New Year, New Energies

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Looking to identify ways to frame your New Year? 

As you may know, I love to look to Numerology, particularly for the personal year cycles, to focus my energies and projects in ways that align with my personal year.

Here’s how to calculate your Personal Yeargrey numbers

ADD Birth month + Birth date + The Current Year (so 2015 = 8 because 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8)

Example 1:

Birthdate:  June 26th

6 + 2 + 6 + 8 (2015 totals to a 8) = 22*,

Therefore, this year is a personal Master year of 22!

*If the numbers add up to an 11 or a 22, then you do not add the two digits together as the years of 11 and 22 are Master years imbedded in the nine-year cycles.

Example 2:

Birthdate:  November 13th

1 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 8 (2015 totals to a 8) = 14, then add 1+4= 5

Add double digits together to create one single digit (except for 11 and 22).

Therefore, this is a personal year of the number 5:  Change, Adventure, Sensuality!

Your personal year number gives you an indication of how to align your energy, activities, time and focus for feeling the most in-sync with your life and the most connected to who you are and what you are right now.


If your personal year adds up to a  . . .

1. It’s a year of new beginnings, reinventing you, starting over, moving, new relationships and jobs and creating new life chapters.

2. It’s a year for cooperating with others to develop the vision you begin in Year 1 – you don’ t have to do it alone any longer.

3. It’s a social playful year of cultivating new interests, expressing yourself and entertaining.

4. It’s time to get to work in this serious and responsible year, and to put systems in place, and create the foundations for your bigger dreams.

5. Get ready for life expansion, adventure, and the unexpected year with lots of changes and working within the chaos of the change rather than against it.

6. In this more responsible year of cultivating harmony you’ll take care of the important people in your life and career.

7. Go inward and enjoy this sabbatical from the physical aspects of life and focus your attention on the study of abstract ideas, science, mysticism, spirituality and artistic endeavors.

8. Jump headfirst into the world of career, power, and money – this is the year to launch your book, your business, your blog – put it out there and go for it!

9.  This is the year of endings and completing the previous 9-year cycle so allow what’s ready to come to completion and not force what is next – that will reveal itself as you move into your next 1 personal year.

If your numbers added up to an 11 or a 22, you won’t reduce them to a single digit because these are Master years.

11. A year of personal illumination, this is an important year to open to your intuition and inspiration, turning inward to focus spiritually and artistically.

22.  It’s time to bring together your greatest vision into practical reality, creating change or inspired ideas to impact the world-at-large using your unique gifts and talents – don’t hold back – this is the year your grand vision unfolds at last.


Having Elizabeth do Numerology for me gave me such a sense of peace.

Where I was questioning myself before our conversation, I felt like I was making the correct decisions. Affirming that I am indeed doing my life’s work, gave me a sense of security and a renewed sense of fulfillment about my career path.  She said I was one of the few that was on my most fulfilling career path. This confirmation left me with a feeling of security that is allowing me to forge ahead with new projects, especially with her precise step-by-step plan.

She nailed what had happened for me during the previous years, so I knew to listen closely to what is coming. Elizabeth’s numerology and intuitive guidance provided “a knowing” and a new excitement concerning my work.

We also spent time looking at my son’s numerology. This let me know what he has been dealing with this past year and what to expect next year. I now know how to best support him as he goes through sudden jolts and endings…and I know what to expect in the coming months.

I am so grateful for Elizabeth’s direction and insights.  I had not known what to expect from Numerology but now realize how helpful it can be!

L. Gregg, NYC


The Global Number for 2015 is the number 8  – Power and Money!

These themes will not let up in the news so stay tuned to how power and money will play out on the global stage.

Notably, it may also be an important year to tend to your personal sense of power and money. Where have you neglected your bank account?  Given over something to someone else because you don’t think you are ‘good enough’? Where do you need to step up and speak your truth in a situation that’s floundering?

Don’t hold back or you will suffer far more than standing up, getting some backbone and creating discipline in areas of your life that are weak.  Find your personal power and take it into the world for a greater good. Action, not hesitation, is the theme here. Go for it!

Who is the BEST WOMAN for the JOYfest?

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For the last few years, I find myself doubly inspired when June hits to help others tap into the joy of summer for expanding our capacity for play, adventure and trying new thingsit’s the perfect season for it!

