Are you ignoring your Dreams?

I admit I am a researcher by heart so when there is something I want to master in life I start out by researching everything I can get my hands on about it.  Admittedly sometimes I can get stuck in this phase, but it’s also truly essential to my nature.  I’m curious and I want more details.  Recently, I started sharing my own journey to reinvent my own life by relocating to a new city and state.  But there’s more to this story.  After all, it wasn’t just pain that propelled me further but the dream and desire of going for more of what I truly want and defining my own goals.  Then taking them seriously enough to act on.


Are you taking your goals and dreams seriously?

It’s true that often times we do make decisions based on what seems to be the path of least resistance, but what about when you really want to step into something bigger, own your dreams and go for them, stop idling and take bigger risks – how do you do it?

Some people hold out forever and keep hoping that the stars will align for the change and the Universe will give the big Green light to go!  Some will research options forever but never quite choose, and others may just go leaping off the cliff into the darkness with no real plan or specific roadmap.  I admit I am usually employing a combination of all three in starts and stops.

What happens if you wake up one day and realize you haven’t been really taking your dreams seriously enough?

Let’s focus on your dreams together.

I’ve created some space in my calendar to offer a handful of free 30 minute Start Taking Your Dreams Seriously Sessions.  I’m offering these for the next two weeks only for my private mailing list. (In fact, I already had a subscriber reach out for this very thing and she’s already realizing new possibilities on her dreams regardless of the current ‘reality’ she’s in!)

If you are ready to clear out the blocks and old beliefs about what you can expect for your life and start opening up to who you are and what you are here for, then let’s schedule time for it now.

This is a chance to speak openly about those dreams and desires you have waiting to break through the surface.  Let’s hear it.  Acknowledging what’s sitting right there in your heart is very powerful.  It will unlock you and start you moving in new directions.  I guarantee it!

Do you have no idea what your dreams are because they have been buried so long?  No worries!

Let’s start right where you are.  Email me right now for your own time slot at

Let’s start taking your buried dreams, or your too big for everyone else dreams, or your nobody will believe me dreams and start listening to them, acknowledging them, and unleashing them into the world to take off. You are ready!!

Contact me today at or 1.917.309.7612 and let’s set aside time for dreaming!


An inspiring experience from a client

I was looking for a lifeline. . .Jumping in appreciation!

I’ve been working with Elizabeth for a year now. During a time of extreme stresses in my personal and professional life, I was looking for a lifeline, and I’m so proud and grateful to be able to say that Elizabeth was “it”. She has supported, soothed, taught me to expand my space, slow down the thinking, stay present in my body, recognize divine clues, and she lovingly suggested a number of tools, such as quick and effective mantras, which continue to help me in my day to day life between calls with her — in addition to the loving support I receive via email.

When I started with Elizabeth, I didn’t know what to expect.  I had previously tried “guided meditation” and for me it was a great experience at the time. With respect to meditation practice, I’ve never really broken through the buzz in my head to allow me to fully feel present in a meditation practice so I had no experience there to draw on. In the first call with Elizabeth, I realized that it wasn’t going to be like anything else — it’s not guided meditation, and it’s not meditation coaching. It’s more like interactive energy shifting in the loving arms of an angel. My mind loves her method, my body loves the results; the soothing self-acceptance that I receive is invaluable. Each session is different and I’ve learned it’s all-positive. Sometimes there’s a jolt of energy that’s palpable, and other times it feels like I’m talking to a good friend who helps me to give myself more space to breathe.

I feel fortunate to have experienced extraordinary results from the first call. Sometimes through the conversation, I gain new insights and tools to help me navigate my life, and at other times I receive a full body energy shift. I have experienced extraordinary spiritual shifts as well; I’ve seen light auras pass through and above me and I’ve cried like a baby with release. With great pride, I can say that I’m beginning now to master the art of the method of meditation that Elizabeth employs and apply it to moments in my life/day without speaking to her.

Elizabeth’s method works particularly well with how my thinking works and how I operate. As an analyst by profession, I survive on analyzing everything. But, with Elizabeth, I feel compelled to slow it down and “feel” rather than think. It’s kind of like a busy professional who is intent on trying to master the art of reformatting a hard drive. Sometimes a full format “just happens”, and other times just a few things are re-adjusted, but each time the result is always more space has been created, some things have been organized and optimized, whether mind/thinking, physical, spiritual — or a combination of all three. Cute huh?

Thank you Elizabeth. I love you so much and appreciate your loving support more than I can say.

-Trish R, Canada


Dreams don’t take place in a vaccum so let’s start together.  Contact me today at or 1.917.309.7612. My phone lines are open!