay SAFE from?  What am I afraid of exactly?

Name the fear underneath all that crazy making and you are on your way to paving that path directly to your heart’s desire (with a lot less drama and crisis).

Let’s go to lunch.  Bring your list of self-sabotaging behaviors and let’s out them.
I promise I won’t bring my sh*t sandwich with me.


Disclaimer:  I’ve done my best to share a simplified explanation of self-sabotaging behaviors in this blog. The truth is, it can be a wild and wooly ride to fully understand all the ways you self-sabotage yourself and your dreams.  After all, this requires that you are willing to really look within to understand yourself profoundly and deeply.  And frankly, self-sabotaging behaviors are doing just that, sabotaging you.  They are inherently designed to be difficult to root out. This is not such an easy task to do alone.  That’s where an experienced coach, therapist or healer can make a big difference.

I am experienced and deeply committed to supporting individuals in the process of unraveling the places of fear and the self-sabotaging behaviors that are created to keep you safe but not thriving.  I understand this. I get it.  I hold a safe space for you to dive deeper to look at these places and discover they are not nearly as terrifying as you once believed them to be.  You may discover that you can love and accept these parts of yourself, welcoming in forgiveness, healing, and a renewed momentum like never before.

If you are ready to dive deeper, let’s schedule 25 minutes to talk about working together.  Email me at Elizabeth@ElizabethJoyMueller.com or call me at 917.309.7612.

P.s. Please share with anyone you know on a self-sabotaging mission – thank you!

Ready for Your Clarity Check? Let’s Chat!

I visited Noah’s Ark (seriously).

There were high winds, rising and rushing water, eerie shadows and all the animals in two by two, just as the story describes.  What struck me while walking through this interactive experience is how a flood clears and cleanses away the old to make room for the new and the now.

The story of Noah and his Ark and all that water reminds us of facing great challenges and through them finding renewal, clarity, and focus.

Strikingly, the story of the flood and the ark is not just Noah’s story but narrative also identified in 200 cultures and time periods. Being an Anthropologist at heart, I really love the universality of all that water washing away the old to make way for the new.

Where have you experienced a flood in your life?
Or maybe it’s time for your own version of the flood to wash through your life?

Ironically, I returned from my trip and came home to my own version of Noah’s story!

My water heater was slowly dying and leaking out all over the kitchen floor.  I caught it before it was a serious flood but I was struck out how true it was that I needed to flood out areas of my own life and do some cleansing.

I painted the kitchen, cleared out the gunk and the water, scrubbed it all clean, and there is a whole new vibe happening here.

Are you ready to . . . End the striving and struggle that are getting you nowhere . . .
. . . and align your efforts with your deepest, most divine desires.

Stop looking for answers outside yourself . . .
. . . and rediscover the clear, simple truths within.

Focus on your inner harmony and well-being first Stop looking for answers outside yourself . . .
. . .
and rediscover the clear, simple truths within.

Focus on your inner harmony and well-being first . . .
. . .
and watch as the puzzle pieces of your outer world fall beautifully into place.

If you’re interested in spending years and years seekinggood on you! But if you’re ready for courageous clarity and powerful presence — now — we should talk.

Your first step: contact me to schedule your Cosmic Clarity Check at http://my.vcita.com/8074300d/scheduler

It’s a free 25 minute call where we’ll chat, see if we play well together, dip our toes into the vast truth of who you are, and give you a sweet nudge into liberation.

It’s an invitation to flood out the confusion and open to Clarity.  I’m opening up my schedule for another week.

These Cosmic Clarity Checks are just too powerful to not go one more week.

Go to this link to schedule now:  http://my.vcita.com/8074300d/scheduler

Let’s talk, beautiful,



P.s. Can you think of one person you know who needs a Clarity Check in her life?  Would you be willing to nudge her to talk to me – it’s freeI’m here for you and your loved ones seeking more support in their lives.

P.s.s. Do you recognize the Noah’s Ark I visited?  Yup, that’s me underneath the giraffe. All the animals are made completely of recycled materials and come alive using pulleys and handles.  Leave a comment if you can guess the location.


DIAL in Support for Spring NOW!

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I’m taking a risk here.  I’m going against mainstream marketing advice to talk about myself and my background. When I go to find any professional to support me in my personal growth, health, business or beyond, I want to know all about that person. To me, the best part of any self help book is not the 7 Seven Magical Steps, it’s the author’s personal story!

I want to know who people are, where they’ve been, and how they can help me. I want to LIKE them! Even if they are simply cleaning my teeth. I want to be surrounded by people that inspire me and believe in me, and I’m guessing you do, too!

Ready for a Cavalcade of Cosmic Support?
…It’s already within you. Like Dorothy’s ruby slippers, it’s been there all along. But part of the human game is forgetting this deepest truth, over and over again.

Consider me the Scarecrow to your Dorothy. A faithful companion excited to help you find your way home. But instead of straw for brains, I’ve got years of deep inquiry and the know-how to save you the whole Yellow Brick Road Debacle and get you where you want to go. Now.