It can also be a super busy season so how do you make the most of it while still growing and expanding on your own terms?

I sought answers to this question by creating my Summer of JOYfest programa six week virtual summer camp for grown-ups! I wanted to provide the structure, the inspiration and community support for you to take everything about your summer higher – more joyful and playful – than you could do on your own.

JOYfest participant, Jean, plans to participate again this summer and shared the following: 

Last summer I participated in the Summer of JOYfest and as soon as I focused on play and fun, I experienced it! I would have done many of the same things but I experienced them differently because I came in with the mindset to create joy out of every plan I had!’

Who is the Summer of JOYfest program best for? Any woman who is:

  • living a great life and wants to appreciate it and LOVE it even more!
  • feeling stagnant and needing a boost in new directions.
  • is a ‘doer’ but wants to start ‘being’ more in her life.
  • is done putting fun and a sense of play last on the to-do list.
  • ready to create a really fabulous summer where her personal growth follows a trajectory of JOY!
‘For me, I easily get caught up in my work, my business, and all the things I need to get done that I easily forget about having fun. I know that by committing to the Summer of JOYfest program, I’ll keep play and fun at the forefront. And this is so important for me. Using the structure of the program provides the tools, the mindset and the group support to take my own experiences of the summer even higher – and so much easier than doing it alone!’

What to expect if you RSVP YES! to my invitation:

  • Six weeks of joyful support, cheerleading, & fresh, inspiring ideas!
  • Five live calls for guidance, sharing, and q & a’s! (all recorded so you can listen anytime ‘cause this is summer and you may be kayaking)
  • Goodies in your inbox three times per week:  Monday’s message will include the week’s guidance and the main theme plus two more messages sprinkled with insights and inspiration.
  • Private Facebook Group:  Get to know others on a joy ride, brag about your joyful adventures and exchange joyful ideas.
  • Intention – powerfully bring intention into your life – but this time we will explore how to create joyful intention.
  • Challenge to push beyond your zone of familiarity – which is comfortable, albeit but may have shrunken your life down to very few things that bring you joy now – let’s stretch you out in new directions.
‘Unlike some programs out there, participating in the Summer of JOYfest didn’t feel like doing more stuff. I didn’t acquire a whole other set of to-do’s in order to get the most out of it. Instead, it enhanced and outlined joy, play and beauty and nudged me to remember to boost what I had already planned. I loved that!’

I will never offer this program at this low rate again. SUMMER is the Right TIME. Want to learn more details on the program and schedule the calls into your calendar?  More details on the JOYfest 2014.

Are you a woman who could use some extra support and community in your life right now?  This is the place to get it! Lean in, get support, and take yourself in new directions!! I know I want more JOY – sign me up!

Am I JOYFUL Enough to Lead the JOYfest?

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I have to confess. I have been on the fence about whether to bring back my Summer of JOYfest program for 2014.

This spring I lost my beloved boyfriend to cancer. On one hand, I want to cry and curl up in a ball about the injustice of meeting a wonderful man at long last in my life and then discovering he had cancer.

On the other hand, I feel so blessed that this wonderful man came into my life and for all the beautiful things we did share while he was here.

Right now, just weeks since his passing, there is a big gap in my life and I’ve been wondering, could I possibly lead the JOYfest right now

As I’ve contemplated this question to what’s truly right for me, the answer is Yes!  YES to the JOYfest!

Now, more than ever, I want to remember, recall and cultivate JOY!

If anything the shortness of my time with this man reminds me to live life to its fullest!  Now. Not when everything feels just right. Right here and now.

More than ever I want to take this opportunity to open my heart – blow it wide open!

Would YOU join me in this heart opening?

I’d like to extend an invitation for you to join me in expanding your heart and your capacity to live your life to its fullest.

  • The JOYfest is not full of cookie cutter answers to life but offers the opportunity to explore, play and discover with others doing the same on what brings you more joy, happiness and fulfillment.
  • The JOYfest is a gentle space to bring out the best of the good in your life to share it and savor it.
  • The JOYfest is centered in deep personal exploration in the season of summer. It’s about recapturing the easy breezy summer spirit while plugging back into you.
  • The JOYfest is fully transportable – you can take it anywhere (camping or the beach) and jump in as often as you desire (all calls are recorded) and tap into the group Facebook page when you need inspiration or a tickle where you might be holding back.
  • The JOYfest is six weeks of love, support and gentle nudging starting on Monday, July 7th.

