Are You Ready to Move Mountains in 2011?

How is your summer?

Have you enjoyed the BBQ’s, eaten the field fresh corn and ripe tomatoes, gazed up at the summer stars, danced to a rocking band into the night, bicycled under the moon and hiked your favorite trails?

I hope so!

I have been busy doing all of this and taking some deep down time this summer as I step through this emergence of re-inventing my life.

I also started teaching a new local class and exploring Boulder on my new wheels.

Read on to learn more. . . .


Are you ready to move mountains in 2011?

In June and July, I had the great pleasure of getting to sit down with a number of people to talk about their dreams!  It was truly dreamy.  It’s not often that we really give ourselves the space to share and speak about what’s truly calling through us.

These conversations were profoundly healing moments unveiling and peeling away the ‘should’s’, the rules and ‘no ways’ we create for ourselves around that which most wants to be expressed and nurtured by us – our dreams!

The patterns that were revealed in the Dream conversations show two things that can initially stop us from pursuing our dreams.

We’ll call them Dream Stops:

1.  You know what is true for you but you aren’t acting on it.


2. You don’t know enough right now and you are forcing yourself into a decision state too soon.

When we block our dreams or what we know is true for us it can result in experiencing the following: anxiety, feelings of being unsafe, fear of disappointment, self-doubt, paralysis, stress and triggering worse case scenarios to play out over and over again in your mind.

Both of these Dream Stops are generating fear-based scenarios in your mind clouding your intuition, judgment and the ability to listen and follow your heart.

Do one of these Dream Stops resonate with something you know is showing up and you just keep pushing it away?

Do you need further research?

Do you need to take a one small step forward (without having everything perfected in your mind)?

Generally what is underlying all the paralysis around following through on our dreams is FEAR.  Somehow the whole concept of stepping into (even a tiny baby step) makes us feel terribly UNSAFE.

As long as we focus on the feelings of being unsafe we will move toward feeling safe – which means not doing something new and staying in a state we already are comfortable with.  It may be familiar discomfort, but it is a level of discomfort we are at least already familiar with, even if it is keeping us in a holding pattern.

So are you ready to break through your holding pattern and move forward?

Summer days are ending soon and we are heading to the latter half of 2011. Have you acted on the dreams and goals you envisioned for yourself for 2011?

Is it time to move some mountains and step into the action steps you’ve been avoiding?

If so, let’s talk.  Let’s talk for 30 minutes about what’s going on and what you are ready for in your life.

Get the support you need to take those bigger risks.  When you know you’ve got a safety net, it becomes a lot easier to stretch yourself into new behaviors.

You’ll have a second pair of wings behind you to soar much higher!

Seriously, big changes will start happening.   Take the first step and email me and let’s set aside a time to talk (this offer is open to those that jumped on my Dream offer in June!) at or 917.309.7612.


Here’s what one Dreamer experienced . . .

Lately, I have been feeling an ache, hearing an internal query about whether I am actually following my dreams, the big scary ones.

The question had been spending more and more time in my consciousness when I received a note from Elizabeth talking about her new Start Taking Your Dreams Seriously sessions.  Not one to ignore the universe sending me such a clear sign, I jumped on the opportunity!

During the session, I felt like layers of dullness/doubt and fear, which have been clouding my vision and action, were disintegrating.

Physically, it was little moments of relaxation as my body stopped clenching and tensing against the constant assault of my doubts and I felt safe.

Biggest highlight is how safe I feel with Elizabeth. How there was suddenly room in my life for the reality of those big scary dreams.  She was able to show me how they fit in me.

I left the session with a physical connection to my dream, my guides/angel who is trying to support me.  Precious!

I would definitely do it again AND recommend it.

-S.S, London, England


I have a summer brag!

I brag that I am riding Dutch!  Yes, that’s right, I am riding a gorgeous new Dutch Bicycle this summer all over the beautiful town of Boulder, Colorado.  It’s been a blast to get back on a bicycle and feel like a kid again riding along the creek and zooming through low-lying puddles (my supersized fenders keep me dry!)!

My ability to go Dutch is thanks to the genius importer of Dutch cycles, Jeffrey Sleebos, who launched New Amsterdam Bicycles earlier this summer.  Check out these beauties and start dreaming of your own.  He has many shops carrying them in NYC and further expansion out west may be a new scheme of mine so stay tuned!

For now, start picking out your favorite at:

Go Dutch and  ‘like’ their facebook page:


What’s Elizabeth up to?

I’ve started teaching a live class each week at PrAna store in Boulder.  Do you know someone in Boulder or coming out west to visit?  Send them my way!

I’ve created a new meditation class I’m calling Monkey Mind Meditation and it’s all about addressing the mind and the nature of the mind (Thinking, planning, organizing, judging, categorizing. . . and on and on. Does that sound like your mind?)

In July, all donations for class went to one of my favorite charities, Women for Women International.  In August, all donations will go to CARE in their support of the famine occurring in Somalia.  Pass it on!


In late September, I will be back to visit NYC.  If you know of any organizations seeking a speaker or you would like to host a private unique event of your own with me (trust me, these are fun!), please reach out and let’s create some magic for you and your community.

Contact me at or 917.309.7612.


Happy summering!