Imagine you ran into your Truest-Deepest-Most-Cosmically-Actualized Self.

(At Whole Foods.  Or in a bar.  Or along your favorite woodsy trail.)

One look and everyone knows she’s exactly-where-she-should-be.  She glows with purpose,
passion, and playfulness.  She radiates truth.  She sparkles with success.  She’s so attuned with
inner and higher wisdom, just being around her inspires others.

How well do you two get along?  Has it been awhile since you saw her? Is there a squabble about how you spend your days or where your career is headed? Do you give each other the sweetest of etheric high fives?

Your Truest-Deepest-Most-Actualized-Self is always with you.

But amidst the hustle of work and bustle of relationships, it might seem like you two are playing hide ‘n seek.

My special gift is arranging reunions between you and your Infinite-Vast-Radically-Wise-Self — and making sure you two never lose touch again.

As a rare blend of ambitious sophisticate and highly sensitive spiritual seeker, I play particularly
well with get-things-done individuals itching for some Infinite WisdomPeople ready to stop choosing between outer success and inner attunementand start living integrated lives of passion and purpose.

Chances are, you’ve already met your truest self.  You’ve said the mantras, attended the
workshops, and listened to the singing bowls.  You’re not looking for another guru … but would love to unravel some mystery and break through your stuck-ness with some sassy-good moves in the right direction.

Ready to stop seeking and start living?  Enquire within . . .

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Inspiration, ease, and that unflinching glowy confidence are already within you.  Let’s unlock the door together  . . .