Want to learn more details on the program and schedule the calls into your calendar?  More details on the JOYfest 2014.

Take everything that you’ve been facing in 2014 and let’s find the places where you are ready to open your heart. Let’s go for it! Together!

Breakthrough Your JOY Ceiling

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Last summer, I launched a program that focuses on cultivating JOY. WHY? It’s all too easy to focus on that long to-do list, or on all the things that aren’t working out right now, or all the things that need your attention.

But wait! What really needs your attention is you and your own inner compass towards JOY.

All that stuff on the to-do list, all those new year resolutions won’t add up to JOY unless you cultivate JOY as part of the to-do’s from the starting point.

Together, let’s go back to the drawing board and start building our lists, goals and wishes with JOY at the forefront. I’m bringing back the Summer of JOYfest program in 2014 so you have support, inspiration and accountability to not only stay on course but take your JOY meter even higher.

Ready to bust your JOY ceiling? I bet you never realized you had a ceiling on JOY.  If you do, this is the summer to reclaim JOY like never before.

Keep in mind I’ve designed this to be easy and fun (and JOYFUL!). You can plug in from anywhere and participate at any level that feels right to you. Last summer, we had a blast and I expect it to be even more fabulous this summer.

Say yes! to this invitation and you’ll open up to:

  • Six weeks of joyful support, cheerleading, & fresh, inspiring ideas! Launch is Monday, July 7th
  • Five live calls for guidance, sharing, and q & a’s! (all recorded so you can listen anytime ‘cause this is summer and you may be kayaking)
  • Goodies in your inbox three times per week:  Monday’s message will include the week’s guidance and the main theme plus two more messages sprinkled with insights and inspiration.
  • Private Facebook Group:  Get to know others on a joy ride, brag about your joyful adventures and exchange joyful ideas.
  • Intention – powerfully bring intention into your life – but this time we will explore how to create joyful intention.
  • Challenge to push beyond your zone of familiarity – which is comfortable, albeit but may have shrunken your life down to very few things that bring you joy now – let’s stretch you out in new directions.

Hmmm. . .still on the fence?  Read more details here

This is the summer to open up in new ways and stretch beyond your comfort zone. I’ll be there as your fearless (fun!) leader along the way.

Don’t miss out. Only 25 spots!

What happened to the 2013 participants . . .

‘Thank you, Elizabeth, for leading such a wonderful and inspiring group! I brag that my summer has been filled with laughter, love and lightness.’   – D.S.B.

‘I’m even more joyous than when I began this summer, and that’s in large part due to you and the [Summer of JOYfest] group!’
- B.P.

What are you WISHING for?

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Today, May 28th, 2014, is a new moon. More than any other day of the month, on the new moon, your intuition is fully open and available to you. It is the perfect timing to tune into your deeper wishes for yourself and your life.  file3681309720303

It’s a day for planting seeds of possibility.

It’s easy to get so busy that you no longer take time to tap into what you truly want.

Today, I invite you to play a game with me and tap into any deeper wishes that have been on hold for far too long. Together with the Universe and the New Moon, let’s make a wish list!

I’m serious about wishing. What’s on your wish list? Start with writing it down. Go for 3-9 items.

Now I’m not asking for your wish list of overpriced luxury goods that you are pining for. .  . . Nope. Go deeper.

What’s your heart longing for? What are you wanting to share and express? Where are you holding back in your life? (That’s a signal!)

Do you have certain beliefs that tell you something you want isn’t even possible? Write that on your list!

Put the seemingly impossible into this wish list!

After you have your list, find a quiet spot to sit down and tune in. This next step is really important in order for the wish list to go out into the Universe.

For each item on your wish list, I invite you to imagine it happening. See yourself (and others) laughing, smiling, interacting. Imagine how it could play out.

Feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it, see it!  Use all your sense to create mini scenarios of how your wish would unfold. Don’t get bogged down here – just small details that feel good. Yum!

Bring three mini scenarios to life in your mind’s eye for every wish.  file3191292396146

After you picture the scenario in your mind’s eye then shift it to the base of your skull where your spine meets your head and picture it there on a screen playing out again.

After you have watched three different scenarios for every wish, then state out loud: So Be It! and let go.