Along my own journey, I have:

  • Worked in a corporate cubicle and sat under the Buddha’s Bodhi tree.
  • Studied, workshopped, past-life-regressed, asana’d, green juiced, prostrated, chanted, chakra-aligned and sonically alchemized.
  • Hobnobbed with, consulted, coached, and counseled Fortune 500 management.
  • Lived in Manhattan, Chicago & SF Bay area, Nashville, Las Vegas and now Boulder, explored the edge of the Sahara & lived in a thatched hut, and pilgrimmaged to Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples.
  • Trained with prominent mystics, Indian yoga masters, and African shamans.
  • Chased tigers in India and designed floral arrangements for the Ritz Carlton of Central Park South.
  • Sold sexy lingerie and earned a degree in Sociology & Anthropology.
  • Played with red pandas deep in the Himalayan forest and trained execs in leadership and motivation.
  • Dug deep, started over, and reinvented myself countless times.

Through all of these experiences, I’ve discovered how to strip away the traditional, cultural, philosophical, and fashionable trappings of these paths to get right to the spiritual core beneath them.

The result?  I’m a rare breed of mentor, uniquely gifted at helping ambitious professionals enjoy cosmic clarity and worldly success.  It’s all about living life from the inside-out. If you’re a high achiever with a nagging suspicion that true happiness won’t come from another checklist, workshop, or career milestone, we’ll get along just fine.

I’ve been there, done the hard work, and come through the other side to help people just like you.

No tea leaves. No crystal ball. Just pure, powerful presence.

Instead, I’ll reconnect you to your Highest-Deepest-Most-Divinely-True-Self — so you can begin living the life that’s waiting for you.

Interested? Intrigued? Wonderful.  Let’s talk now. I’m opening up my private mentoring practice for spring so this is the time to connect!

Your first step: Schedule your Cosmic Clarity Check here . . .  http://my.vcita.com/8074300d/scheduler

It’s a free 25 minute call where we’ll chat, see if we play well together, dip our toes into the vast truth of who you are, and give you a sweet nudge into liberation.

Only three spaces remain:  March 7th (Thursday) or 8th (Friday).  Schedule now:  http://my.vcita.com/8074300d/scheduler

Ready for your own cavalcade of support?  I am & I’m here for you!

Let’s talk,

P.S. What’s holding you back? I am opening up my private mentoring for the spring so this is the time to connect. Pick your time:  http://my.vcita.com/8074300d/scheduler

P.S.S.  Know someone who might be a perfect fit?  Your recommendation means a lot (to me and to your friend) so forward this email to her now.

1. 917.309.7612

Let’s Talk. I want to hear from you!

Q: How does a woman with skyscraper savvy, an executive-level bullshit detector, and an MBA from Vanderbilt end up offering spiritual guidance?

A: It’s a colorful story of a Kansas girl making good, starting over, and re-inventing herself over and over again. It twists through 42nd floor corporate suites in NYC and a village of shamans in West Africa. It turns through spiritual treks in the Himalayas and Fortune 500 boardrooms. It winds up in Boulder, Colorado, soaking up mountain sunshine and fabulous bistros. And the end, while certainly happy, is yet to be written.

On the one hand, I’m a highly ambitious, recovering Type A personality, driven by adventure and the pursuit of panache.

On the other hand, I’m a highly sensitive spiritual seeker, gifted with hardline access to that vast, quiet space of cosmic wisdom within us all.

Smoosh these two forces together and you get a weirdly wonderful life story all about integrating personal attunement and outer success.

Does this sound at all like you?  Ready to bridge your intuitive-spiritual-yoga-loving self with your go-getter-make-it-all-happen-genius self and be hanging out together in more places more often in your life?  Then it’s time to talk! 
Grab twenty-five minutes in my schedule and let’s connecthttp://my.vcita.com/8074300d/scheduler

Here are the morals my story’s taught me so far:
1. Infinite, divine connection is possible for us all. Even for the most no-nonsense, achievement-driven superstars. Especially for you.
2. Authentic spirituality has nothing to do with white robes, guru worship, or chanting the mantras. You truly can have all of the magic with none of the woowoo.
3. The stories we spin about ourselves are just the tip of the iceberg. Your true power’s waiting for you, just beneath the surface.
4. Human beings are wondrously complex — and delightfully simple. Any mentor or life coach needs to recognize both in you.
5. Our deepest inner wisdom knows exactly what we need. Our grandest responsibility is reconnecting to this rich truth. Know what I’m talkin’ about?

I should warn you . . .I’m not your typical life coach.
I won’t promise you 6-figures overnight or the dream relationship with your soulmate (although that’s exactly what some of my clients create).
I won’t give you checklists and action plans (unless you will thrive on this).
Instead, I’ll reconnect you to your Highest-Deepest-Most-Divinely-True-Self – so you can begin living the life that’s waiting for you.

Interested? Intrigued? Wonderful.  We should talk now. 