After you go through these steps for each of your wishes, let it all GO!  Keep your list so you can look back at it in a few months or a year.

Keep in mind that things may not manifest the way you think they should because the Universal Mind – from it’s higher perspective – may have something even better in store for you than you can imagine right now. In fact, it’s making sure the outcome is far better than your wildest dreams. YA!

Happy New Moon! May all your wishes come true!

Are you SPRINGING forward?

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I apologize. You haven’t heard from me in a while via my newsletter or my blog. I keep waiting for everything to drop into place.  To get really clear about what is next.  About what I want to say and what I stand for.

Have you ever been there and done that, waiting for perfection to drop in before moving forward?

I’ll start when I get a sign from the Universe, once I feel really certain, once the vision gets really clear, then I’ll know what to do and how to proceed.

I’ve been in this place myself through most of the last six months. Waiting for things to come together, waiting for a sign that gives me the green light, the confirmation that everything will turn out perfectly.  All it’s done is paralyze me leaving me turning over and over in my head a long list of possibilities with no action.

Alongside me, I invite you to consider where you may be stopping yourself to wait for the sign, the right moment, the xyz because I’m here to nudge you to drop that and forge ahead with a baby step, a giant leap or a statement of some kind that you won’t keep holding out for everything to line up and be perfect before carrying forward on your dreams.

Spring is here and it has been a powerful start to the new season. You may have noticed that things are popping right up to the surface. April was quite confronting!

Are there places where you just simply can’t tolerate compromising yourself?  It may show up in one area of your life or multiple but the message is loud and clear – don’t ignore this any longer.  Be willing to grow, change and bloom with spring.

I’m not a big quote person but this came to mind as a beautiful reminder. . . .


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin






Change requires a significant leap of faith in ourselves.

If you know that you just need a little support and little push to get things rolling I have created a 3-session package just for this – a Spring Jumpthrough!

I rarely offer mini packages because I know firsthand the power of working together over time. However, it feels right to offer something that allows you to do a quick turnaround and get moving in new directions.  Imagine me as your spring fairy coming in to clear the space and the energy to get things moving!

The Spring Jumpthrough is three sessions over the phone for 45 minutes eachBring your stuckness, wish list, frustrations and where you are holding back and we will dive in to clear, heal and transform where you are stopping yourself.

It’s a Jumpthrough program so you will move forwardJump through it.  All your fear may not completely disappear but the ability to take new action will emerge. You can feel lighter, freer and ready to make new decisions. This I know.

Let’s talk today and schedule our first session.  I only have room for three individuals to jump on this offer so if this feels right, don’t hesitate. All you have to do is hit ‘reply’ to this email and we can get things rolling for you.

I greatly appreciate you being on my list and sharing the ups and downs and all arounds with me. I’m here to support you!

Off to smell the flowers, the blooming trees and the lilacs . . .

P.S. Here’s the fine print on the Spring Jumpthrough package:  Three 45-min intuitive phone sessions to be completed before July 1st, 2014. Unlimited email  between sessions for additional support and guidance. Can be gifted to someone you want to support as well!  It’s my most affordable offer in years – only $456.00!

P.S.S. Why on the phone?  The phone allows you to be completely internally focused.  I encourage you to call in from a comfortable place in your own home. This allows your whole body and being to be more open and receptive and allows the space for whatever is ready to be healed, forgiven, or known to rise to the surface. There are no distractions on the phone and you can listen to your whole being in a rare and unusual way. It is equally, if not more powerful, than meeting in person. Trust me here, I’ve done it this way for years. You’ll love it, too.


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I want to quit.

I know I came back from vacation and this is how a lot of people feel about their life upon returning.  But this feeling, this time, was different, I really want to quit.

I announced to my entrepreneurs group and they listened attentively and then gave me permission to quit. So here, now, I give you permission to quit, too.

What do you want to quit in your life?I Quit

I quit feeling confused and tired.
I quit feeling struggle.
I quit feeling overwhelm.
I quit telling myself all the things I am doing wrong.
I quit holding myself back.
I quit not trusting myself and my timing.

I QUIT! I’m giving myself permission to quit. To dive straight into this and find out what’s here for me to learn.  It’s so much easier to cover it up, distract it or create another story about how I have to carry on in spite of the powerful non-negotiable feeling of wanting to QUIT!

I am dancing with quitting and discovering what’s in this abyss for me at this time.  Stay tuned! Or, better yet, join me in quitting what you are ready to quit.

Ironically, while I feel like quitting, I am also having the joyful experience of running my Summer of JOYfest program that I launched in early July and meeting with my one-to-one clients. It’s truly joyful and inspiring and fun and I am loving it.

How do I reconcile the need to quit with having a marvelous time teaching in the JOYfest & meeting with my clients?  Here again, I am letting it all be as it is.

im-a-quitterJOY + Quitting, together in one bundle that I get to create and open to what’s that meant to look like for me – uniquely. Perhaps I keep leaving out the unique part of my own creation, expecting it to look like everyone else’s set-up and in the process judging what it is, judging it against others, judging myself for what I feel I am not. Ouch!

Does all that self-judgment sound familiar to you? It’s truly painful because no matter what you want to do or be, you’ve got to give yourself permission to do it your way.

My invitation for you this week:  Follow your JOY, QUIT what needs to be left behind, follow what’s working and give yourself FULL permission to do it your way! Uniquely your way on your terms!

I’m giving it try, as well! Tell me what unfolds for you by replying to this email, posting on Facebook  or sharing it with others.

P.S. Wait, please pass this on for anyone with Autistic or ADHD kids. . . My friend, Andrea Anderson, is a quitter, too!  She quit doing all the wrong things for her kids and helped them heal and clear of ADHD & autism. Before she helped clear them of their autism:
•           Severe mood swings- with aggressive behavior
•           Hyper
•           High levels of anxiety
•           Uncomfortable with peers
•           Their moods are balanced- they talk about what upsets them and how they feel
•           They’re calm, can sit and focus on their school work, read books and magazines
•           Situations that once created anxiety (like getting dressed in the morning) they now handle with ease, they’re actually relaxed
•           They have friends!  Lots of friends- even BEST friends they are very close with!
She’s got a FREE tele-class coming up on August 8th:  Doing Well: 3 Steps to Get Your Kids’ ADHD & Autism Symptoms Under Control (Before School Starts!) Click here to register for the call. It’s FREE!

Summer of JOYfest – July 1st

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Summer is in full gear here in Colorado and I am beginning my new virtual Summer of JOYfest on Monday, July 1st.
happy puppy
This is a chance to go back to summer camp, except this ride is for grown-ups that want to remember and bring back the adventure and ZING! of summer fun, with a splash of purpose and passion.

I am inspired to set a stage for you to have the best summer of your life!  Starting in just three days, I’ve deliberated created a program to keep your nose pointed towards what you want to create, where you want to go and what you want to be doing for the next eight weeks.

Setting intentions, changing habits, tossing out old excuses . . . it’s not always easy doing it alone, using sheer will power. Doing so in the heart of the summer with passionate and purposeful support is the new paradigm of manifesting.

flowerburstIt’s the new starting point for attracting all that you truly desire by putting JOY in the driver’s seat.
It’s the perfect timing – not waiting until everything lines up – but intentionally plowing ahead and consciously relating and expanding what is meant to be your fabulous joy-filled summer.

“You can never have a happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey; it just doesn’t work out that way. The way you’re feeling, along the way, is the way you’re continuing to pre-pave your journey, and it’s the way it’s going to continue to turn out until you do something about the way you are feeling.”  —Abraham as channeled through Esther Hicks (and Abraham and Jerry)

Don’t hold out on this one. I’ve priced it to be accessible (only $12 per week!). I’ve designed it to be user-friendly at the level you want to dip into from home, the cabin, or the retreat (It’s virtual!).

Ready to jump in?  Sign up now!

Need more details?  Go here.

Still have questions?  Call me at 917.30.7612 (Mountain time)

P.S.  Are you really going to let all those excuses stop you from expanding your passion and purpose for the summer?  Use this as a microcosm of your life – start with eight weeks: I’m in!

New Year Resolutions in July?

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Do you love making New Year’s resolutions? I do! When was the last time you checked in on your progress for 2013? If you are like me, it’s been awhile.

That’s why I’ve created a summer program specifically to remind you and hold you accountable for creating JOY. Fun. Delight!file8161283707096

Most new year’s resolution focus on trying to make life feel better – better health, fitness, eating habits, new jobs, improved relationships, more money.  But wait. . . .
·      Have you ever focused your resolution on JOY?
·      Have you ever focused your resolution on FUN?
·      Have you ever focused your resolution on Delight?