Your first step: Schedule your Cosmic Clarity Checkhttp://my.vcita.com/8074300d/scheduler

It’s a free 25-minute call where we’ll chat, see if we play well together, dip our toes into the vast truth of who you are, and give you a sweet nudge into liberation.

I have five spaces available on March 6th (Wednesday), 7th (Thursday) and 8th (Friday).  Schedule here nowhttp://my.vcita.com/8074300d/scheduler

Are you on the fence but something you just read piqued your interest?  Grab one of these spots and lets dive in.

Know someone who might be a perfect fit?  Your recommendation means a lot (to me and to your friend) so forward this email to her now.

I’m ready to dive deeper with you.  Click to schedule your session now:  http://my.vcita.com/8074300d/scheduler

Let’s connect,

What’s up for 2013? A global year of the number six . . .

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Are you overdue for life to shift into new directions? It’s here! 2013 ushers in a very different vibration from 2012.

You can breathe a big sigh of relief because the reigning theme this year is HARMONY.

Phew!  That means you’ll naturally feel inclined to cultivate harmony among your close partnerships, family and friends, as well as your community and even on a grander, global scale.  Go for it in any ways you’ve been holding out on experiencing harmony in your life – this is the year to cultivate it, expand it and share it.

Spread the love and share your nurturing side.  

With strong support for marriage, commitments, family and responsibility you can either go for it by solidifying your partnerships or decide if the situation isn’t right and let it fall away to welcome something even better suited to who you are now.

Relationships will be a central theme throughout 2013 and all your relationships may be up for evaluation.

Watch for your perfectionist to rear its head holding yourself and everyone around you to impossible standards. Close cousins to perfectionism are hyper-criticism, setting yourself up to feel like a victim/martyr and failing to see the bigger picture.

Keep your focus on the big picture – enjoy couple, family, and community activities – open your heart and reach out, letting go of superficiality.

It’s going to be easy to get caught up in the swirl of loving and nurturing others that you may leave nothing for yourself.  Keep things in balance and remember all that compassion you feel for others doesn’t stand a chance if you can’t also feel it flowing back to you.  You’ll feel empowered to help and serve when you are taking good care of yourself.

The flip-side to all this harmony is Criticism so when you aren’t in a harmonious mood you may find yourself hyper-critical of, well, everything and everyone.  So catch yourself from spiraling into the bitter type who always has a lot to say but never takes action to change any circumstances whether your own or the injustices you observe others suffering from.  A strong vibration associated with humanitarian and community efforts, this is the year where all your good deeds count, so don’t hold back.  You can make a difference.

Take a Deep Breath. . .  and then give yourself some time to ease into 2013 after the whirlwind tour of non-stop change, the prevailing theme of 2012.

Nurture yourself, take time to regroup, and do any nesting activities to welcome beauty and comfort into your environment.  Paint, feng shui, tackle that overdue bathroom renovation or just take a leap and move to a place that feels inspiring and uplifting.

Turn your energy towards those you love and set your intentions down as this year it may be much easier to reach your goals (not nearly as much churn as last year to wade through).

Cheers to a New Year and the New Vibration of the Global 6!

Wishing you all the love and harmony you can harness and spread in 2013!


Bring that harmony and LOVE into your business. . .  

I’m excited to be the opening speaker and coach for the upcoming event:

Speed Business Advising for Women Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses on Jan 22nd from 6-8:45pm in Boulder, CO.  
This event is by women, for women, and is ‘speed-dating’ style business advising allowing all attendees to rotate among 12 expert female business consultants. Bring your passion, ideas, existing materials, or just YOU…by the end of the evening, these women will be your business dream team when you are ready to move forward!  Learn more and register here at:   https://uptalks.webconnex.com/speedadvisingforwomen

Happy New Year 2013 & Happy Solstice 12.21.2012!

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Happy Solstice 12.21.2012 and Happy Holidays!

I want to take this very special day to thank you so much for taking this journey with me, for being in my tribe, for reading, listening, and learning with me on the awakening of becoming what you are, uniquely and originally.

As of December 21st, 2012, this day that has not existed in over 26,000 years. Today the Earth and the Sun are aligning with the Galactic Center.*  Big deal? It is! This means Earth, Sun and the Galactic Center (which is the gravitational field that the entire Milky Way revolves around) connects us to worlds beyond our own.

This great vortex in the sky is exactly why I want to reach out and thank you for being you.  For being so willing to show up, explore, expand, and know yourself.  Never has there been a better time in history to unveil your truth directly with God. To change the world simply by being you, making choices that feel true to who you are and what you are here to create.

I feel so blessed to be part of all of it – the Ginormous-Galactic-Beyond-Beyond Space that is unfolding – and sharing the ride with you.

I am wishing you and your loved ones many many blessings and good will during this holiday season.  Thank you so much for being you.

Much Much Love & Holiday Blessings,

Elizabeth Joy Mueller

P.S. Want to learn more about what is happening astrologically?  Check out my favorite astrologers, the Astrotwins Tali and Ophy, to learn what’s going on in the sky: http://www.astrostyle.com/