There is time for processing, looking within and asking deeper, thoughtful questions of what you truly want from your life. There is a time to loosen up, remind yourself how to play, find ways to delight yourself and make plans that re-generate your juice and JOY of life.

I believe the perfect timing for cultivating JOY is now. In the summertime.
‘Tis the season for cultivating more of the activities you love.
‘Tis the season to explore more of what would make you happier.
‘Tis the season to stretch yourself towards the YES – the things you are drawn to but put off because so many other things demand your attention.

I’m here to be a cheerleader, guide, inspiration and hold you accountable to cultivating joy (YOUR Joy!) for eight weeks starting July 1st.
flowerburstDo you feel it? Then join us for the Summer of JOYfest!!!  Here’s a peek of what you can expect:

  • Eight weeks of joyful support, cheerleading, fresh, inspiring ideas and accountability!
  • Four live calls for guidance, sharing, and q & a’s! (all recorded so you can listen anytime ‘cause this is summer and you may be kayaking)
  • Goodies in your inbox three times per week:  Monday’s message will include the week’s main theme plus two more messages sprinkled with insights and inspiration.
  • Private Facebook Page:  Get to know others on a joy ride, brag about your joyful adventures and exchange joyful ideas.

This is a chance to go back to summer camp, except this ride is for grown-ups that want to remember the ZING of summertime. Join me in creating a new movement of cultivating JOY in your life.  More details & sign up at:

Scared to hit the paypal button? Here’s my promise. . .if for any reason you are not completely satisfied at the end of the eight weeks, I will gladly refund your payment. I believe and I know this program can make a direct difference in your life but you are taking a leap of faith that it will make a difference for you. So if this leap of faith doesn’t land you into more joy, your payment refunded, no questions asked!
More details & sign up at:

Why I made it possible for everyone to have JOY!

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For the last few years, I find myself doubly inspired when June hits to help others tap into the joy of summer for expanding our capacity for play, adventure and trying new thingsit’s the perfect season for it!

This year instead of sitting on my idea once again, I decided to launch a new virtual program, The Summer of JOYfest.  Have you checked it out?

This is the first virtual program I have created in four years so it’s a real departure from coaching one-to-one and running my Red Door Salon.  I designed it to be virtual so anyone from anywhere can participate at any time! Like YOU!

I also decided to offer it at a super low early bird rate (until midnight Friday, June 21st) at $55! 

This program, which includes weekly inbox inspiration, ongoing support, intuitive coaching and personal access to me in the live calls and via the private Facebook page for eight weeks adds up to over $1,500 in value and content.

Don’t be fooled by the early bird rate into thinking you probably won’t get much out of this. That’s your mind telling you to play small once again even when there is this rare and beautiful offer out there to change things up, shake up some of your less-than-joyful-habits, and join with others to inspire JOY in your life!

Don’t be fooled by my name. Who is Elizabeth JOY to tell me about cultivating JOY? It’s her middle name! JOY must come so easy to her.

Ha! That’s not true! In the past, I, myself, have been one cranky, controlling, disappointed negative Nelly.

I realized I had to change and it was up to me to do so, not just once in a while when the stars lined up just right or things were going my way, but regularly, consistently, cultivating JOY as a habit and a direct reality in my life.

If you find yourself complaining and focusing on what’s not working, this program is for YOU, specifically for you, because I have walked the exact same path and I know exactly what it can be like.

Ready to shift out of that pattern of so-so, Join me now.

Need more program details?  Go to Summer of JOYfest on my website.

Don’t be fooled by your mind telling you a story about how this isn’t right for you for any reason. I’m purposely offering it at $55 this week because I truly want everyone from anywhere to have access to a deeper sense of JOY everyday.

What I enjoy most Elizabeth’s approach is the space she creates to explore whatever comes up with curiosity and approval.  At first, I felt like I wanted her to just give me answers and guidance, but Elizabeth is incredible in her standing for each of us claiming our own wisdom and she gives us the directions back to ourselves.”  -Rochelle, New York

Only $55 this week until Friday, June 21st at midnight. Sign me up!

Looking forward to more JOY with you!  Double the JOY by spreading this message – hit Share the Love Social media button below!